10 Ways Wavy Hairstyles For Summer Weddings And Parties Are Making Major Waves


Wavy Hairstyles

While the world raves and praises the beach hair waves, we shall also do the same and show you some more unique wavy hairstyles for summer which can be worn with long, short and medium length hair.

Summer doesn’t beckon us to wear our hair in buns always, and we are allowed rather should try keeping our hair open too. In doing so, the wavy hairstyles for summer we are about to show you would help bring about a new look with the Indian, indo-western wear and the western clothing we plan to flaunt the wavy hairstyles for summer in.

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Now who wouldn’t want to have a lovely toss of wild curls and waves each day- a new look to work or college, or even when you go out with friends is most welcoming, isn’t it?

Unique Wavy Hairstyles For Short Hair

From long to short hair, we have a couple of wavy hairstyles here to show you. Take a look and drool over them, but do check with our previous posts on how to get these curls or any curls for short hair without heat.

Famous Wavy Hairstyles

If you want to use heat, we would say use a moderate amount, but not without serum or hair mousse for protection. Also, ensure you check our post on reverse shampooing, which helps remove all the residue and that helps keep the hair clean. Styling thus wouldn’t take long and the waves would be your crowning glory too.

Wavy Hairstyles For Womens

Wavy hairstyles for short hair can be summed up as a fashion trend that can camouflage the chubbiness of cheeks, or maybe a new avatar to don when wearing just about anything. You may choose to use hair accessories, but we say, leaving it to the minimal with bobby pins tucked into the faux bob and waves on the side works best.

Best Wavy Hairstyles
If you have short hair, you could also center part the strands and apply a little mousse into the hair without touching the root. Blow dry the hair for a minute and then with your fingers, separate the strands into two sections.

Short Wavy Hairstyles

Sassy Wavy Hairstyles For Long Hair

For those of you who thought you couldn’t have the wavy locks with the long hair and tresses to manage, you were wrong. Begin with using a professional based shampoo and conditioner, an hour before you start styling your hair. When the hair is ninety percent dry and ten percent damp after a minute of blow drying, one should use a professional serum or mousse for the hair to protect it from thermal heat, and then go ahead with the styling. Here are a couple of wavy hairstyles for long to very long hair that you could try!


Wavy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Pin up the hair strands into small buns and sections all over your head, and with the help of a blow dryer give it a minute to set the wavy locks style. Remove the pins and blow dry from the nape of the neck to the crown, and let the hair fall over the shoulder.

Latest Wavy Hairstyle

Outward waves are best for very elegant and formal social do’s, and the look can come as complete when you wear this hairstyle with Indian or very indo-western fusions. Just ensure that the heat is moderate on the dryer and that the curls are blown outwards.

Wavy Long Hairstyles
If you don’t have tongs, no problem, using the hair straightening iron at home, you can create loose waves from the occipital bone of the skull to the end of the hair tip. Roll the hair sections gently after mousse is applied on the hair, into the iron and gently pull the hair downwards. One stroke only and your hair would turn wavy.

Hairstyles For Long Hair

To get the middle partition look with bouncy side waves, one would need to focus the dryer more on the fringe and bangs, or the hair from the crown falling onto the forehead. At an angle of ninety degrees, roll the curlers outward with the heat in moderation. Do this for two minutes and then leave the hair. You would see an outward curl on the crown section formed. With a tail comb, partition the section of hair on the crown in the middle and allow it to fall on both sides.

Best Wavy Hairstyles For Long Hair

For the vintage waves, you would need to outward curl the crown hair and comb it sideways. The hair from the crown that goes backwards, should be blown in sections until it puffs up. Allow that section of the hair to be combed behind with a constructor used later to allow no stray hair strands to fall haywire.

Wavy Hairstyles for Summer Weddings

Do let us know your thoughts on these unique and very best wavy hairstyles?

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