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Unique Wedding Dresses That Will Surely Blow Your Mind

by Fashionlady
Unique Wedding Dresses

Unique wedding dresses
A Demure white dress made of satin and lace is no longer the criteria for a wedding dress. With every bride wanting to look unique and stand out from the rest, designers are getting more and more creative, pushing the boundaries and creating some truly awe-worthy and sometimes shocking masterpieces.

Here is a list of a few unique wedding dresses

The Short and Flouncy Dress

Designed by Krikor Jabotian, known for his unique style, this short wedding dress proves that you don’t need a floor sweeping wedding dress with a long train to look like a bride. Modern and yet so romantic, this dress is perfect for a bride looking for something different that manages to be graceful as well.

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Floor sweeping wedding dress

Source: weddingomania.com

The Platinum Dress

When we say platinum we don’t mean a dress that looks like it was made out of platinum; what we mean is that the dress was literally made out of platinum. It is made from fabric spun from silk and platinum, with delicate embroidery and an off-shoulder cut. While dresses made of gold and silver are more common, dresses made of platinum are pretty much unheard of. It can’t get more unique than this, can it? Oh by the way, the price tag is 240,000 pounds.

Platinum wedding dress

Source: home.bt.com

The Sweet Dress

If guests at a wedding mention that the bride looks yummy, do not be alarmed. Instead look closely at the bride’s dress. Made with 2000 sugar-coated rose petals, this wedding gown comes with edible accessories such as a necklace, bracelet, earrings and a bouquet, all edible.

Sugar-coated rose petals wedding gown

Source: blogspot.com

The Black is Beautiful Dress

Wedding dresses have to be white right? Sure, if you’re a traditionalist. But if you’re looking to make some waves and push the limits, then the black wedding dress might be perfect for you.

Black wedding dress

Source: jamesallen.com

Peacock Wedding Dress

Designed by iconic fashion designer Vera Wang, the peacock wedding dress was made out of 2009 real peacock feathers. Priced at around 1.5 million dollars, this dress required eight artisans to work dedicatedly to make sure the feathers were all beautifully stitched and created the perfect train.


Peacock Feathers Wedding Dress

Source: supersvadba.com

The Ruffled Ombre Dress

Whimsical and unusual at the same time, this dress makes quite a statement. It features a long train that has a purple ombre effect at the end. This would be a great way to incorporate the wedding colour theme onto the bride’s dress.

Unique Bridal Dresses

Source: admin.crazyforus.com

The Peek-a-boo Dress

This dress is, quite simply put, adorable. At first glance it looks like a normal white wedding dress in a simple cut and style. But wait till the bride makes a twirl on the dance floor and you’ll see that there’s nothing ordinary about this dress. With a bright pink underside to it, this dress is fun and stylish and unique; everything a wedding dress ought to be.

Unique Wedding Dresses

Source: wordpress.com

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