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Arabic Bridal Makeup

Your Step-by-Step Tutorial To Arabic Bridal Makeup

A bride, regardless of the culture she belongs to, is always the prettiest. But then there is something about the Arabic bride that sets her apart - the makeup and the costume. Arabic bridal...
Japanese Bridal Makeup

Japanese Bridal Makeup Tips We Can Use In Our Indian Weddings

For a very long time now, we have heard and seen many shows on television that have showcased the ultra beautiful Japanese wedding. A wedding so soft in nature, ritualistic, holistic, very glamorous and...
Indian bridal makeup

The Allure Of Asian Bridal Makeup

When it comes to bridal makeup, there is something about Asian bridal makeup that is truly special. Asian bridal makeup is vibrant and dramatic, keeping in theme with the bold colored clothing and grand...
Indian Bridal Eye Makeup

10 Indian Bridal Eye Makeup We Are Currently Setting Our Heart Upon

While most Indian bridal makeup artists focus on the cheekbones and the temples for a statement to make- it is the eyes of the bride which does most of the talking. Her emotions, her...
Top 5 Concealer Tips You Must Never Forget

Top 5 Concealer Tips You Must Never Forget

There are always a few tips and tricks involved in order to make your beauty routine a success. Since makeup is not less than art, there are some ground rules to follow so as...
Golden Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artists on Foundation

5 Golden Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artists On Foundation

Foundation shouldn't be your mask; instead they should be your second skin. Let's not leave any room for fashion police and take pledge to never step out with a cakey and mask-like makeup. As...
Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips To Help You Look Like A Million Bucks

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you’re worrying about everything under the sun, from wondering if you should wear those high heels and risk tripping and falling to worrying about how good your...

10 Makeup Kit Essentials: A Complete Guide

Don't you get overwhelmed sometimes with the abundance of makeup items that are lined up in your bath and powder rooms? In my case, I have been picking every latest color from the store for...
Natural Make Up Look

How To Get A Natural Makeup Look – The Mega Guide

Have you ever come across women with flawless skin and glowing complexion? One way to become a natural beauty is by maintaining a healthy and regular beauty regime. But, we all have our bad...

How To Become A Pro With Foundation Routine

Applying foundation can be daunting, when you've dry skin. While the skin becomes flakey, it becomes irritated at times as well. Foundation layer can glide over flakey skin of your face, creating breakouts and ugly...

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