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Food & Nutrition: Healthy Food for Women

Whoever said weight loss foods are all boring foods, have never read our posts on fashionlady.in. Don’t believe us? Wait till we tell you all about it here.

If you thought green foods were boring, did you try them baked? Yes! You are reading it right. You can bake spinach and asparagus and have that as munching’s instead of trying to put your hands into a packet of fries. Nutritious food not only helps in weight loss, but also helps keeping the body clean and supplied it with the adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and fats. Healthy tips and a healthy lifestyle require you to eat a nutritious diet that involves foods of all types and colors.

It is important to eat all the colours. Confused? Wait. Red foods that include tomatoes, pomegranates, beetroots, etc. help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Orange and yellow foods such as pumpkin, carrots, etc. help improve vision and have anti-inflammatory properties too. Green foods have great amounts of calcium whereas white foods like radish, cauliflower, etc. reduce the risk of hormone related cancers.

Apart from that mentioned above, foods are important to help in bowel movement too. A good diet will cleanse the body and help detox and remove waste from the body.
Nutritious Foods also help in improving the texture of the skin, make eyes look better, improve texture of hair and so on too. Keep reading posts on FashionLady.in for important updates on food and nutrition.

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