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Health Benefits Of Eating Apples For Weight Loss

by Fashionlady
Eating Apples for Weight Loss

Eating Apples for Weight Loss
You type “weight loss” and the internet will flood you with thousands of options, ways and ideas. Weight loss pills, surgeries, expensive gym equipment’s, work out plans, crash diet plans and many such options leave you even more confused. Not to forget those annoying pop ups with ‘before and after’ photos. Don’t they just look non-achievable?

Why not start with something, which is very effective yet inexpensive, easy available; in fact, it may already be there in your refrigerator? Yes it’s your good old forbidden fruit – Apple!

We can see it coming – “Can apple really help in weight loss?” Answer is a loud and clear YES! We will also tell you how.

Let’s look at health benefits of eating apples:

  • According to a recent study in Food Chemistry, apples have a lot of non-digestible compounds that promote growth of good bacteria in your gut associated with weight loss. We will simplify it further. These compounds in apples known as fibers and polyphenols remain undigested till they are fermented in the colon. Here, they help our body to outweigh the bacteria that thrives on junk food. This boosts the feeling of fullness and we stay away from overeating. So changing the gut bacteria by what we eat i.e. an Apple is a smart and simple way to prevent weight gain.
  • Tart Granny Smiths apples are the best as they contain the highest concentration of fiber and polyphenols compared to other varieties like McIntosh, Gala and Golden Delicious.
apple cider weight loss

Source: evitamins.com

  • Apples are very low in calories and fats. One medium size apple with skin contains 72 calories out of which only 3% is fats.
  • Apple contains high amount of water which also contributes to fullness till your next meal. Eat an apple before your meals and your appetite will reduce considerably; thus preventing further weight gain.

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  • Apples are low on sodium which is good for health. Low sodium prevents excess water weight or retention. Here’s how to limit Sodium in the Diet.
Weight loss with apple scale

Source: thegoodcalorie.com

  • Apple is high on carbohydrates (96% in 1 medium size apple) and Vitamin A2. These nutrients promote good health, provide vigor and extra energy. This will go a long way in making you more active; and with some regular brisk walking your fat will start melting away. Apple diet for weight loss is extremely effective.
  • Most of the apples are naturally sweet, so they take care of your sugar tooth (if you have any) and save you from succumbing to chocolates and pastries which contain nothing but weight gaining empty calories. This is a great fruit to reduce weight.
  • Apples are great alternatives for your breakfast, mid-day snacks or late night hunger pangs. Choose them over white bread, white floor and you will stay fuller and lighter for long.

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Eating Apples for Weight Loss

Source: cbsistatic.com

  • Apples health benefits are numerous, apart from fat loss. Apples are good source of vitamin C which provide anti-oxidants that fight aging and formation of some cancers. Apples are loaded with pectin which helps keep the blood cholesterol levels in control; which is good for heart. Apples also promote fresh breath and a healthy smile by stimulating your gums and saliva production.
apples and weight loss

Source: aicr.org

Apples didn’t stop at helping Newton to devise the Law of Gravity; but also became a source of good health itself. From now just make it a habit to grab an apple before you head out to work or munch on it in the evenings on your way back home. Enjoy a robust health and spend all that extra money on vacations with your loved ones; which you may have spent at the doctors’.

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