What To Wear Under A Tutu Without Looking Like A Ballerina


what to wear under a tutu

Love to push boundaries and make fashion statement with whatever you wear? Are you quirky and whimsical with your styling sense, but balanced in your fashion quotient? Try the fluffy tulle skirts. Trends don’t die, they are mostly recycled in a new archetype. The tutu is back with a bang in the mainstream fashion arena, you should just know what to wear under a tutu to look chic yet fascinating.

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Most of us have worn a tutu in our childhood years, but to wear it the right way now would need some rethinking. Firstly to clarify some age old questions about the tutu, there to no age limit to wear a tutu, and there is definitely no one perfect way to wear a tutu. It all depends on how well you can wear a tutu and carry it off. In this article, we want to get you acquainted with the ways of wearing a tutu, what to pair a tutu with and how to wear a tutu. Read on to find out more.

How To Wear a Tutu?

Tutus as we know them are a girly way to make a statement, to stand out of the crowd. What to wear under a tutu such that you don’t look like competing for a fancy dress show is challenging but possible with few simple styling hacks. What to wear with a tutu dress to enhance your style quotient yet complement your wardrobe? Let’s check out:

what to wear with a tutu dress
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1. Go Casual

Pair your tutu up with a causal slip tee or tank top. If you a have pastel shade tutu, pairing it with a cream or off white tank top looks great. A nice delicate belt and a chunky neck piece should enhance the overall look. Keeping the rest of your outfit toned down will let your tutu skirt have all the attention for once.

Best Tutu Dresses
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2. The Customary

If you want to have a go at the traditional ballerina look, wear your tutu with a cute leotard. If it’s too much exposure for you, throw on a pair of tights or nylons, add some leg warmers, a pair of ballerina flats and you’re good to go. You don’t always have to be a ballerina to look like one.

How to Wear a Plus Size Tutu
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3. Go The Crop Way

A birthday party or get together on the list? You can wear your solid dark colored tutu with a crop top or a flirty blouse. Preferably keep your blouse patterned or stripped.


How To Wear A Tutu Without Looking Silly
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4. Neutral Shades

For an elegant look, you can take the monochrome route. Pair your tutu with a same colored blouse and add some statement jewelry. Just make sure, you choose a neutral shade otherwise, this look can easily become a disaster.

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Popular items for adult tutu dress
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5. The Rockstar

Every girl has two sides to her, this look is for her other side. Pair your tutu with a funky leather jacket or a biker jacket (preferably black), put on a pair of sunglasses, and add some boots and you’re good to go. You can also call this the rocker chic look.

There are a few minders when you consider the tutu dress, since most tutu dresses are see through, you need to wear something with it. The tutu dress can be worn with lace rompers or half-slips. You could also get it sewn in permanents with liners. Follow these tips and you never have problems with a tutu again.


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