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List Of Low Calorie Foods With High Protein Content

by Fashionlady
List of Low Calorie Foods

List of Low Calorie Foods with High Protein Content
In order to reduce weight, proper diet is a must, that which should be able to reduce calorie and bad cholesterol. Ensure that your diet chart includes all the essential nutrients including proteins and anti-oxidants. In this post, I am going to share with you a list of low calorie foods with high protein content that help you reduce extra pounds whilst giving you a healthy body.

As per Food and Drug Administration US, an adult woman should consume 10 mg of protein per day, but the following list of foods endure 20% higher protein content while being low on calorie.

Let’s go through the list of low calorie foods –

1. Seafood

Seafoods such as clams, crayfish, tuna, cuttlefish and monkfish are some foods that are low in calorie, and rich in protein content. While a 850 gm of tuna contains 22 gm of protein and 99 calories, Atlantic salmon offers 10 gm of protein but triple calories. So, every type of seafood comes with different composition and you need to choose your diet very carefully.

sea food


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2. Cottage cheese

One cup of non-fat cottage cheese contains 15 mg of protein and offers 104 calories. Make your healthy low calorie meals using few mgs. of protein.



3. Chicken


If you consume three pieces of roasted fat-free chicken then you absorb 50 calories and 20 mg of protein.

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4. Eggs

If your cholesterol level is high then you need not have to cut down egg from your diet, instead avoid eating the yolk. One cup of white egg gives you 26 mg of protein and 117 calories. This is sure comes under low calorie high protein foods.



5. Soy

As we all know soy fights against bad cholesterol and is recommended by doctors because of its versatile health benefits. But did you know it also helps in weight reduction. 1kg packet of soy offers you 120 calories and 12 gms of protein. Hence, soy is worth including in your weight loss diet.



6. Shrimp

Did you know shrimp is one of the highest proteins with lowest calorie sea foods you’ll come across. So if you are really serious about reducing your weight then add shrimp to your diet. However, the shrimps offered at restaurants are garnished with butter or deep fried. Avoid restaurant foods. 100 gram of shrimp contains 24 gm of protein and 99 calories.



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