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Starting This Father’s Day, Let’s Break Stereotypes

by Fashionlady
Celebrities Father and Children Stereotypes

HAPPY FATHERS DAYYY! – I hope you remember to wish your dad with just as much excitement. It’s not every day that we shower our fathers with the love they deserve, so at least today they deserve it. Nothing gives them more happiness than a kiss, hug or wishes coming from their child who they adorn more than their hearts could hold.

Celebrities Father and Children Stereotypes

As you wish your dad, just a random thought that popped up was – Don’t you think dads are stereotyped way too much?

“Oh My, her dad works so much that he doesn’t have time for her”

“Yeah and his dad is a single dad, so there’s not much they do together because they’re not a complete family”

Okay, you got what I mean right?

It’s almost every day that these random incidents happen. Today let’s count our blessings for having a great dad in our lives, and of course, count your blessings twice while counting your father.

Let’s start breaking some stereotypes?

1. Your DAD is as strong as a rock, including his heart. So?

You’ve got to be thankful that there’s someone so strong who holds the family together in the ups and downs. Being so strong doesn’t mean they don’t have any emotions, they are human too. But who would like to cry in front of their kid? Your sadness affects him more than anything, there’s no arguable clause here.

Your DAD is as strong as a rock

2. Dads Are Too Overprotective. Yeah?

Well, is that why your dad has given you the freedom for vacations with friends, parties, sleepovers etc? Being strict and setting a set of restrictions is a pole apart from being overprotective. It’s his job and duty to keep you in good manners, but that doesn’t mean he will follow you everywhere. He isn’t your spy.

Dads Are Too Overprotective

3. Working Mom. Stay At Home DAD.

Why is that abnormal? Doesn’t everyone crave for equality in this world? Then why do you look down on dads who stay at home doing housework? When the mother is working, there needs to be someone responsible for looking after the house and the kids. When the father is most willingly opting for the role himself, can you think of a better man than him? Nope, I can’t.

Stay At Home DAD


4. The Working Dad

A working dad is sweating it all out just to give his family the best life. This does not imply that he is only concentrating on earning the money and not bothered about being with his kids. That’s where the struggle comes into the picture. Where the father is trying to keep an equilibrium of work and family life, trying to give the best of both world.

The Working Dad

5. Single Dads

What is lacking in a single dad? On what basis is he being stereotyped? Baseless. Although being single and having to look after the kids themselves, single dads do the jobs of a ‘father’ equally well. They pamper the kids, take them out on vacations, spend quality time with them, imbibe good habits into them; what more does one need from their dad?

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