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60 Infinity Tattoos That You Can Never Say No To

by Fashionlady
Infinity Tattoos For Women

Best Infinity Tattoos

Every tattoo has a meaning and it can be inspired from anywhere – religion, culture, sentiments or just from a random thought. There are few tattoos that can hold multiple meanings and still look incredibly simple. Most tattoo ideas are inspired from symbols, be it religious symbols such as Star of David, Cross or Aum (Om) or other symbols such as zodiac, pi, summation or infinity.

Feather Infinity Tattoo

What Is Infinity Tattoo?

The infinity symbol defines the concept of never ending and limitlessness. The infinity symbol is very simple, yet unique and ravishing. The infinity tattoo designs are the ones that are non-religious, still hold much meaning and are amazingly simple. The infinity tattoo designs in recent time, has gained much popularity among general masses and in its own right. In fact, there is an infinity tattoo for every unique soul. Tattoos can be inked with some other tattoos such as heart, feather, birds or other symbol and can be inked at any part of the body like neck, behind ears, foot, wrist, lower back etc. It can also vary in size from a tiny symbol to large quoted symbol tattoo.

Infinity Tattoos for Women

Why To Go For Infinity Tattoo?

The tattoo design holds much deeper and stronger meaning no matter what part of the world you come from. Infinity is boundless. The fascinating symbol has no beginning and no end. It is something that last forever and ever. This body art design is a perfect choice for someone who wants to embrace the idea of no limitation and infinite possibilities. Infuse the idea of infinite possibilities and apply it to your life. With infinite possibilities offered to us each and every moment of our being, we have plentitude choice to be anything and anyone we want.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

There are infinite numbers of infinity body art for couples. Many couple get inked with hearts intertwined with an infinity symbol tattoo, indicating limitless and never ending love and considering it a great way to show commitment towards each other. For someone with deep thoughts and philosophical values, infinity symbol also conveys the message of rebirth and reincarnation, popular in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. This tattoo signifies that we are all eternal whether dead or alive. It also represents the karma reminding us of what goes around, comes around. This tattoo can effortlessly represent various meaning deriving from different culture.

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Infinity Body Art

How To Go Creative With Infinity Tattoo Ideas?

There are limitless ideas and options to design tattoo for yourself. As already said, there are body art for every soul. So, proudly combine infinity tattoo with something close to your heart and soul. If you are in love, add hearts to it. If you are a religious person, pair it up with religious symbol such as Cross, Aum or Moon. If you are a pet lover, add paws or other symbol with this embellishment. Some people use the words such as Hope, dream or names of loved ones to create infinity symbol rather than simple looping line. You can also embed one single word withing the loop. If you want to go little dramatic, add swirls and vines around infinity art as it add some flare. Motivational quotes can also be inked with infinity tattoos and it looks equally cool. You can also go for different coloured inks to make it more artistic.

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Love Shape Infinity Tattoo

Here we are going to present you the best infinity tattoo designs which are hard to resist and could be one of your next tattoo. Hope you like it.

1. Double Infinity Tattoo

Double Infinity Tattoo on Wrist

2. Infinity Tattoo Ideas With Hearts Intertwined

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Infinity Tattoo Ideas with Hearts

3. Anchor Infinity Tattoo Idea

Anchor Infinity Tattoo

Simple Infinity Tattoo on Finger

6. Simple Love Infinity Tattoo

Love Infinity Tattoo

7. Infinity Family Tattoo

Infinity Family Tattoo on arm

8. Name Of Children With Infinity

Infinity Tattoo with names

9. Mother And Daughter Infinity Tattoo Design

Mother And Daughter Infinity Tattoo Design

10. Religious Infinity Tattoo

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Jesus Infinity Tattoo

11. Names Infinity Tattoo

Couple Names Infinity Tattoo


12. Love You To The Moon And Back Infinity Tattoo

Moon and Love Infinity

13. Infinity Tattoo With The Effect Of Butterfly

Butterfly Infinity Tattoo

14. Paw And Heart Combination Infinity Tattoo

Paw and Heart Design

15. Tribal Infinity Tattoo

Tribal Infinity Tattoo

16. Infinity Tattoo With Music Note

Music Note Tattoo

17. Cute Minnie Infinity Tattoo

Minnie Infinity Tattoo Design

18. Rose Infinity Tattoo

Rose Infinity Tattoo Design

19. Semi Colon Infinity Tattoo Design

Semi Colon Infinity Tattoo Design

20. Infinity With An Arrow

Infinity Arrow Design

21. Heart Shaped Infinity Symbol Tattoos

Show off your love for infinity symbol with this heart shaped infinity symbol tattoo.

