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130 Easy And Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2021 Just For You

by Fashionlady
Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Nail designs trend of has caught the craze among most women and young girls. Nail Art Designs come in loads of variations and styles that everyone, from a school girl to a grad student to a home-maker and a working woman can try them to add class and style to their nails.

Nail Art Designs

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From beginners to professional nail artists, everyone can try these fingernail designs. Let’s look at a few nail ideas that can be created using either the tools or the basic supplies around you.

Here is a List of 130 Nail Art Designs and Ideas:

1. Sticker Nail Art:

Stickers can be made at home by creating a design on a plastic sheet. Once dry, use tweezers to gently pull out the design from the paper and stick it over the base paint. This is an easy nail art design for a beginner.

Pretty Nail Art designs

2. Dreamcatcher Nail Art:

A thin  brush (to create the dream catcher) and a sponge (to create the ombre base) is all you need for this art on your nails. Use the nail paints of your choice and do not forget the shaded effect of the feather.

Nail Designs

3. Peacock Nail Art Designs:

Peacock nail art designs are for those who are wearing a simpler outfit or have a peacock themed event that they are attending. For such techniques, it is best that only one or two fingers have this peacock feather art on nails on them. Do not forget to use the glitter nail paint for an additional bling effect on the nails.

Peacock Nails

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4. Black Nail Paint & Corn Starch:

For this, you need a black nail paint and some corn starch (if your black nail paint is glossy. Mix the two to create a matte finish polish and border the nude painted nail with this black polish. Either use a dotting tool or a toothpick to create the polka dot effect.

Polka Dot Art

5. Golden Glitter Nails:

Nail art supplies that are required for this nail design are golden glitter and red glitter. Create a base by using a base coat and then use a thin nail brush to create the fall leaf. Make sure you use the fall colors to create this nail design pattern.

Glitter Nails Ideas

6. Tree And Branches Nail Art:

This flower art on nails is for those who love their freedom and do not like anything holding them back. You could either use tools or stickers to create such a design.

Flower Art

7. Half Flower Nail Art:

This professional design is extremely beautiful and unique too. Such art on nails needs professional artists’ help to create this look and finish.

9. Watermelon Nail Art:

Create peach or red triangles on a white base and line it with a green to create a watermelon design look. Use a dotting tool or a toothpick to create the seeds. You could either do this on all your nails or just one finger or two.

Watermelon Accented Nail Designs

10. A Twisted French Manicure Nail Art:

A french manicure using lavender instead of white is what you need. You can also replace the lavender with any other color. Make a thin line of silver along with the lavender and use small flowers to stick over them. If you have a fine hand, you can create the flowers yourself too.

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French Nail Art Ideas

11. Stripes And Dots Nail Art Design:

Striping tapes and different sizes of dotting tools is what you need to invest in for this medium nail design. Use your favorite colors to create the polka dot and stripes design.

Easy Nail Designs

12. Color Blocking Nail Art Pattern:

12. Designs for toe nails can’t get any more classy and simple. Again, all you need are two contrasting colors and a striping tape.

Toe Nail Art

13. Pastel Color Block Nail Art:

Same as above, but for the hands. Such types of nail craft design ideas for long nails world look extremely beautiful as you would have a bigger base to paint and decorate.

Pastel Nail Pattern

14. Thanksgiving Nail Art Pattern:

How about wearing this design on Thanksgiving? A pumpkin rolled out onto the French manicure is an absolutely stunning concept.

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Pumpkin Nails

15. Halloween Nail Art:

Halloween nail designs again require a black base coat and flaming orange or red paints.

Nail Designs for Halloween

16. Goofy Skull Nail Art Design:

Another step-by-step Halloween theme nail art design tutorial that any beginner can create.

Step by Step Nail Art for Halloween

17. Disney Nail Art:

If it’s your daughter’s birthday or you need to visit a Disney-themed party, then this would be an ideal pattern. With practice, this will not be difficult at all.

Disney Nail Art

18. Batman Nail Art:

For all the Batman fans, we have something for you too – Batman nail artwork.

Amazing Nail Art Designs

19. Glitter Nail Art:

Black, white, and glitter are what you need here. Create swirls using black on a white base and fill it with glitter to make the nails look just perfect!

Professional Glitter Nails

20. Chevron Design Nail Art:

Create chevron designs using striping tapes and white nail paint. This detailed tutorial will show you how.

