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The Season of Love: Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

by Fashionlady
Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Valentines Day Nail Art Designs
Valentine’s Day includes a lot of hearts, kisses, roses, gifts, chocolates, hugs and more. Ideally, it’s all about love! Taking this one step ahead, is introducing the Valentine’s Day Nail Art. These can include a bunch of XOXO’s, hearts, lips, reds, and so on.

Latest Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

White Nail Art

Heart plants vs Blue and white hearts. – Which would you prefer?

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Valentines Day Nail Art Designs

Hearts and Bows Nail Art

Try Valentines Day french manicure designs with bows or Zebra prints with a little heart nail art design.

valentines day nail art

Cute Hearts on V’Day

These teenage nail art designs are for those college girls who have just had their first crush or are going on a first date.

Valentines day nail art

Candy Color Valentine’s Day Nail Art

This colorful nail art design with minute text will be difficult to paint, but if you get a hand of such nail art stickers, don’t shy away.

Valentines day nails

Valentine’s Day Love Nail Design

Pink, glitter and the words that say ‘love’. Now which girl would want to ignore this nail art design for Valentines Day 2015?

Nail art for valentines day

Ombre Hearts & Love Birds

DIY Nail art designs for V-Day. Less expensive, less complicated but love-ly for sure.

DIY Nail art designs for V-Day

Dunk In Love

If you are wearing a white dress this Valentines Day, then these hearts nail art designs are sure gonna pep up you mood.

V-day nail art

Black and Pink Hearts

Why not try new Valentines Day Nail art designs? For those who like the non-traditional colours, this is for you!

Balloons and Swirls

Love Balloons? Draw them out on your nails and paint them in your favorite colors!

Swirls can also be a great try to make it a not-so-obvious Valentines Day Nail Art Design.

Valentines Day Nail Art Design

Lip Prints

Those who have smaller nails, can either try using nail art stickers to match the Valentines Day theme or use false nails on Valentines Day.

Nail Art for Valentines

Polka Dots and Hearts

White and black polka dots design is also something even a nail art beginner could try. try making a small heart over that or just use heart shaped tiny stickers instead.

White and black polka dots design

Decals and Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nail Art designs for Valentines day are also a good option. But for this you might have to need a professional help to have it just-right!

Acrylic Nail Art designs for Valentines day

A Heart That Hold Many Hearts

It’s all about Love! But make sure you don’t go over-board and making it an obvious statement. Keep it simple and sophisticated always.

Nail Art designs for Valentines day

DIY Nail Art

If you are proposing to your partner this Valentines Day, then take efforts to make every moment of your’s scream ‘I Love You’.

DIY Nail Art Valentines

Let’s look at more new designs.

Go lip crazy with lip prints in red over a white base coat.

V day nail art ideas

How can one leave behind the chirpy love birds?

V day nail art designs

At any given time, a black and red combination can win hands-down.

Valentine shot in heart nail art

Stiletto lovers anyone?

Valentines day nail art ideas

Tiny little hearts on pink

simple nail art for valentines day

This will be a time – consuming one, but will be worth it. Try different color combinations too.

Negative space nail art

For the girlies out there.

Nail art ideas for Valentines day

Cute, isn’t it?

Nail art for V day

A beginner may try their hands at this designs this V’Day.

Nail art designs for V day

here’s what happens when matte, glitter and shine get together.

Matte nail arts

Add a hint of gold. You deserve it.

Love nail art

Are you someone’s heart beat?



Heart beat nail art

French manicure with hearts. This is really pretty.

French hearts nail art

Cute one indeed!

Easy valentines day nail art ideas

Images Source: pinterest.com

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