Infinity Heart Tattoo

22. Infinity Love Tattoo

Let your love last for infinity with a beautiful love infinity tattoo and a matching quote for it.

Infinity Anchor Tattoo

23. Infinity Sign Tattoo

Play peek-a-boo with your infinity tattoo by etching on your fingers.

Infinity Tattoo on Finger

24. Infinity Tattoos With Names

Here is a cool infinity tattoo with names or a family infinity tattoo that you can try out on your foot or wrists.

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Infinity Tattoos With four Names

25. Triple Infinity Tattoo

Want to jazz up your infinity tattoo? Try the the triple infinity tattoo.

Triple Infinity Tattoo Rings

26. Small Infinity Tattoo

If you are not a fan of big tattoos, then you can adorn your ankles with a small infinity tattoo.

Small Infinity Tattoo

27. Infinity Feather Tattoo

A colorful infinity feather tattoo is sure to be a great conversation starter.

Infinity Feather and birds Tattoo

28. Infinity Symbol With Birds

If you are looking for an infinity wrist tattoo design, then this infinity symbol with birds tattoo would be perfect.

Infinity Symbol With Birds

29. Infinity Friendship Tattoos

Friendship is all about being through thick and thin with each other. An ideal infinity friendship tattoo for you and your bestie.

Matching Infinity Tattoos

30. Infinity Tattoo On Foot

There are a a number of designs that you will find for infinity tattoo on foot. You can either choose something complex or a simple design with a message like the one shown below.

Infinity Strength Tattoo

31. Sister Infinity Tattoo

A fun sister infinity tattoo to show who is the big sister and who is the little one.

Infinity Sister Tattoos

32. Infinity Neck Tattoo

Adorn your nape with an elegant infinity neck tattoo.

Infinity Tattoo on Neck

33. Infinity Butterfly Tattoos

Infinity butterfly tattoos are one of the most sought after infinity design tattoo.

 Infinity Butterfly Tattoo Design

34. Faith Infinity Tattoo

Show off your arm in style with a simple faith infinity tattoo.

Infinity Faith Tattoo

35. Infinity Tattoo With Initials

Another popular design is the infinity tattoo with initials.

Infinity Tattoo Designs With Initials

36. Unique Infinity Tattoos

Here are some quirky and unique infinity tattoos for you to try out.

Unique Infinity Tattoo Ideas

37. Floral Infinity Tattoo

Whether you choose a dainty floral infinity or a grand one; it is sure to grab attention.

Floral Infinity Tattoo

38. Infinity Tattoos With Quotes

Here is something to keep you motivated for life.

Infinity Tattoos Quotes

39. Infinity Anchor Tattoo

Keep your hopes and dreams alive with this infinity anchor tattoo.

 Infinity Anchor Tattoo with Quote

40. Colorful Infinity Tattoo

Ditch the blacks and opt for a colorful infinity tattoo.

 Watercolor Infinity Tattoo

41. Forever and Always Tattoo

Forever and Always Tattoo

42. Love Infinity Tattoo

Love Symbol Infinity Tattoo Design

43. Infinity Tattoo With Feather and Birds

infinity tattoo with feather and birds

44. Music Notes Infinity Tattoo

Music lover infinity tattoo

45. Dream Catcher Infinity Tattoo Design

dream catcher infinity tattoo

46. Infinity With Rose

infinity with rose flower

47. Moon Quotes Infinity Tattoo

To the moon Infinity tattoo

48. Infinity Tattoo On Left Shoulder With Name

Infinity Tattoo On Shoulder

49. Infinity Mothers Love

Infinity Mothers Love

50. Om Infinity Tattoo

Om Infinity Tattoo Design

51. Writer’s Infinity Tattoo Ideas

Writers Life Infinity Tattoo

52. An Endless Story

infinity Snake

53. Music Love Infinity Tattoo idea

music note heart infinity tattoo

54. Matching Infinity Tattoos

Infinity matching Tattoos

55. Double infinity tattoos with initials

double infinity tattoos with initials

56. Small Infinity tattoo on little finger

infinity tattoo on little finger

57. Infinity Pizza Love

infinity pizza tattoo

58. Infinity And Beyond Tattoos for couple

infinity and beyond tattoo for couple

59. Infinity Heart tattoo

infinity heart tattoo on foot

60. Wedding Couple Infinity tattoos on their ring finger

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Please share your reviews with us regarding infinity tattoo designs.

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