Natural Ways To Increase Breast Size Fast At Home – A Complete Guide

Are you lacking self confidence within the people, and friends around you? Does your boyfriend start to dislike you because of having small breasts? Now, it’s time to concentrate on the issue of increasing your breast size. Let us check out and understand what makes female breasts small.

Increase Breast Size Naturally

Why Are My Breasts Size Small:

Call it the fault of the genetics or your past medical history, if you have small breasts. But if you develop small breasts due to the hormonal imbalance, then the good news is that the bust size can be increased.

Now which are the hormones that grow breasts? There are two of them – estrogen and progesterone. If you are lacking in any of these hormones, then you are bound to develop small breasts.

The second reason behind small breasts is hyper metabolism, which means your body is burning more of fat. And this is so because breasts are nothing but fat. If you weigh thin, as a result of hyper active metabolism, then you shall be having small breasts.

Before we look into this serious matter, let us first understand which breast size comes close to yours.

Check the Types of Breast You Suit:

Women come in all sizes and so do their breasts, which vary from person to person. No need to feel shy, as knowing the kind of breasts is as important as knowing the kind of skin and hair you have.

  • Asymmetrical: This is the breast type when one breast is larger than the other. It could be the right breast larger or the left one. But it is not necessary that you need a special type of bra. Try a bra which has removable padding.
  • Bell shape: This is a situation when breasts appear fuller at the bottom and slimmer at the top. Support should be on top of your mind, if you have bell shaped breasts. Avoid going for balconette bra.
  • East West: No kidding this is, as nipples in this type of breasts point outward from the center of your chest. A t-shirt bra is the right one for women having East West breasts.
  • Round: Breasts look equally full at the top and bottom. Those of you with round assets don’t need padded bras as nature has done it’s bit for you.
  • Side set: As indicated, both the breasts are set wide away from each other, meaning they have wide space between them. Because side set breasts appear fuller in shape, plunge bras would be ideal support.
  • Slender: As goes the name, the breasts are thin in this case, slimmer at the top, with nipples pointing downwards. A plunge bra with padding would be ideal, as it will give you the lift.
  • Teardrop: Such kinds of breasts are round, but they look less full at the top. This is the most easygoing breast shape and suits most bras.

Here are the natural tips how to increase breast size?

Now this might sound a huge task, going by the fact, that natural remedies take their own sweet time. But worry not. No pains, no gains.

1. Breast Growth Hormones:

For ladies with smaller breasts, the need of the hour is to create a breast growth environment inside your body. There is one hormone responsible for it majorly in women – estrogen, which is the most important hormones for breast growth. Though it is found in men too, but it is found in higher quantities in the females, especially in women who are in reproductive age cycle. When estrogen hormone is taken in good amount of doses by small busted women, it increases the chances of developing bigger breasts. That is because estrogen stimulates the growth of the breast tissue. But when a woman takes estrogen this way, and the moment breast cells start to grow, they can turn out to be cancerous. Alternatively, there is a range of breast enhancement products in the form of estrogen creams and pills to make your boobs grow bigger.

  • Best estrogen creams: They can be natural (phytoestrogen) and chemical versions. Some women prefer using herbal creams in estrogen since they don’t have synthetic hormones. Few examples of estrogen creams for breast enlargement are Breast Actives, Naturaful, Total Curve.
    Home Remedies for Increasing Breast Size
  • Best estrogen pills: The brand Breast Actives is a clear winner again. Not only is this a reliable topical cream, it is also a good supplement for breast enhancement. There are other natural pills in breast enhancement such as Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam and Fenugreek.

Some of the breast enlargement serums include Pueraria Mirifica Natural Breast Enhancement Serum and Pueraria Mirifica Breast Firming Serum.

Homeremedies for Breast


As in both the cases, knowing how to use the breast enlargement ways is not sufficient. The cream application and pill dosage plays a more vital role.

Creams and serums alone are not enough. The saying “you are what you eat” holds true s well. Let us learn about the foods that enhance the breast growth.

2. Foods That Make Your Breasts Bigger:

For breast growth, you should eat foods, food supplements, and herbs that are rich in estrogen and progesterone. There are plenty of food items which prove their worth in increasing bust size:

  • Cow’s milk is not just for nutrition, it is full of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin needed for milk production as far as mammals are concerned.

Milk For Increase Breast Size

  • Leafy green vegetables are not just healthy, they have phytoestrogens which stimulate the breast tissue to grow. Eat alfalfa and spinach which help in the overall growth of breasts.