Space Nail Tutorial

21. Tri Colored Nail Art Pattern:

Navy blue, nude and white is the base colors that you will need for this type of nail design. On the white paint, create nude and blue flowers using a thin nail brush. Create shadow effects where you think will be appropriate, and voila!

Different Nail Art

22. Crayon Nail Art:

Have a ‘back to school’ theme or meeting your school friends after a couple of years? Follow this crayon nail art tutorial for a sweet and innocent look.

Back to School Nail Art Patterns

23. Butterfly Nail Art:

Another long nail design like this will look extremely pretty. Follow the basic tutorials and use different colors depending on your dress.

Steps to Do Butterfly Nail Art

24. Animal Print Nail Art:

A glitter French manicure ended with some animal print nail stickers is how to create this masterpiece.

nail art ideas

25. Fruity Nail Art:

Now these long nails require only glitter nail polish and some nail decals.

nail art designs tutorial

26. Embellished Nail Art:

Black French Manicure, a stamping kit with embellishments of your choice is all you need for this one below.

Nail Art Designs

27. Hand Drawn Nail Art:

If you have an artistic hand, create this one with a free hand swirl with colors. Finish it with crystal embellishments.

nail art pictures

28. Black French Manicure Nail Design:

A black french tip with rhinestones would be perfect for a date night.

Black French Manicure Designs

29. Shimmer Nail Art:

If you are unable to find time and patience to wear one or more colors, then a shade like this with glitter in it, will also do the trick.

Pretty Nail Art Designs

30. Blended Designs Nail Art:

Use 2 or max 3 colors with different effects, making a simple nail fine art.

Best Nail Art Ideas

31. Block Pattern Nail Art:

Stencils will help you create a nail art designs such as this one.

Nail Art Designs Ideas

32. Classy Dreamcatcher Nail Design:

Heard of dream catcher tattoos, now it’s time for a dream catcher nail fine art designs.

Nail Art Designs

33. Gray And Glitter Nail Art:

Instead of concentrating on the tips, how about focusing on the base?

Pretty Nail Art Designs

34. Black and White Nail Art:

If you are artistic enough, do this nail design with a free hand.

Amazing Nail Art Designs

35. Christmas Sprinkle Nail Art:

Want some inspiration for Christmas nail craft designs?

Christmas Nail Designs

36. White and Gold Nail Art:

Now how would this look on a bride?

Creative Christmas Nail Designs

37. Marble Nail Art:

Marble long nails art technique with just 2 colors anyone?

Nail Art Designs

38. Flower Bunch Nail Art:

Love to play colors? How about this nail art technique using a free hand?

nail art designs step by step

39. Stones Nail Art:

Rhinestones, acrylic, and glitter art when combined, give you this!

Cute Nail Art Design For Winter

40. Glittery Sky Nail Art:

Classy is all that we can say for this gray nail artwork.

Diamond Grey Nail Art

41. Two Toned Nail Art:

Alternate your nails with glitter and normal color and see how your nails speak class.

best nail art designs

42. Snowflake Nail Art:

How about trying this one for next Christmas? cute nail designs

43. Sweater Nail Art:

Sweater design with glitter artwork. What more can we say?

Nail Art Design Ideas

44. Cute Bow Nail Art:

Who would say no to this one?nail art designs tutorial

45. Mix And Match Nail Art:

Try something different for each of your nails and you’ll be surprised.

Nailart Designs

46. Sweater Pattern Nail Art:

Sweater designs look really pretty.

winter nailart designs

47. Edgy Nail Art:

Stiletto nails are something!

Best nail art designs

48. Glossy Nail Art:

If you do not have time to give different textures and designs, use nail paints that have glitter in them.

Nail Art Tutorials

49. Stars, Stripes and Snowflakes Nail Art:

Play with designs and shapes. You might just end up creating something beautiful and unique.

easy nail art ideas

50. Glitter Sprinkle Nail Art:

Make a base coat and then use glitter nail polish on the tips or near the cuticles.

Nail Art Tutorial

51. Sweater Design Nail Art:

Sweater designs with crystal embellishments, wow!

Nail Art

52. Stars Nail Art:

Add star nail stickers on your glitter nail paint. Simple, right?

Nail Art Designs

53. Stenciled Nail Art:

If you do not want to play with multiple shades, try this with a single color or pick a color from the same family to match the theme.

Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2016

54 Mix And Match Nail Art:

How about doing something completely different on each nail?

nail art designs 2016

55. Elegant Nail Art:

Navy and gold, sexy isn’t it? Simple and easy nail design.

Winter Nail Art

56. Single Nail Focus Art:

Just one textured nail and the others are all bright ones.

simple nail art step by step

57. A little more precision, maybe?:

Pretty Nails

58. A pretty Minni manicure.

DIY Nail Art Designs

59. For those who love tripping on their nails.

Amazing Nail Art Designs

60. Cap Style Nail Art

Black and gold French manicure with a twist.

Winter Nail Art Designs 2016

61. Glitterati!

Amazing Nail Art Designs

62. Glitter gives a textures we all will love.

Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners

63. Space nail art, anyone?

Beautiful Nail Art Designs

64. Let the artist in you shine with this intricate nail art design.

Flower Nail Art

65. Don’t like loud designs? Opt for this gray and white combination for a subtle look.

Summer Nail Art Ideas

66. Leopard Print Nail Art:

Show your love for animals with this Cheetah print.

Ideas for Nails Design

67. Ferocious Nail Art:

Get this maniacal look by combining red, white and black.

Nail Art Design

68. Add glitter to a bright color and get the royal look.

Best Nail Art Designs

69. Stripes Nail Art:

Stripe it up with the classic black and white.

Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners

70. Get a professional nail artist to give you these beautiful twirls.

Best Nail Art Ideas

71. Show your quirky side to the world with these!

Cute Nail Art Designs

72. Use a light colored base and add some glitter and dark color to make your nails shine.

Easy Nail Art Designs

73. Cheetah Print Nail Art:

Love Cheetah print, leather, and rhinestones? Blend them all together to get this catty look!

Easy Nail Art For Beginners

74. Glam up your nails with this sophisticated design.

Flower Nail Art Designs

75. Go bold with this black and gold design.

Nail Art Designs

76. Add a little color to your french manicures!

Nail Art Ideas

77. Show off your nails with this cute flowers and rhinestones designs.

Nail Designs

78. Embossed Nail Art:

Get this classy look by first painting a dark gray base and then add some horizontal stripes with a black nail paint.

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs

79. Let those nails sparkle and shine!

Creative Nail Art Designs

80. Shades of Gray Nail Art:

Use a glitter nail paint and add some design on it to make it unique.

DIY Nail Art Designs

81. Add some stripes and glitter and transform your nails.

Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2016

82. Net Pattern Nail Art:

A light color base and some nail art tools will help you in achieving this look.

Nail Designs and Pictures

83. Use a gray base paint and with the help of a nail brush add a design of your choice.

Simple Nail Art Designs

84. Pebbles Nail Art:

Class it up with this polka design. Use a matte finish nail paint and a toothpick to nail this look.

Nail Art Gallery

85. Go crazy by having a different design on each nail.

Easy Halloween Nail Ideas

86. Simple sweater design to match your cute outfit.

Nail Designs Ideas

87. Use your imagination and paint those nails black and white!

Nail Art Ideas

88. Glitter and geometrical shapes together look mesmerizing.

Nail Art Galleries

89. Funky Nail Art:

Stiletto nails with wacky designs.

Beautiful Nail art designs

90. Snowman Nail Art:

Bring the joy of Christmas on your nails! Use the Christmas colors and paint cute snowflakes, snowman and Christmas trees on your nails.

Best Nail art

91. Elegance defined on your nails.

Nail Art

92. Glitter and nails go hand in hand!

Christmas NailArt Designs Ideas

93. Tribal love.

Nail Art Designs

94. Gelish Nail Art:

Engage a professional nail artist to get this semi-nude look for your nails.

Creative Nail Polish Trends

95. Contrast Nail Art:

Give your nails a contrasting look by painting them alternately with different colors and designs.

DIY Nail Art Designs

96. Sheer Nail Art:

Try this translucent design to add a softness to your nails.

easy nail art designs

97. Show your love for bling with this silver and rhinestones design.

Galerie Nail art

98. Scenic Nail Art:

Nature on your nails. Paint the base with a dark color and then using a nail brush add some nature designs with a light color.

Simple Nail Art Designs

99. Use two different colors and get creative with your designs. Make sure to use a light color and a dark color to get the desired effect.

Best Nail Designs

100. Tiles Nail Art:

Block it up with colorful blocks on those beautiful long nails.

