Top 10 Tips to Identify Fake Gucci Watches


Tips to Identify Fake Gucci Watches
With online shopping mania slowly grasping the entire nation, I am quite appalled every day at the number of fake branded products being sold online. For instance, one of my friends landed up buying a fake Gucci watch online recently.

While some sellers are flat-out crooks, offering lucrative prices for Gucci watches claiming them to be real; people are just getting carried away by the cheesy price tags.

When someone decides to buy Gucci, it’s certainly because of the brand. Some people even don’t mind spending a small fortune so as to add a piece of luxury to their wardrobe, but it’s quite heart-rending to find how young shoppers are being cheated every now and then.

So, I have finally decided to come up with a post to help my fellow shoppers identify fake Gucci watches. Do have a read!

how to Identify Fake Gucci Watches

The luxury brand, Gucci which started in 1921, remains one of the most leading watch manufacturers in the world. They basically produce three types of time-pieces: quartz, automatic, and bracelet.

Among all other brands, Gucci is the most replicated brand today. Counterfeit Gucci watches can seem to you quite authentic but feature cheap-quality mechanisms, hold no value, and not to mention they are illegal.

If you’re thinking of gifting your wife a Gucci timepiece then make sure to check out for the red flags indicating it’s a fake.

Gucci watch-real or fake

Below are top 10 tips to identify fake Gucci watches. Continue reading!

1. Check out the face of the watch before buying it. The real pieces are always precise, perfectly spaced and their numbers are uniform. The fake pieces, on the other hand, may feature odd spacing and always differ in size.

2. Check out the second and minute hands. The brand always uses a Swiss quartz movement, which is smooth. The hand movement on the replicas will either tick or stick.

3. The “Swiss-made” tagline on real pieces are always on the bottom center of the face below the 6 o’clock position.

4. Now just turn over the watch. Most of the authentic pieces have the model number displayed on the back. And if you see nothing but a crest or crest with the Gucci name then it’s a pretty obvious fake.

Top Ten Ways to Spot a Fake

You’ll never find the original items without any additional markings along-with the crest.

5. Another difference you can find that the crests of the replica are typically larger than those on the real watches.

If you’re a real brand person then Fashionlady suggests you to visit their official website to know more about the markings.

6. Just feel the weight of the piece you’re willing to buy. The original pieces are made from heavy materials such as stainless steel or gold, while the imitation models are likely to be lighter.

7. Do check the links. The links of authentic numbers are metal while the replicas will always feature a hollow link.

Fake Gucci Watches

Online shoppers be warned!

Watches for Women

So, next time when you buy a Gucci watch consider those above points.

Shop hearty!


  1. Thank you for this info.
    just bought my first pro owned Gucci watch and this helped me to feel a little bit more informed during selection process.

  2. Hello, To make you laugh. I went to a household sale a spotted this Gucci watch. I know the name but that is the extent of my knowledge. The watch is heavy had a crest on the back and I thought could it be.?
    Well I paid 10.00 for it ha ha. The saying if you think it is to good to be true it usually is.
    Thank u for the great information so I could quickly fine out it is a fake

  3. From your tips I’ve gathered that my watch is authentic. It was really helpful. If I email you pictures could you help me further authenticate my watch I feel it’s always good to have a second eye, especially one more familiar with the topic. Please and thank you for your time and insight!

  4. I’ve just bought a Gucci watch it came with a Gucci box and a Gucci warranty certificate is that the authenticity certificate????


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