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What, Where, How, Why And When Of Zero-Calorie Foods List

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Zero-Calorie Foods List

Zero-Calorie Foods List

What’s with everyone talking about a certain List of Foods With No Calories? Is there even a food item on this planet with NO CALORIES? Well the concept behind the List of Foods With No Calories is one where experts have found foods which have a trace of calories, which when you consume them and the energy used in doing so, expels the calories away and doesn’t make you fat. Sigh! Wish we could say the same about cake!

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Here is a Zero-Calorie Foods List that you should know about

Should you wish to consume more of the items from the Zero-Calorie Foods List and do not know where or how to search for the real information, worry not, we bring ten items to you easily available in the Indian markets!

1. Celery stalks when eaten are the lightest bites you could have bargained for. Since it contains a lot of water in it, you could be rest assured the body gains minerals and water in abundance, and no calories at all. Consuming 100 grams of calories per day means bringing into the body 16 calories per serving, which is expelled in the processing of the stalks in your stomach!

List Of Foods With No Calories

Source: katesonders.com

2. Bring in plenty of vitamin C in your body, having an orange everyday. We mean a fresh orange or a whole fruit, and not the conventional juice packs you find at the malls. 100 grams of the fruit pulp brings in 47 calories per day, but that too gets expelled in the energy used to consume the fruit!

Low Calorie Foods List

Source: wikimedia.org

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3. Salad with cabbage shreds in it helps keep the cardio system, happy and healthy. The veggie is also rich in minerals and antioxidants, which helps fight free radicals and prevents cancers from forming too. you could also have a bowl of cabbage shreds to help lose weight as well, since the calorie count is almost nil in it. Salads or soups, you decide how you want to bring in 25 calories when consuming 100 grams of cabbage a day!

List Of Zero Calorie Foods

Source: ibelieveicanfry.com

4. Mostly eaten as a side dish, the humble asparagus is a rich fibrous source, much needed for the functioning of our bodies. Asparagus also helps us lose weight since the fiber in the veggie brings about satisfaction and no hunger pangs to deal with later on. Have it as a salad condiment if you please, and when you consume 100 grams of asparagus, you bring into the body 20 calories in total.

No Calorie Foods List

Source: earthbyanna.com

5. Beetroot is yummy as a side condiment to add to your salads and soups, and a low calorie item too. pick fresh beetroot from the market, grill, steam or boil them and add a little spice to it- enjoy 100 grams of beet to bring into the body all the antioxidants you need and 43 calories too.


Source: brooksidenursery.co.uk

6. There is plenty of water in the humble cucumber to have and bring into the body. Cucumbers are also great rankers on the low calorie foods list, since they help in weight loss too. You should have 100 grams of cucumbers per day, which would bring in only 16 calories to the body- negligible we say! Try a salad!

Diet food

Source: eatgreens365.com

7. Lime helps to reduce the waist when consumed with warm water and honey. In addition to that, the vitamins found in lime can help nourish the hair and skin from the inside out too. have a glass of lemon water without sugar and salt or sprinkle the lime concentrate on foods, 100 grams of lime brings in 29 calories to the body!


Source: greenrootshealth.com

9. Mushrooms are delightful to have as a soup or pizza topping, and the fungi much loved can be sauted too. rich in sodium and minerals, mushrooms also are a great replacement for high calorie meats, such as beef and pork! For every 100 grams of mushroom consumed, your body gains 38 calories

Mushroom Soup

Source: topofblogs.com

10. Eat your water, yes, eat it while munching on watermelon slices. Although it has a sweet taste, the water levels are high and with plenty of movement done around, the calorie levels you consume with watermelon slices consumed, would be negligible. 100 grams of watermelon would bring in 30 calories to the body!

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Source: fotonin.com

We hope before you start munching away on the items found on the list of zero calorie foods, you get a clean chit for the same from your family doctor! The information provided here is through research from various journals found online, and your doctors words would take precedence over what is written here!

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