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Simple Ways to Reduce Hunger

by Fashionlady
Ways to Reduce Hunger

Ways to Reduce Hunger

Sudden hunger pangs can tempt even the most determined of us. When you get hungry your body craves unhealthy food, which is why you find yourself fantasizing about eating a fatty burger or demolishing one whole candy bar in under a minute. If you are looking to lose weight but find yourself always succumbing to your hunger pangs, then it is time to wise up. There are some simple ways in which you can reduce hunger.

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Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Never skip your breakfast. There is a reason that breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. What you eat for breakfast kind of sets the tone for the rest of your day. So if you skip your breakfast or eat a lame breakfast, then your body will keep craving food the rest of the day. Alternatively, when you have a healthy breakfast full of fibre and protein, your body is satiated and you will be less likely to feel hungry later on. Eggs, oats and fruits are all components that you should include in your breakfast to make sure your body is fueled and ready to face the day ahead of you.

How to Reduce Hunger

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Say No to Caffeine and Say Yes to Apples

The next time you feel tired or feel the need for an instant pick-me-up, ditch the coffee and try eating an apple instead. Not only will the apple help you stay alert and give you the needed boost, but it will also help fill up your tummy and keep you from indulging in those unhealthy snacks that you tend to eat with your coffee. Swapping your coffee for apples will give you amazing results. Apples also help with regulating your bowel movements. So if you happen to suffer from constipation, then cutting out the caffeine and eating apples will help you out immensely.

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Say Yes to Apples

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Determine If It’s Real Hunger

Before you reach for the nearest snack, take a moment to determine whether you are really hungry or whether it is boredom. It is quite surprising how often we confuse those two feelings. Sometimes you eat because you are bored and want something to do. Sometimes you eat because you are craving sugar and need your fix. Knowing the difference between real hunger and other feelings that push you to eat will help you control your hunger pangs.

Curb your appetite

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Break Down Your Meals

The best way to reduce hunger is to break down your three meals and have four to six meals a day. When you break down your meals and space them out throughout the day, your chances of feeling hungry in between are vastly reduced.

Diet Plan

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Drink a Lot of Water

This is a great way to trick your body into feeling full. Anytime you feel hungry, drink a glass of water instead. The water will fill up your tummy and keep you feeling full for a while. Of course this method should not be done while starving oneself. Eat healthy and adopt this method to cut down on sudden hunger pangs.

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Key to reduce hunger

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Know When to Stop

It is okay to give in to your craving and eat something unhealthy as long as you do not overdo it. The next time you are hungry and are craving chocolate, how about eating a small piece to subdue the craving instead of gobbling up the whole bar. More often than not we tend to keep eating without even paying attention to whether we are feeling full or not. So instead of hogging till you feel stuffed, eat till your hunger subsides and then stop.

Eat healthy food

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