30 Creative Rangoli Designs For Diwali Decoration

Fireworks, lighting of Diyas or small clay oil lamps, sharing of sweets, wearing the most elaborate or beautiful designer sarees and dresses, decorating the houses with creative, latest and new rangoli designs for Diwali are some of the traditions that we practice every year during this beautiful festival of colors and lights. For most of us, Diwali is that time of the year where our artistry and creativity comes to display as we prepare and decorate our homes for the festival. Rangoli is an art and is often used in welcoming a particular festival or a special event. It adds the color to your festive decorations.

Rangoli Designs For Diwali

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FashionLady presents some interesting ideas and patterns in decorating your home for Diwali festival 2019. Get inspired and decorate your patio on this auspicious Diwali festival on 19th November, 2019.

Here Are Some Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Diwali Rangoli Designs Freehand

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Diwali Rangoli Designs with Flowers

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Easy and Small Rangoli Designs for Diwali

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Latest Rangoli Designs for Competition

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Latest Rangoli Designs Images

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Rangoli Designs Easy

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Entrance Rangoli Design:

This is a unique diwali rangoli design which employs the use of twisted, dual colored ropes to form the boundary. The insides are then filled with varied colors. Suitable placement of diyas of various sizes and shapes adds to the ingenuity of this design.

Diwali rangoli designs

Source: easyday.snydle.com

Rose Diyas:

This diwali rangoli design with diyas and flowers make a good combination. Keep the regular room light soft, to emphasize the effect that you have created.

Creative Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Source: stylesatlife.com

Corner Patterns for Home or Office:

This wonderfully crafted diwali rangoli design is for the corners of the house or office. This profusion of colours made from petals is an apt Diwali design to celebrate the festival of colours. The circular motions of the massive flower sit splendidly with three-toned coloured diyas setting off the corners.

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Best Rangoli Designs For Diwali

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Artistic Rangoli Design:

Are you tired of all the common ragoli designs for Diwali? You think everyone is drawing the same designs and you are looking for an exclusive rangoli design to try this year? Then how about this design which features a woman holding a pot – which is perfect for Diwali theme.

Artistic rangoli design

Source: kamalnishad.blogspot.com

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Indoor Rangoli:

This elementary rangoli design is a perfect fit for the indoors of a house or office. The red and orange coloured leaves look striking against the back drop of black and green. The lit diyas decoratively placed in the middle give the entire rangoli design a certain warmth and glow.

Indoor rangoli

Source: mykarvachauth.com

Star Diya Rangoli:

This is a design of a ten pointed star formed by a variety of geometric patterns. This design can incorporate the mixed use of colored chalk, rice powder and floral petals to get the desired effect. The red, orange, yellow and white colors are accentuated by the diyas in the outline.

Star rangoli for diwali

Source: dwomlink.info

Center Design:

A modern variation, this kundan rangoli design made with beads and crystals has all the charm and creativity of a traditional rangoli. It is a sublime rangoli design that would look beautiful in the center of a room. These are ready-made rangoli designs which have to be pasted on the desired areas. A simple and quick diwali rangoli who do not have time to create elaborate designs.

Traditional rangoli for diwali

Source: admecindia.co.in

Peacock and Diyas:

Diyas and flowers make a good combination. Keep the regular room light soft, to emphasize the effect that you have created.

Diwali rangoli with peacock

Source: nechcheli.blogspot.com

Homely Version:

This is a simple and homely version of Rangoli design. There are many shades used but the effects are not perfect. This one will be great for those who do not have great skills in making Rangoli.

Rangoli for diwali

Source: askideas.com

Diya Rangoli:

Use this rangoli design in corner of your living room. Or, you can use any floor space to make this rangoli, provided it is in a place from which it can be easily seen and should not be in anyone’s pathway.

Diya rangoli

Source: hpssociety.info

Simple Rangoli:

This one is a unique Rangoli design than the rest and will suit any festive occasion nicely. The colours used are also minimal with no fuss.

Simple rangoli designs

Source: facebookmonthlydownload.com

Diya Rangoli:

This is again an ideal rangoli design for diwali as it has a lot of diyas to get you in the festive mood. Though the design is simple, it looks quite beautiful when decorated with diyas. It is a floral design in the center drawn on a contrasting background with serpentine curves in the periphery. Diyas can be placed wherever suited to enhance its beauty.

Simple diwali rangoli

Source: kitchendecor.club

Peacock Diya in a Circular Shape:

This Rangoli is an example of a perfectly done Rangoli for any occasion. There is a use of different geometric shapes and lots of different colours. To achieve such perfection, one needs great skills in Rangoli making and not suitable for beginners.

Peacock diwali rangoli

Source: collectionboxoffice.in

Goddess Laxmi:

The goddess Laxmi is the central figure in this Rangoli, holding a diya which is also a symbol of the festival of Diwali. There are other Diyas presented in the design too. This is quite different from the common Diwali Rangoli designs. It requires a great deal of practice to get to this stage.

Laxmi rangoli design

Source: stylesatlife.com

Let’s see some more designs for rangoli for Diwali 2019.

Simple diyas

Source: whitneykrueger.typepad.com

Peacock and diya’s when come together, make a masterpiece of a rangoli. Agree?

Ragoli design with diyas

Source: rangolidesigns.org

Whoever said 2 colors will make a boring rangoli, never saw this easy one.

Ragoli design with diyas

Source: happydiwalipictures2016.blogspot.com

We sure are fascinated with peacock rangoli designs.

Ragoli design

Source: in.pinterest.com/krishikam/

If you are unable to make a complete peacock, focus on the feathers and there you have, a fine rangoli.

Peacock feather ragoli

Source: mykarvachauth.com

No diwali is complete without diya’s. Make a diya rangoli design. It is perfect for beginners.

Diya rangoli

Source: beautyhealthtips.in

For those who struggle with adding definition and do not have a very fine hand, can get these crystal pieces decorated with kundans as a rangoli.

Diwali decoration

Source: pinterest.co.kr/aparajitha35/

Corners and side tables can be designed with simple rangoli designs too.

Diwali decorating

Source: interiordesignology.com

If it’s a colony or a big house, make big rangoli designs and light it up with diyas and candles.

Deepavali ragoli

Source: gettyimages.com

Rigged out with all these patterns, we are sure you will artify your floors with bright colors. Do let us know which is your favourite design among these?

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