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toe ring designs

The tag ‘foot fetish’ needn’t be sexual always, for it can be a form of worship a man can offer his woman. Give him yet another reason to be bonkers over your beauty, and this time literally from top to TOE! Here are sexy fifteen best toe rings for your perky toes to flaunt, toe rings for sure that would steal his breath away!

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Tips On How To Sport Cute Toe Rings

If this is your first time wearing toe rings, here is a mini-guide to show you how to flaunt the chic and small accessory with utmost grace. Stop wondering why he keeps looking at your feet, the answer is on your toes already – those cute toe rings that you are wearing, and you should take advantage of the same *wink*

cute toe rings


Wearing toe rings next to the big toe only, is so passé, and in this day and age, where styles are so individualistic, you could wear chunky to plain bands, fitted to adjustable toe rings on any toe you like, or all of them. However, toe rings are flaunted best when you have the right pedicure and nail art for the feet done.

best toe rings


Hold your toe ring in your hand and look at your ties, it is the fatter padded zone of the toe that the ring has to comfortably pass through. It is exactly that region which would touch the surface you walk on or rest your feet upon. But having said that, you then would have to choose a toe ring that wouldn’t get scratched and torn at the bottom.

adjustable toe rings


Choose a toe ring that would get past the fatter part of the toe with ease, and would snug into the toe well and not slip off too. Hence, wear the toe ring right at the fatter zone of the toe, not before and not after- else you’d either lose the toe ring or would have it worn and torn in no time. Let it sit pretty at the knuckle joint! The one seen in the picture is also one of the common Indian wedding toe rings spotted on most married women.

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top toe rings


When Wearing a Fitted Toe Ring

Should you opt for a fitted toe ring, it would help to use a little lube on the toe, so that the ring gets through faster through the fatter zone of the toe. The same holds true when removing the toe ring is talked about, no pain and easy removal assured!

indian wedding toe rings


Toe rings are part of your feet, your personality overall and your look too- there are toe rings meaning for every design created as well. Trying to bend the metal for a perfect circle to form, shouldn’t be done. Try on a couple of them and never forcefully bend the ring, or else the durability goes for a toss.

Fitted Toe Ring


The Adjustable Toe Rings

Should you opt for adjustable toe rings, you would always end up repositioning the toe ring on every occasion you would want to wear it to. But ensure not to bend it too much, or the finish of the ring would wear out, and the metal would weaken!

Best Adjustable Toe Rings


Swirl Them On Your Toes

Should you not like toe rings, plain and simple, adding a swirl touch to the elegant toe accessory could be your thing. The Bronze Adjustable Toe Ring with CZ diamonds Sculpture is a chic toe ring to wear then!

types of toe rings


Sterling Silver Toe Rings

For daytime office wear to parties at night, look haute flaunting your best foot forward in a white Sterling Silver Toe Ring

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Silver Toe Rings


An Emerald Touch To The Feet

Emeralds are forever, and when they are on your toes, you cannot blame him for his eyes not meeting yours. The Wire Toe Ring with tiny blue emeralds sure do the talking!

toe rings


Sterling Silver Adjustable Butterfly

Butterflies running amok, and that too on your toes. The Sterling Silver Adjustable Butterfly makes a pretty embellishment to wear for formal occasions. Brings about a chic touch for sure and with its versatile nature, the toe ring fits right with every ensemble too!

Adjustable Butterfly Toe Rings


Flowers For The Toes

Every girl needs to have a pair of these for both feet. Who wouldn’t like the dance of flowers bestowing the beauty of freshly pedicure toes?

Flowers Toe rings


From Plain To Intricate

One per toe and you would be the toe-nail-ringed diva! Need we say more!

Different Types of Toe Rings


Big Toe Ring Silver Daisies

The Big Toe Ring Silver Daisies in pretty turquoise silver and embellished with beads, courtesy The Fancy Feet Boutique brings to us the cutest adjusted toe ring to wear and flaunt for any occasion! The big toe now can be dolled up too!

Top Most toe rings


We hope you loved our mini-guide and the plethora of choices on toe ring designs, significance and trends shown. Wear them all and flaunt them with grace!

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