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Top 5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger

by Fashionlady
Makeup Tips to Make You look Younger

Makeup Tips to Make You look Younger
I know I’ll sound stupid if I ask you why we wear makeup. Being an art aficionado, I find art in everything right from cooking and dressing-up to wearing makeup. While we are all enthusiasts about cosmetics, we actually end up caking makeup. And if that’s not enough then it’s followed up by smudging and creasing. I offer you top 5 makeup tips to make you look younger. Do have a read!

Before applying foundation and other makeup items, a brief knowledge gain will always help you wear makeup like a pro. Only a few days ago I had read Salma Hayek’s makeup tips where she had suggested always wear makeup in such a way that you look au naturel. As I have already said wearing makeup is also a kind of art, it demands finesse. You should always apply cosmetics in such a way that it takes years off your face.

Here are top 5 makeup tips to make you look younger. Continue reading!

1. Always go easy on foundation

If you have noticed, celebrities look awful on red carpets many times. Irrespective of their gorgeous red carpet outfits, they were arrested by fashion police only because of their caking makeup. For instance, Naomi Watts who looked stunning in an LBD during the premiere of her movie Diana, also suffered makeup malfunction. A thick coat of makeup was caked over her nose which was clearly visible.

When celebrities can also do this blunder, we should be extremely careful. Women in 40s and beyond should go easy on makeup, especially foundation and primer.

Always go easy on foundation

Source: entertainmentwise.com

2. Do not step out naked face

No matter how pricey your anti-ageing cream is, it will never remove your fine lines and wrinkles overnight. Therefore, you should always wear makeup while going out. But make sure you have worn makeup in such a way you look refreshed and not that you are going to any party. If you are not sure about foundation then atleast go for eye and lip makeups. I don’t remember if I had ever stepped out without my eye makeup. Always try to highlight your best assets.

3. Let your eyes speak

Just as a great frame enhances the beauty of a photograph, groomed eyes also dramatically enhance the beauty of your face. Besides, eye makeup also shifts attention from your flaw areas.


To give an edge to your look, you can apply neutral eye shadows such as dark brown on the outer corners of the eye. Now taupe in the crease, and apply a light shade on the lid.

Let your eyes speak

Source: gstatic.com

4. Work on dark circles

Always try your best to avoid dark circles. Here are some basic tips so as to avoid under eye dark circles. Do not consume salty snacks/food for dinner, don’t be awake till late night, drink atleast 8 glasses of water and avoid oily food. Apart from taking these precautions, if you still get those dark circles then use a concealer to lighten up the dark shade before applying eye makeup.

5. Highlight your cheekbones with blush

Here is another amazing makeup tip to shift onlookers’ focus from your ageing signs. Highlight your cheekbones by applying appropriate amount of blush. However be warned not to apply it above your cheekbones as it may add years to your age. In order to trace the right area to apply blush, run your hand through your cheek to feel the bone, which starts right below your eyes.

So those were the top 5 makeup tips to make you look younger. Hope this helps!

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