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Spring/Summer Tattoo Designs

by Fashionlady
Summer Tattoo Designs

Summer Tattoo Designs

Spring and summer are the most awaited seasons. There is so much to look forward to – from the juicy mangoes that are synonymous with summer to indulging in ice creams every day to beat the heat, to the new spring/summer collection that all the fashion labels will come up with, there is something for everyone. Joining these age old spring/summer specials is the relatively new spring/summer tattoo designs. These are tattoo designs inspired by the hot seasons, when the flowers are in full bloom and there is a happy vibe in the air.

Here are some awe-inspiring spring and summer tattoo designs that will have you dumbstruck.

Flora and Fauna Designs

Floral designs are popular round the year but are especially in demand around spring and summer. Apart from floral designs, animals and wildlife are another very popular choice for spring/summer tattoos. Here are some intricately done flora and fauna tattoo designs that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Floral tattoo designs in Summer

Source: pinimg.com


Dreamcatcher Designs

Another design that has become popular in recent times is the dreamcatcher. They are one of the most popular spring/summer tattoo designs, with many women opting for them.

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs

Source: pinimg.com

Fantasyland Designs

From Alice in Wonderland to The Lord of The Rings, tattoos inspired by and depicting a fictional fantasy world are also quite a hit as spring/summer tattoo designs. These tattoos are painstakingly done, with a lot of attention to detail to get them exactly right.

Fantasyland tattoo designs

Source: pinimg.com

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Quotes and Phrases

Poignant quotes and phrases are always one of the most sought after tattoo designs. There are some quotes or phrases that resonate with us and leave a lasting impact on us. Getting such a quote tattooed on your body is one way to ensure that you never forget it and make it a part of your life.

Women tattoo designs on quotes

Source: pinimg.com

Dandelion Designs

While floral tattoos are popular during spring and summer, one flower in particular seems to be a favourite when it comes to tattoos – the dandelion. Dandelion flower tattoos are very popular and every summer the demand for a dandelion design seems to keep rising. Here are some very pretty dandelion tattoo designs.

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Tattoo Designs for women

Source: pinimg.com

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Beach Inspired Designs

When we think of summer we think of the beach. Is it any wonder then that beach inspired tattoo designs are in high demand during summer? Here are some elaborate as well as some very simple designs that have managed to capture the essence of the beach in a tattoo.

Mermaid design of tattoo

Source: deviantart.net

Spring and summer are times when most people are looking to shed their clothes in the hot weather. With shorts and tank tops being the norm, it is the perfect time to show off your beautiful tattoo. Tattoos inspired by the sky and the sun, air and water, and the animal kingdom are all other popular choices when it comes to spring/summer tattoo designs. If you have been thinking of getting a tattoo done, get inspired from one of the above designs, or look into yourself and find a design that captures your personality and life and make it a tattoo masterpiece.

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