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Celebrity Fashion: Hairstyles, Without Makeup and Birthdays

Who does not wish to know what their favourite celebrity is up to? Be it Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone or Sania Mirza. We sure want to know these celebrities are wearing, what events they are attending, which movie promotions they are attending, what hairstyles they are sporting and so on. Celebrities without makeup is what people also want to see; on-screen versus off-screen appearances matter as they can give a different picture to some celebrities.

Celebrity birthdays are something men and women follow, especially for their favourite celebrities. They can be wished on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels.
If you haven’t stalked pregnant celebrities then you should start now, especially if you are pregnant too. FashionLady.in takes you into the details about all these pregnant celebrities to see what dresses they are wearing. Pregnant celebrity fashion is an inspiration to women who are pregnant and want to adopt the celebrity trends.

All Fashion Weeks also have celebrities as show stoppers who start a trend. Although a trend idea is incubated by the Fashion designers, these celebrities give a face to it and thus make it a trend for the season.

Deepika Padukone hairstyles are the easiest and hence people want to try her style and replicate it. Celebrities such as Madhuri Dixit are also very simple in their own ways. Hence, FashionLady.in helps you replicate and try their fashion and styles to add to your natural beauty.

Fatima Sana Shaikh

Fatima Sana Shaikh Fashion Profile Aces Lady-Like Dressing

The fact that Fatima Sana Shaikh consistently smashes style hit out’s is made even inspiring by the understanding that she presents herself from head-to-toe a Woman of Substance. And when’s not bringing her A-game...
Madonna Sebastian Fashion Profile

Madonna Sebastian Fashion Profile Is Full Of Beans

Who wouldn’t want to be like Madonna Sebestian? We all know that she is awesome. The actress has been part of several hit movies, with a melodious singing voice, and is a smart TV...
Yami Gautam Fashion

Yami Gautam Fashion Profile Is Easy And Breezy

Yami Gautam fashion profile is anything but boring. While the actress knows to capture attention-have you seen her looks when not filming? We cannot get enough of her versatile looks. The actress loves experimenting...
Celebs at Captain Marvel Press Meet

The South Stars Nail The Captain Marvel Press Meet With Splendid Styles And Wise...

Who doesn’t love superheroes? That’s a silly question, isn’t it? We all do! And age sure doesn’t matter when it comes to superheroes. So, it is a delight to bring to your notice that...
Payal Rajput Fashion Profile

Payal Rajput Fashion Profile Is Risk Taking At Its Best

Payal Rajput already proved herself to be a style diva in recent times-we’ve seen several moments from her photo shoots to her travel pictures-but she still manages to surprise every single time. The gorgeous...
Nidhhi Agerwal Fashion

Nidhhi Agerwal Fashion Profile Is So Good That It Must Be Seen

As a budding actress working in Bollywood, Nidhhi Agerwal is aware of the constant media glare. Since her early days as an actor in Mumbai-and being catapulted to new heights in her debut, Munna...
Olivia Taylor Dudley Fashion Profile

Olivia Taylor Dudley Fashion Profile Is The Definition Of Fierce

There’s a reason Olivia Taylor fashion profile is next-level-fierce. She’s also a major trendsetter. Several times, we’ve seen the actress in jaw-dropping looks gracing the red carpet. So which styles did the actor was...
Kalpana Raghavendra Bio

Kalpana Raghavendar Fashion Profile Is An Interesting Gamble Of Class Meets Femininity

Good question-Who is Kalpana Raghavendar For the uninitiated, she is an Indian playback singer. It was her first smash hit, Mangalagouriki from Telugu movie, Manoharam that threw her on the music map. She is...
Urmila Matondkar Fashion Profile

Urmila Matondkar Fashion Profile Is Not Your Daily Dose Of Predictability

Urmila Matondkar fashion profile signifies a sartorial risk taker echoing her choice of movies. Leave it to the actress to step out in unique dresses or special edition footwear’s. She nails the red carpet...
Mahira Khan Fashion Profile

Mahira Khan Fashion Profile Is A Revelation

Mahira Khan’s career has progressed speedily even since she made her foray into films. As one of the most in-demand actors of recent times, Mahira has graced the silver screen like a boss lady....

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