Green Leafy Vegetables

  • Soy is a superfood when it comes to enhancing breasts.
  • Tofu is nothing less than a miracle food. It is packed with estrogen and is easy to cook. Do you know that tofu can be a good substitute for meat?
  • Nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews enhance bust size. Eat it as a snack or sprinkle it on your favourite dishes.

Nuts for Breast Enlargement

  • Seafood, for instance, fish, prawns, oysters and shell fish are rich in manganese which enhances the growth of breast tissue in females.
  • Bread and Whole green cereals such as wholegrain breads, popcorn, quinoa, brown rice, wheat, barley, oat, rye, wheatgerm, corn, millet.
  • Legumes, for instance beans, soy beans, green beans, mung beans.
  • Meats such as chicken and chicken products.
  • Fruits like apples, carrots, strawberry, pomegranate, peaches, water melon, plums.

The field of science is vast, which is why there are herbs to help you out in your mission to increase bust size.

3. Herbs That Increase Breast Size:

  • Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds have a good amount of plant estrogen which encourages prolactin hormone associated with bust growth. Pop in the methi seeds orally or make a paste of it and massage in on your breast to achieve results. You can also go for fenugreek sprouts for breast growth, as they have higher amount of diosgenin.

Fenugreek seeds

  • Fennel Seeds can be chewed to obtain results. Consume it in the form of powder or paste in your meals. You can also fry the fennel seeds in base oil and massage it on your breasts.
  • Flax Seeds or ‘alsi ke beej’ are nature’s blessed herb which is rich in phytoestrogen and increases breast size naturally. Mix flax seed in flour or make a paste of it for food delicacies or use it as topical oil for massaging.

Flax Seeds for breast enlargement

  • Blessed Thistle is an effective herb which ups the size of the breasts in the same way as it increases the milk flow in lactating mothers.
  • Saw Palmetto is another must include item for breast enhancement.

Now that we have talked about the foods and herbs for bust growth, the next thing coming up is supplements.

4. Supplements To Increase Breast Size:

Multivitamins such as vitamin A, C and E are good supplements in promoting breast enlargement. See to it that the supplements have been approved by the United States FDA and that they are genuine. Avoid increasing the dose of the supplements.

In addition to the suggested oral ways of breast enhancement as listed above, you can also consider more natural ways such as a massage.

5. Massages:

When you massage your breasts, you are going the most natural way to increase the bust size. This helps in increasing the blood flow to the mammary glands and also stimulates the growth of milk producing cells. When you massage your breasts with oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or cocoa butter, you are good to go in breast augmentation. Apply a mixture of honey and olive oil or massage your breasts in circular motion to get optimum results.

Some of the steps in massaging your breasts are as follows:

  • Firstly, apply some breast cream on your breasts.
  • Begin massaging from the center of your breasts in a firm manner.
  • Sweep from the underarms upwards and inwards towards the front.

Eating the right kind of food, pills and applying topical creams is not enough to enlarge your breasts. Make exercise your best friend.

6. Exercises:

You need to do bust enhancement exercises regularly.

  • Push-ups (floor based) when done on a daily basis help in developing chest muscle and increasing the size of the breasts. Put your arms on the floor, while keeping arms and feet shoulder width apart. Now lower yourself (in the process you will bend your elbow), and then push yourself up again.

Exercises to Increase Breast Size

  • Wall Push Ups is also one of the easiest exercises to do. It is similar to the concept to the floor related push-ups that you read above. All you need is a wall to push alongside, instead of the floor. Lay your palms on the wall and bend your arms, as if you are doing push ups.
Breast Exercises


  • Dumbbell Flys: Such kind of bust enhancement exercise needs dumb bells. When you are holding the dumbbells, stretch out your arms in such a way that they should look parallel to the floor. Follow it up by lowering your arms to the position.
Breast Exercises


d.Reverse Dumbbell Flys are similar to the normal dumbbell flys. But the difference lies in the fact that they face the floor instead of facing upwards. Lie down on a swiss ball or a bench when facing downwards. Then get your arms holding the dumb bells away from the floor and outwards.

top ways to increase breast naturally fast


  • Elevated Push Ups: Put your arms on the floor and elevate your legs by using a swiss ball or a sofa edge. Elevate yourself higher. Then lower yourself to the floor, slowly, and then push yourself again.
Excersizes for Increase Breast Naturally


These are some of the best exercises to getting bigger boobs.

