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10 Foods That Contain Almost Zero Calories

by Fashionlady
Foods That Contain Almost Zero Calories

Calories provide energy to our body for proper functioning and for staying active. Hence, it is important to take care of the amount of calories you’re consuming if you’re keen on slimming down. Taking low-calorie foods that are packed with fiber and protein can allow you to stay full for longer hours and stave off hunger cravings, whilst making sure you don’t lean towards unhealthy foods.

Foods That Contain Almost Zero Calories

List of 10 Foods That Provide Fewer Calories:

Here are the 10 foods that contain almost zero calories and can help you fulfill your body slimming goals.

1. Apples:

Apples are wholesome and nutritious. They break down easily in the digestive system and keep you feeling fuller for longer hours. All in all, the fruit provides a guilt-free way to satisfy a snack craving.


2. Beets:

Beets are root veggies that commonly feature a deep-red pigment. Studies reveal that this vegetable can help in lowering blood pressure and improve mental performance through the presence of nitrates.


3. Carrots:

Carrots are a popular veggie choice. This orange veggie has almost zero calories, but is rich in vitamins and beta-carotene. And they often help in improving eyesight.


4. Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are packed with nutrition. They can be taken in both raw and cooked form. Studies have revealed that taking Brussels sprouts has a high content of Vitamin C, thereby providing protection against DNA damage.

Brussels Sprouts

5. Celery:

Celery is one of the most popular veggie with low-calorie content. Its green stalks have insoluble fiber that may remain undigested through our body, and thus attributing to zero calories. The veggie is also packed with high water content, thus making it an extremely low calorie food.


6. Cucumbers:

Cucumbers are a refreshing food choice and mostly used as a salad. They are also used as detox water solution mixed with herbs and fruits. The water content in cucumber is high and therefore it is low in calories.


7. Grapefruit:

Grapefruits are a nutritious and delicious citrus fruit. They can be used as toppings with salad, yogurt, and fish. The fruit also has certain compounds that may help in decreasing cholesterol levels and increasing metabolic system.


8. Papaya:

This tropical orange fruit has almost zero calories. It resembles a melon and it has black seeds over it. The fruit is also packed with Vitamin A and potassium. One cup of papaya contains only 55 calories.

10. Zucchini:

Zucchini is a certain type of green summer squash. It features a delicate taste and is a perfect addition to other food dishes. They are also low in calories.


These are some of the food sources that are low in calories. Most of these fruit and veggie choice come with nutrients and is beneficial for health. Consuming a range of these foods can provide your body with a lot of nutrients with minimal calorie amount.

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