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8 Best Tattoo Removal Creams To Use!

by Heena Chandnani
Best Tattoo Removal Creams To Use

Many of us get elated when we hear the word Tattoo. Some of us also get inked and then regret that very decision. Well, the good news is that you are not alone.

Did you know 78% of tattooed people regret at least one of their tattoos? Yes, so if you have recently joined this club, here we are presenting you with the best tattoo removal creams you can use to get rid of your tattoo.

But before beginning my list, let’s find out how tattoo removal cream works.

How does Tattoo Removal Cream Work?

Many have the misconception that creams actually remove tattoos. Well, this is certainly not the case. Tattoo removal creams may claim this but what they actually do is either bleach or peel off the top layer of your skin. While some creams also claim that they replace the white blood cell on your skin that are filled with tattoo ink. So to get things clear here is how you can use tattoo removal cream for the best results.

How To Use Tattoo Removal Cream?

To get rid of your tattoos, you have to set up a regime to follow for a few months or there are other ways to remove a permanent tattoo as well.

  • Use tattoo removal cream to calm and moisturize your skin
  • Most creams will ask you to apply them twice a day for several months to experience better results.
  • These creams work on both black and colored tattoos.

Best Tattoo Removal Creams

So below are some of the top tattoo removal creams you can use to get rid of your tattoos. Besides, you can find these creams online.

1. Tat B Gone:

Tat B Gone is a two-step system that works to fade away the inks of your tattoo. The first step is to apply the ‘activator’ cream that preps the skin and makes it ready for the second cream the ‘infusion’ works for making the ink fade and less visible.

Hence this cream is one of the most effective tattoo removal creams you can use. You can buy this cream in 1-month to 6-month quantities depending upon the size of your tattoo. If your tattoo is big and has multiple colors, it may take a few months to see significant fading of your tattoo.

Best For: Fading multi-color tattoos of any ink, irrespective of their size.

Tat B Gone

2. Profade 3-Step Action:

Profade 3-step action is a 3-step process system that works its way up to eliminate tattoos. Step 1 includes the ‘preparation’ to soothe the skin. Step 2 includes the ‘activation’ that makes the skin ready. Step 3 is the final step that works to make the tattoo disappear or fade away.

This cream is made up of natural ingredients hence it works slowly as compared to its peer creams. However, it is medically tested and has been effective for sensitive skin as well. Most people experienced results after 3-9 months of application. If you have sensitive skin and don’t want to undergo painful surgeries, profade can be your choice. Moreover, it smells heavenly as it contains ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile, Rosemary, etc.

Best for: Sensitive skin as it uses the natural system to fade away the tattoo.

Profade Three Step Action

3. Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System:

The Wrecking Balm tattoo fade system is one of the most effective tattoo removal creams you can ever use. Since it has everything you need to start reducing the visibility of your unwanted tattoo. This tattoo fade system involves the use of  Dermomatic Microdermabrasion Applicator with Erosion Head, Suffusion Gel, and Hydravescent Cream. Moreover, it also comes with a branding butter concealer that you can use to hide your tattoo quickly for a special event.

4. Tattoo off Removal 5 Month Supply:

This five-month tattoo-off removal cream is one of the cheapest options you can opt for. However, this cream does take time to fade tattoos but is completely safe for the skin. As it uses natural ingredients. Moreover, this cream has no side effects at all.

Best for: People who are looking for an affordable and natural way of getting rid of tattoos.

Tattoo off Removal Five Month Supply

5. TCA Home Skin Peel Kit:

This tattoo removal set is one powerful set that quickly fades away from your tattoo. As it contains 100% Trichloroacetic Acid to fade away the ink of the tattoo. This acid is extremely powerful had to be used using gloves and should be applied slowly with q-tips. Hence it is advisable to keep a gap of a few days of application.

Some people saw great results within a few weeks only but you have to keep a slow pace to protect your skin from further damage.

Best for: Quickly removing tattoos within a few weeks, as it contains a large proportion of acid. But it is advisable to go at a slow pace to prevent skin damage.

TCA Home Skin Peel Kit

6. Inked up Removal Cream:

Inked-up removal cream’s main purpose is to remove faded tattoos fast. This cream uses natural ingredients to help eliminate faded tattoos and leave brightened skin. To get the best results, you need to use this cream regularly.

Inked-up removal cream must be massaged into a circular motion in your skin to enjoy better results. Moreover, this cream gets absorbed fast and is not at all harmful to the skin. Since it uses natural ingredients to remove the faded tattoos completely. Hence this cream does take time to show excellent results.

Best for: Faded tattoos you are looking to get rid of plus leaves brightened skin.

Inked up Removal Cream

7. Tattoff 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoff 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream

Tatoff 4 weeks tattoo removal cream is another safe tattoo removal cream that you can use without any fear of suffering from any kind of side-effect. This cream contains a moisturizer that takes care of the skin and helps the skin to remove the tattoo safely and effectively.

Since it is a herbal cream, the results can be experienced after the third week onwards. And by the fifth week, you’ll find no remains of your tattoo.

Best for: Safe and gentle to the skin. Works effectively but slowly to remove tattoos with the help of a natural process.

8. Tattoo Destroyer

Tattoo Destroyer

A tattoo destroyer is a one-step cream used to remove tattoos. Its main ingredient is Neem oil which helps fade the tattoo effectively. Since it is made from natural ingredients, this cream tends to take time to show you good results. Mostly it starts showing its effects after the third week. However, if you use this cream for months, it is still completely safe and will not damage your skin at all.

If your tattoo is in black color, it may fade away early. But if it is brown and violet, it can take more than usual time to remove the tattoo entirely.

Best for: Removing tattoos gently and effectively. Also, it contains Neem oil as the primary ingredient that works as an antiseptic.


1) Is there a cream to remove the tattoo permanently?
Tat B  Gone, Profade, Inked-up, Tattoo destroyer, TCA home skin peel kit, 4-week tattoo removal cream, Wrecking Balm Tattoo Balm system, and Tattoo off 5 months are the creams to remove tattoos permanently.

2) How can I remove a tattoo at home fast?
You can use the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade system as directed to get rid of tattoos quickly at home.

3) Are tattoo removal creams effective?
Yes, tattoo removal creams are effective.

4) How much time do tattoo removal creams take to remove tattoos entirely?
It depends upon the age, color, and size of the tattoo. If a tattoo is big and colorful it may take more than usual time. If the tattoo is small and black, it may take 3 months max to remove the tattoo entirely.

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