7. Smart Clothes

When you are wearing the right type of clothing, it will automatically draw away your attention from having small breasts. And then there are suitable bra finds like padded bras, gel inserts and silicone breast enhancers to lift your spirits and create the illusion of bigger breasts.

Facts About Breasts That You Should Know

It is high time you know more about your body, especially breasts.

  • About 60% of females have asymmetrical breasts, with the left breast larger than the right one.
  • Size might matter when it comes to eating buffet meals, but how long or small the female breast is has no impact or influence on the ability to produce milk in the breastfeeding stage. It also means your cup size is of least value when your breasts are producing milk.
  • Humans are the only primate species who win hands down on owning permanent breasts. It means breasts stay with a female right from her puberty to motherhood stage, and till her last breath.
  • Breasts are prone to get cancerous lumps.
  • Female smokers are likely to experience sagging and drooping breasts.
  • Breast stimulation can be enough for a woman to reach orgasm.
  • It may be surprising to know that there are some men who have breasts too. Gynecomastia is a condition which makes the mammary glands of a man abnormal in size leading to development of “man boobs”.
  • Before the onset of your monthly periods, your breasts could get bigger in size. This happens due to excess of estrogen production which enlarges the breast ducts. Subsequent to the finishing of the periods, your breasts get back to their original size. Pregnancy is also a stage when your breasts take a large status.

How to Take Care Of Your Breasts

Though we have read most of the things to enhance breast size, there could be some that might have been left behind.

Almost all ladies, would be having a set of questions on breast care. I hope most of these Q and A will put your doubts to rest.


Q. Will taking estrogen increase breast size?

A. When you take estrogen hormone in high doses, it increases the bust size as it stimulates the breast tissue growth. But it is not advisable to use estrogen in this way. The basic premise is that when you stimulate the breast cells to grow this way, chances are they can turn cancerous, and do more harm than good.

Q. What determines breast size?

A. Genes is the main and influential factor which increases breast size. How dense will be the breasts, what will be the skin like all depends on the genetics.

Q. Can you take hormones to increase breast size?

A. Two hormones found in birth control pills – estrogen and progestin cause increase in bust size

Q. Does natural breast enhancement work?

A. Supplements for natural breast enhancement such as wild yam and saw palmetto are likely to cause side effects. So, let us not have blind faith in them. There are many nutritional supplements which are marketed as natural means to enlarging the breasts.

Q. How to increase breast size without surgery?

A. The best method to increase the bust size without going under the knife is by massaging them regularly and through topical creams such as St. Botanica Breast Enlargement Cream. This would help in the production of breast enlarging hormone prolactin which plays a vital role in increasing the size of the breasts.

Remedies Increase Breast Naturally

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Other ways to get optimum results include eating estrogenic foods, healthy fats, radish, doing household chores, swinging arms, doing wall press.

Q. Does Fenugreek make your breast bigger?

A. Fenugreek is a herbal plant from India as well as the Mediterranean area. The plant which has phytoestrogen stimulates your mammary gland to produce more prolactin (female estrogen) in your body.

Q. Does progesterone cause breast growth?

A. Development of breasts happens due to the progesterone hormone present in female body. Each month, progesterone is produced in females once the egg is released from the ovaries. This hormone allows a lining to grow in the uterus so as to protect and nourish the foetus.

Q. Does milk make your breast grow?

A. According to research findings, upon drinking a mixture of papaya juice and milk on a daily basis helps in breast enlargement. Since this fluid mixture has ample nutrients and vitamins, they enhance and plump out your breasts.

Q. What can I eat to make my breasts bigger?

A. Eating soy products are the best way to increase breast size. Other foods that help in the plumping of breasts include fennel/cumin seeds, dairy products, carrot, beetroots, nuts, grains, fruits, veggies, beverages, proteins found in eggs, chicken, peanut butter, peas etc.

Q. They say bras make breasts sag. Is this true?

A. The role of a bra is to hold up the breasts. Sagging of breasts is a myth. With passing years and increasing age, bras can sag due to the weakness of the breast supporting tissue.

I hope you found this guide on how to increase breast size naturally at home useful and informative. Write in if you have more of such tips. Salute to the welfare of women!

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    June 23, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    I love Indian Food, Which Indian Food helps to Increase Breast size?

    • Deepika Dewan

      June 27, 2017 at 5:51 pm

      Milk, mainly cow milk is known to increase breast size. With the healthy fats and female hormones in it, milk can increase your bust.

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