10 Unusual Rakhi Designs For This Raksha Bandhan

You might reminiscence the time of crafting rakhi bracelets at Raksha Bandhan or the time your sibling assembled their string of necklaces as a bracelet. Now, you that you’re older, you’ll be wishing to pull together unusual pieces. Good news is there is an overwhelming response to exclusive, personal rakhi designs. The tie-bands at the moment aren’t just limited to colorful beads. Details like wood motifs, dream-catchers, and other sentimental threads are a thing now. So it’s time to dig up collectibles which send across a clear, fun, and meaningful message to loved ones. They wouldn’t hesitate to stack them to their wrists from the special occasion and beyond.

Unusual Rakhi Designs

Source: pipabella.com

Meanwhile, we came across 10 interesting rakhi designs that are worth getting and sharing. Find out ahead.

Rakhi Designs That Have Moved To A Whole New Level:

Surprise! These 10 unique rakhi designs are not what you’d expect. You will be amazed to see what’s on our list, ahead.

1. Dream-catcher Rakhi:

Reminders of past days spent by the sea, this fascinating dream-catcher design offers a subtle hint of nostalgia infused with the cool, soft feathered colors. Your sibling would love this simple rakhi to wear it if they are a fan of dream-catchers.

Dream-catcher Rakhi

Source: giftteens.com

2. Moustache Wax Rakhi:

Does your sibling constantly emphasize about how to groom his facial hair? Then he’ll fancy a moustache wax rakhi. It also happens to look cool on the wrist.

Moustache Rakhi

Source: instagram.com/braidedtales

3. Wood Engraved Rakhi:

If your sibling loves inventory stuff, odds are that plain thread bands are too boring for them. So get a rakhi engraved in wood that they’ll love to show off.

Unique Rakhi Designs

Source: engrave.in

4. Leaf Motif Rakhi:

Or some may probably appreciate a cool rakhi with leaf motifs on it. This will be great to wear even during dressier occasions.

Leaf Motif Rakhi

Source: facebook.com/AaraabyAvantika

5. Rakhi For The Brew Fan:

If your special person can distinguish between limited released brew varieties, then this one needs a beer rakhi in his life. It will look so much better on his wrist. And even if beer isn’t their go-to drink, you can literally put any alcohol too.

Rakhi for the Brew Fan

Source: bigsmall.in

6. Rakhi For Foodies:

This rakhi is just perfect for anyone in your list who loves gorging on food. With this one tied on their wrist, they will have to field compliments all the way.

Unusual Rakhi Online

Source: mangopeopleshop.com

7. Rakhi For Fitness Freaks:

Whether your rakhi loved one is passionate about maintaining a healthy body or just enjoys keeping fit, this design is surely going to blow their mind off. So get ‘em the same.

Fitness Freaks Rakhi

Source: pinitup.co.in

8. Rakhi For The Gamer:

Does your sibling spend endless hours holed up in their room playing games incessantly? He’ll probably love and thank you for this gamer inspired rakhi. And maybe you’d have your message put across through. Just saying!

Rakhi for the Gamer

Source: pinitup.co.in

9. Vintage Paisa Rakhi:

If no idea clicks, there’s always a cold, vintage coin. It may seem like a lazy choice, but your loved one cannot fault you for gifting them the unusual rakhi designs of all.

Vintage Paisa Rakhi

Source: instagram.com/chicorychai

10. Minions Rakhi:

This minion inspired rakhi falls under the category of cool-looking unusual rakhi designs and makes for a unique gift. Maybe keep aside one for yourself?

Minions Rakhi

Source: oormaniangadi.com

This is our guide to the ten best personalized rakhi ideas. These unique gifts will make your life so much easier.

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