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Creative Onam Pookalam Designs

Onam, the festival of harvest, brings with it truck loads of good cheer and prosperity. Besides being the biggest shopping season in Kerala, bonding with family and friends, trying out various delicious traditional recipes, dolling up in the ever classic white and gold fashion, and of course, spreading loads and loads of happiness, smiles and love, is what makes this festival all the more special.

Creative Onam Pookalam Designs

This day brings out the best in every Malayalee woman. Not only is she dressed in the traditional kasavu saree, looking all gorgeous and lady-like, but also shows off her creative skills in the form of Onam pookalam designs (flower rangolis). She gathers all the auntyjis, mummyjis and cousins, and they sit to sort flowers and lay out beautiful pookalam designs and patterns, over some hot, juicy gossip, having some good ol’ girlie fun.

Latest Onam Pookalam Designs

Meanwhile let’s look at some really special and latest onam pookalam photos for Onam harvest festival 2021.

1. Did you know, the most prominent event and notable ritual of Onam is the making of the pookalam designs.

Onam pookalam in kerala

2. Pookalams are laid out at the doorstep as a sign of welcome to King Mahabali.

Beautiful onam pookalam

3. The Pookalam designs are one of the major attractions in onam harvest festival, which requires kilos of flowers.

Onam festival rangoli

4. The most commonly used flowers are Mukkutti, Kakka Poovu, Mukkutti, Aripoo, Thumba, Thechipoovu, Hanuman Kireedom, and Chethi.

Kerala onam pookalam

5. However, the most important of all flowers is Thumba, reason being their small size and their glittery nature in the sun.

Kerala womens on pookalam

6. It is believed that the ‘Thumba Poo‘ is Lord Shiva’s favorite flower and King Mahabali was a big worshipper of Lord Shiva.

Onam flower rangolis

7. Idols of Vishnu and Mahabali are placed in the centre of the floral rangoli aka pookalam, and worshiped.

Kerala womens with onam pookalam

9. Malayalis believe that King Mahabali’s soul visits every home in the state during these ten days of Onam, and on seeing beautiful pookolams greet him, he ensures that prosperity and happiness fill the people in that home.

Pookalam designs onam

10. ‘Pookolam’ is broken down into two words; ‘poov’ which means flower and ‘kalam’ meaning colour designs on the floor.

Onam pookalam

11. Decorating ones home with onam pookalam designs is considered auspicious.

onam pookkalam images

12. Flower rangoli designs or pookolam totally depends on the team’s creative ability based on which it can be simple or intricate.

Onam pookalam latest designs

13. How to make pookolam designs? First the floor is nicely cleaned, followed by spreading cow dung over the washed area where the floral design is to be spread.

Thrissur pookalam

14. To make Pookolam, first a circular shaped design is created, and then filled with multi-tiered colourful flowers, petals and leaves arrangement.

Onam Flower Rangoli

15. Pookolam rangoli designs are usually created in ten rings, each ring representing deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Collection of onam pookalam

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16. First rings describes Lord Ganesha, second ring defines Shiva and Shakti, third-Lord Shiva, fourth-Lord Brahma, fifth dedicated to Pancha Boothangal, sixth-Shanmughan, seventh describes Guru, eighth – ashta digpalakar, ninth defines describes Indra and tenth defines Lord Vishnu

Onam harvest festival

17. The size of a pookalam is increased daily for ten days, by adding a ring or a step on the outside to the initial pookalam design. On the main day of Onam, a really large pookolam gets ready.

Onam pookalam photos

18. The making of a Pookolam is an events in itself, and is an extremely colourful and joyous one.

Onam pookalam designs photos

19. The event generates a feeling of togetherness and goodwill amongst the people.

Onam 2015 rangoli desings pookalam

20. An onam pookalam made of different colored flowers looks quite appealing to the eyes.


21. Onam is the right time for you to show off your creative side by making elaborate onam flower designs.

Pookalam Onam
22. Onam athapookalam is a fun activity where all the members of the family gather and spend time together.

