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Welcome 2022 With New Year Rangoli Designs

by Fashionlady
New Year Rangoli Designs

Anything that brings joy and happiness is always welcome. One such thing is the New Year. Whether the previous year was good or bad, each of us wait for the New Year, hoping it would be better than the previous year.

New Year Rangoli Designs

Also, we Indians always celebrate it with a couple of must-do things during this joyous occasion – touch our parent’s feet, visit the temple and of course, decorate the house with flower garlands and rangoli designs.

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These New Year rangoli designs may not be as detailed as Sankranti rangoli designs or Diwali rangoli or even the themed ones like Ganesh rangoli, and so on. But simpler ones such as flower rangoli or powder rangoli designs work better for New Year.

New Year Rangoli Designs To Try in 2022

1. This geometric rangoli design can brighten up any corner of your house. You may or may not add diya to this pretty thing. Although these diya signifies light entering the home.

Best Rangoli Design
2. Those who like creative rangolis can try this one with a gradient effect of colors.

Rangoli Designs

3. If you wish to add some more element to the peacock rangoli, then you could try this –

Rangoli Designs For New Year 2017
4. Or, you could skip the doormat and make this one. You could choose between using rangoli powder or fresh flower petals, or a combination of both. Fresh flower petals of different colours work in pretty ways.


New Year Rangoli Designs

5. New Year brings hope and one needs to give light to the hope.. Try this one for New Years, these designs are not confined to Diwali.

New Year Rangoli Patterns
6. Flowers signify freshness, and New Year is nothing less than that..

New Year Rangoli Kolangal
7. Simple yet detailed. Try this one indoors or as an outdoor rangoli design.

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New Year Rangoli Photo

8. Use your creative side and make figures and shapes that come your way.The most beautiful designs come from abstract ideas.

New Year Rangoli Design Images
12. How about a bouquet of flowers?

Rangoli Designs For New Year 2017
13. A devotional yet a contemporary design like this one will steal the show.

Rangoli Designs For New Year
14. Parrots symbolize the reflection of self. It is also known that a parrot brings guidance and assistance to your ability to communicate with what you feel. So, how about reflecting that with a rangoli design?

Rangoli Designs For New Year
15. Or in the end, how about some beautiful floral waterfall like rangoli designs?

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Rangoli Designs For New Year

Impressed yet? Try these or come up with your own designs this New Year and share them with us too. Keep following our page for the latest rangoli designs and you will be surprised with the options we have for you to try throughout the year.

Images Source: pinterest

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