Zesty Tresses! Benefits Of Lemon Juice On Hair


Benefits Of Lemon Juice On Hair

Lemon is, without a doubt, one of the most commonly used fruits of the citrus family. This wondrous fruit has high Vitamin C content and also has folic acid, vitamin and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium and calcium in it. It provides innumerable medical and beauty benefits apart from its widespread culinary application. Lemon has been used for medicinal purpose which has been recorded in late medieval times. Just like there are certain ways to handle and use any kind of drug, likewise, use of lemon for hair also abides by certain set ways which bring out the best in any Rapunzel.

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Using Lemon Juice To Lighten Hair
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Lemon juice naturally exfoliates your hair. It also does the same for skin and one can get rid of dirt and dead cells or even any build-up of hair products or any mask residue with this amazing fruit. For scalp exfoliation, mix lemon juice with white vinegar and massage your scalp for ten minutes, leave for another ten minutes then wash it off thoroughly.

Lemon Juice Hair Treatment
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Using Lemon Juice To Lighten Hair

Would it not be amazing to be able to bleach your hair naturally without hurting it and turning it rough after so many chemical reactions on it? Well, the solution is right there inside your fruit basket.

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Vitamins For Hair
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Use this method when you know you’ll be spending a day outside. The heat of the sun opens hair cuticles and the lemon juice lifts colour, which lets the sun bleach your strands. Squeeze the fresh lemon juice and add it to a spray bottle along with a teaspoon of oil to keep your hair from drying out. Spray and flaunt your amazing lightened hair!

This video is your two minute guiding star for naturally bleached hair! Give it a shot, and it will save you so much of energy and won’t even cut a hole in your pocket.


10 Easy & Effective Lemon Juice Hair Treatment Recipes – Benefits Of Lemon Juice On Hair

Here are a few DIY hair treatments with lemon –

1. For Healthy Hair: Our tresses get exposed to UV rays, dust, dirt, grime, sweat and chemicals. These external elements make the strands damaged or discoloured. Vitamins in lemon nourish our strands and detoxing the hair follicles. Sipping lemon juice can help hair to grow healthy!

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2. For Dandruff Free Mane: Massage lemon juice mixed with white vinegar or hot oil (preferably coconut) to treat dandruff. Leave the blend in hair for about an hour and wash off with lukewarm water.

Hair Loss Remedies
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3. For Contrast Streaks: Lemon juice can be used to lighten hair naturally in the aforementioned way.

4. For Natural Straightening: Take one fourth cup of lemon juice with one cup of coconut oil, homogeneously unite the two ingredients and refrigerate for an hour to get a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair, coating every single strand. Leave it for fifteen minutes after which you can wash your hair with plain water or lukewarm water (never use too hot water on hair) and straighten the tresses using a wide comb. Do this every week to perfect straightening and desirable slickness.

How To Grow Healthy Hair
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5. For Oily Tresses: When using lemon juice hair treatment to treat oily scalp it works wonders! Ascorbic acid in lemon juice helps curb excess oil secretion from sebaceous glands without adversely affecting it like chemical laden hair products.

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6. For Natural Exfoliation: Just soak hair in lemon juice or apply it on your hair, whichever way feels comfortable enough. This will also help in cleaning dust and dirt the hair accumulates after long travel and constant exposure to heat and pollution.

7. For Itchiness & Irritation: Diluted lemon juice is a good remedy for itchy scalp. Apply lemon juice alone or mixed with oil, depending on your scalp type and observe the all-consuming itchy feeling vanish!

Lemon juice for itching
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8. For Split Ends: A unified mix of virgin olive oil and lemon juice when applied regularly on split heads and scalp works wonders to improve the quality of your mane.

9. For Lice: Grind 3-4 cloves of garlic mix it in juice of half a lemon. The acidic nature of lemon and chemicals of garlic will kill head lice overnight!

Lemon juice for lice
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10. For Hair Loss: Every friend, well-wisher or even the maids are full of free-advise on hair loss remedies and which works best. But FashionLady will tell you the easiest and most effective of them all. Cut lemon into bits and rub it on your scalp, cover it with a towel and leave it to work overnight, voila! Hair loss remedy done.

If getting Rapunzel tresses is your fantasy, then you hold the lemon to make it come alive. Now that you know how to grow healthy hair by squeezing in few lemons, juice in!

Hope you enjoy this article on benefits of lemon juice on hair.


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