Onam Athapookalam

23. Onam rangoli designs can be further enhanced by adding diyas and lamps.

Onam Rangoli

24. Onam rangoli is an important part of this harvest festival celebration and no Onam can be completed without a rangoli adorning the house.

Onam Celebration

25. You can make an Onam flower rangoli with either 2-3 different flowers or as many as different flowers as you wish. It all depends upon your creative vision.

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Onam Flower Rangoli

Source: files.wordpress.com


26. This harvest festival which is spread over 10 days, will have different Onam kolams for each day.

Harvest Festival

27. If you do not have time to make elaborate kolams you can try this simple Onam design.

Athapookalam Designs

28. Onam pookalam designs for competitions usually have the images of kathakali, mahabali or any other traditional Kerala inspired design.


29. This multi-colored Onam pookalam with lighted diyas looks very pretty and beautiful.

pookalam designs with dots

30. This is one of the best Onam pookalam images that you will ever see!

Onam Pookalam Images

31. For those of you who are looking for some simple Onam pookalam photos; you can definitely try this out.

Onam Pookalam Photos

32. This Onam pookalam design is very intricate and unique as it is a perfect reflection of Kerala.

Onam Pookalam Design

33. Get inspired from this Onam pookalam design and try to make a similar one during your Onam celebrations.

Onam Pookalam Design Models

34. Women taking part in an Onam pookalam competition.

Onam Pookalam Designs With Girls

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35. Woman dressed in their traditional attire strike a pose with a pookolam

kathakali mahabali

36. This pookalam is made with fresh and natural flowers that enhance the beauty of it.

Pookalam Designs for Onam

37. Bringing out the tradition of Kerala in its most beautiful classical dance form, Kathakali.

Pookalam Designs

38. A pookalam signifying peace and the effort and accuracy that goes behind this design is huge.

Onam Pookalam Designs

So, go ahead. Wish you a Happy Onam 2021. Have a blast this year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a Pookalam design?

Creating a Pookalam design is easy! All you need are some colorful flowers, water-soluble glue or paste, and some simple tools like scissors. First, arrange the flowers in a pattern of your choice on a flat surface; then use the glue to secure them in place.

You can get creative by adding other elements such as leaves, petals, stones, or beads. Finally, draw lines around the edges with white lime powder for an eye-catching finish.

2. What is the significance of Onam Pookalam designs?

Onam Pookalam designs are a traditional floor decoration made with flowers in South India. It is created to welcome King Mahabali, an ancient ruler believed to visit Kerala every year during Onam festival. The design of the Pookalam symbolizes peace and prosperity for all who view it.

3. What materials are used to create Pookalam designs?

Pookalam designs are created using materials such as flowers, petals, leaves, fruits, and vegetables. These items can be arranged in a variety of patterns to create unique and beautiful artworks that adorn the homes during Onam celebrations.

The colors used also have symbolic meanings associated with them which makes Pookalams an integral part of traditional Indian culture.

4. What is the traditional size for an Onam Pookalam design?

The traditional size for an Onam Pookalam design is usually 9 feet in diameter, though some designs may be larger or smaller.

5. Are there any safety precautions to consider when creating a Pookalam design?

When creating a Pookalam design, it is important to take safety precautions such as avoiding using hazardous materials like sharp objects or inflammable substances. Also, be careful while drawing the designs and avoid designing too close to flammable material in order to prevent any fire accidents.


Onam Pookalam Designs are the perfect way to adorn your homes in preparation for Onam. They bring a beautiful burst of colour that is sure to put you and your family in a festive mood.

Whether you choose traditional or contemporary designs, they will be sure to add an extra level of beauty and fun to your home this season. With so many options available, it’s easy to find one that suits your style and budget.

So don’t wait any longer – let’s get creative with Onam Pookalam Designs!

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