Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers Shares Tips For Redefining Eyebrows


Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

A French poet, Victor Hugo once said ‘When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes’. Though very well-phrased, it is funny how most of us often get lost over badly shaped eyebrows or messed up eye makeup.

Delivering innovative thoughts and advice in dealing with these beauty mishaps is Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers. They welcomed on board, makeup, hair and beauty expert, Sahibba K Anand to share her expertise and help redefine the eyebrows.

Eyebrows 101

A bad eyebrow day is bound to happen anytime and to anyone. To avoid cribbing over it, know your eyebrow shape using the expert’s tips.

Know the start of the eyebrow by placing a pencil/ brush along the length of the nose and lining it with the tear duct. Then pick the arch point by tilting the pencil outward through the centre of the eyeball. Lastly, the end is where the pencil tilted extreme outwards is lined with the end of the eye.


Eyebrow Colouring Tips

Sahibba advices to say ‘NO’ to eyebrow pencil for colouring them. Instead an angled brush with dark brown eye shadow would do wonders in the form of small and easy strokes along the direction of the hair, darkening the bottom and fading away towards the top. We, Indian women take great liking for long, thick eyebrows. Hence, grow out those tiny skinny brows or lashes by mixing castor oil with olive oil and apply it with a used mascara.

Smudge-free Kohl Tips

Kohl lovers always experience smudging issues and the way to deal with pencil eyeliner is way too simple. It involves burning the tip of the pencil lightly and cooling it off. This pencil when applied gives a darker, long lasting look.

Smudge free Kohl Tips


Smudge-free Eyeliner Tips

Have a steady hand? Then take a liquid liner and line the outer edge near the lower lashes. Now darken the waterline with kohl for a smudge-free look. For bigger looking eyes, use a white eye-conic liner.

Eye Lashes Tips

Bat those lashes long and curly with a lash curler and apply a coat of transparent mascara for a fresh look. For a stronger shade, use another coat of mascara, with an older one separate them out if the lashes become sticky.

Thin lashed girlies, sprinkle some baby powder on the mascara to add volume to them before deepening the look. For thickening the lashes, try applying some coconut oil with the mascara and marvel at the wonders it does.

Broken Eye Shadow Tips

Consolidate a broken eye shadow with few drops of 99% alcohol and dab it till the crumbles dissolve.

Spread-proof Glitter Eye Shadow Tips

For glittery shadow over the eyes, dab a brush over transparent mascara and dip it into the glitter. Now apply the glittery eye shadow with the brush.

Beautifully and rightly said by Sahibba, that well-groomed eyebrows, well-defined eyes and great lashes are the perfect tools to conquer the world.

Click on the video below to understand better-

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