Summer Nail Art Designs 2016

101. Be unique by painting random designs on each nail.

Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2016

102. Get an edgy look with this combination of gold and maroon!

Nail Art Gallery

103. Crown Nail Art:

Black, white and rhinestones – pair them up together to get wonderful designs.

Nail Designs and Pictures

104. Matte and Glitter Nail Art:

Love black? Use matte black and glitter and see those nails shine!

Nail Designs

105. Shocks of Pink Nail Art:

Pretty up those nails in pink and match them with your favourite pink outfit.

Flower Nail Art Design

106. Angular Designs Nail Art:

Aiming for a classy look? Try this dark blue base with colorful angular designs.

Spring Nail Art Designs

107. Shells Nail Art:

Let those nails sparkle and shine with some glitter and stones!

Nail Art

108. Polka Dots Nail Art:

All you need are two different nails colors and a toothpick to show the world your love for polka!

Summer Nail Art

109. Black and gold is a match made in heaven

black and gold is a match made in heaven

110. Beach Nail Art:

Decorate your nails with the charms of the ocean

Decorate your nails with the charms of the ocean

111. All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not gold

112. Rainbow Nail Art:

Rainbow nail art design to bring some color to the gloomy rainy day

Rainbow nail art design to bring some color to the gloomy rainy day

113. Matte Finish Nail Art:

Get ready for fall with this ultra-modern nail art design

Get ready for fall with this ultra modern nail art design

114. Ombre Nail Art:

Bring a sunburst on your nails with Ombre effect.

Ombre Nail Art

115. Half Moon Nail Art:

Simple, sophisticated and every day style is here.

Half Moon Nail Art

116. Palm Trees Nail Art:

Put on your holiday mood with these palm trees nail pattern

Palm Trees Nail Art

117. Zebra Print Nail Art:

The most famous among stripes are of course the zebra prints, so wait no more and get this manicure in colors of your choice.

Zebra Print Nail Art

118. Roses Nail Art:

Get a professional to paint the nails with pretty detailed rose designs and flaunt them this prom party.

Roses Nail Art

119. Heart Nail Art:

Wear your hearts on your nails this valentine’s day.

Heart Nail Art

120. Wedding Nail Art:

Let the nails sparkle and shine on your big day.

 Wedding Nail Art

121. Candy Cane Nail Art:

How about a trick or treat theme right on your fingertips? Cool isn’t it?

Candy Cane Nail Art

122. Sand Nail Art:

Beach, sand, shells and much more painted on nails speak volumes about your chilled out nature.

Sand Nail Art

123. Galaxy Nail Art:

Get the skies to dance on your finger nails with this intense galaxy theme

Galaxy Nail Art

124. Hello Kitty Nail Art:

Hey, Kitty Kitty!! Sweet, cute and adorable nail art to try!

Hello Kitty Nail Art

125. Hibiscus Nail Art:

A hibiscus flower on your nails can light up your day

Hibiscus Nail Art

126. Hipster Nail Art:

Go funky and peppy with the trendy and chic nail art theme

Hipster Nail Art

127. Ice Cream Nail Art:

Show your love for ice-creams this summer by painting your nails with scoops of ice cream colors and cones.

Ice cream Nail Art

128. Pearl Nail Art:

A string of pearl embedded into nail art can spark up your party look.

Pearl Nail Art

With all the precision that may be required, simple art designs on nails can be done using easily available tools either available in the market or by using substitute products.

Nail Art Design Tools Include:

  • Dotting tools
  • Tweezers
  • Orangewood Stick or Toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Q-Tips or Cotton swabs
  • Nail Brushes

The Other Basic Nail Art Supplies Could Include:

  • Nail Polishes
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Loose Glitter and confetti
  • Striping Tapes or Scotch tape
  • Rhinestones
  • Top Coat and Base Coat
  • Fancy Beads
  • Nail stickers

Nail art designs for long nails and for short nails are done by various artists across different cities. They are extremely professional and have a clean and neat hand to give you the best results. Glitter nail design, bridal design, themes and much more can be created with just simple techniques and patterns which may otherwise seem difficult.

If you are among those who do not want to spend money to buy tools, you can use them from your home supplies too. Stickers can also be created at home and used to the best advantage.

If you want to share something with us on, please feel free to get in touch with us. Leave comments below, and we will definitely get back to you.

Images Source: pinterest

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