Yoga Precautions for Pregnant Women



Congratulations to all the expecting moms out there and thumbs up for those who have decided to take exercises classes during their pregnancy. Of all the prenatal work outs available, yoga is believed to be the best. However, yoga during pregnancy have certain rules and limitations to ensure safety of both mother and child.

Taking this opportunity I’ve come up with a special edition on yoga precautions for pregnant women.

During pregnancy women are more viable to injuries, sprains and pulls because of the release of pregnancy hormone relaxin by their body. This particular hormone is responsible for expansion of uterus as the fetus develops, whilst softening connective tissues. If the expecting mother tries to stretch about 60-70% of her body’s capacity then she may put herself and the baby at risk.

What happens during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy the belly expands offering space and balance to the weight of rectus abdominis and during this stage women are forced to use their side ab muscles.

And overstretching of these ab muscles can pull abdominal muscles apart, thus creating a condition known as diastasis. This is the reason, doctors advice not to try poses that are targeted at the core, especially on the side ab muscles.

When pregnant women enter into their second trimester, the body’s center of gravity tends to shift. So they are advised never to stand without any support i.e. they should always use anything nearby like chair for support.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

That being said, yoga is definitely beneficial for expecting moms, but then everybody is unique and responds differently to stretches and yoga poses. For prenatal workouts, yoga precautions for pregnant women are highly essential and should always be done under professional’s supervision.

Only if you’re experienced, you can go for flow style of yoga but if you’re a beginner then prenatal yoga comes with certain precautions and limitations.


Take this as a thumb rule – never force yourself into a yoga pose that isn’t comfortable for you, even though you could do it easily before you conceived.

And if you have any pain in pubic bone area or any kind of abdominal discomfort then we highly suggest you to see a doctor first before taking up prenatal yoga classes.

Following are the yoga poses that pregnant women should avoid –

Upside-down yoga poses – these include headstands, handstands and shoulder stands to name a few .Lying flat on back for more than couple of minutes after first trimester – Lying on the back tends to exert pressure on the inferior vena cava, the vein which carries blood from your legs to your heart thereby causing dizziness, breathing problem and nausea.


Lying on tummy – This pose should be avoided as it stretches tummy muscles following deep forward and back bends. It further leads to tearing of muscles that are usually expanded by the uterus as the fetus develops within.

Yoga that involves breathing techniques – Avoid holding your breath and poses such as Pranayam that involves rigorous breathing.

Yoga poses that demand body balance – You should always do such poses with the support of a prop, chair or a wall as I’d already mentioned that center of gravity shifts following weight gain.
Twisting poses especially in the second trimester and third trimester.

Hot yoga classes – For this kind of yoga room is heated to 40 degrees and also higher, which may be dangerous for baby.
Vigorous, aerobic or any kind of intense yoga.

Bonus tips – You should always keep a blanket or towel under your knees while practicing prenatal yoga. You can also go for a yoga block, a pillow or couch cushion, apart from a yoga mat. Never practice yoga directly on floor. Always have some water nearby to keep your body hydrated.

Hope this post on yoga precautions for pregnant women help you enjoy this special time with your baby. Stay healthy!


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