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Latest Flower Rangoli Designs 2022: That Will Steal Your Heart Away!

by Fashionlady
Latest Flower Rangoli Designs

Before we even start with the post, we would like to tell you all one thing – Flower rangoli designs are a form of art and although art cannot be learnt (since it’s innate), flower rangoli designs can be learnt with practice, dedication and passion.

Flower Rangoli Designs

They may look difficult, but taking small steps towards learning the skill and starting with small designs will help you a long way! You could perhaps start by decorating corners and console tables.

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What we are about to show you today, i.e., rangoli designs with flowers are expert level rangoli patterns. Not because they are big and elaborate, but because they need a lot of finesse and patience. Once you perfect this skill, these patterns will become simple flower rangoli designs for you. Literally!

While most people decorate their houses with colourful rangoli designs during festivals and harvest season, they go a step further and decorate their houses with flower rangoli designs during new year.


1. Here is one very simple flower rangoli design for beginners. All you need is precision and patience to ace this one at the beginner level.

Flower Rangoli Design

Source: flowersimage.xyz

2. Don’t these white lilies with a fine line of jasmine (motiya) buds on the outside look beautiful? The big mogra in the center adds colour and festive spirit to the look! You could re-create this simple flower rangoli design on your dressing table or on the side tables beside your bed.

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Beautiful Easy Rangoli Designs

Source: joellemagazine.com

3. If you are a fan of colourful rangoli designs or would like to follow a theme, then this yellow lily and orange mogra flower rangoli design would be perfect! This messy rangoli design with flowers is very easy to recreate. All you need are flower petals and little bit of creativity.

flower rangoli design

Source: readtiger.com

But the thing with these simple flower rangoli designs is that they are not suitable for outdoor locations. A gush of wind would take away all your flowers and leave an aftermath behind. So let your creativity not go to waste!

Pro Tip – If you really want to create something outside, then you could place tiny pebbles or stones inside your flowers.

Small Rangoli Designs With Flowers

Now that you know what simple rangoli designs with flowers look like, let us show you how you can create small rangoli designs with flowers.

4. Here’s an example of a small rangoli design with flowers. You can modify the size according to your comfort level and increase or decrease the diameter of the circle. All you need to achieve this design are flowers and diyas.

small rangoli design with flowers

Source: VishvaGujarat.in

6. Here’s one elaborate flower rangoli design. Isn’t it intricate and beautiful at the same time? We love how the rose petals look against the yellow petals. A very interesting colour combination. Nothing too harsh and nothing too sombre.

flower rangoli

Source: drawinglics.com

7. If you have a staircase in your house, you can definitely try this simple technique of decorating your stairs with semi circles of flower rangoli.

best flower rangoli

Source: Briggscarriage.com

8. If you have the patience, then this circle will look beautiful in your lounge area!

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Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Source: onampookalam.com

9. Then there is the sunset inspired flower rangoli design which will give your house a super preppy and festive look.

Design for Flower Rangoli

Source: happydeepavali2015.com

Flower Rangoli Designs For Competition

10. Last but not the least we have flower rangoli designs for you that you can use while you participate in flower rangoli competitions. Flower rangoli designs for competition may not necessarily be very difficult. They can be easy as well. The only thing is, they must be very creative, artistic and the latest one to keep up to the trend.


flower rangoli competitions

Source: freewechat.com

This design for example is quite an easy design but can take lot of patience and time for you to create.

11. Then we have designs which include a lot of flower petals and manpower. Given below is one such example where you’d need to be very precise while rounding up the circles.

Amazing Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Source: pinsdaddy.com

12. Here’s another intricate design pattern which you can try at the flower rangoli competition.

Free Hand Rangoli Design

Source: ridethebeaver.com

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13. These flower-made spirals give all the beauty needed, with a ray of light glowing from between.

Unique Rangoli Designs

14. This simple rangoli design is a must-do with flowers of different colours and types.

Flower Rangoli Designs

Source: inorbitblog.a2zportals.com

15. A rangoli design showing us the true beauty of a flower when made into a design. The white petals bordering the red petals is a beautiful sight. This design is suitable at homes or opening ceremonies.

Flower Rangoli Designs for Competition

Source: orchidflorist.co.in

We’ll leave you with some more flower rangoli designs that you can take inspiration from –


Rangoli flower

Source: festivaladda.com


Ganesh Rangoli Flower

Source: bestlovesms.in


Rangoli Design with marigold flowers

Source: mykarvachauth.com


Easy Rangoli Designs

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famous Flower Rangoli Designs

Source: mykarvachauth.com


Rangoli from whole flowers and leaves

Source: deshdoot.com


Rangoli Designs Pictures

Source: mykarvachauth.com


Rangoli Designs for Rangoli Lovers

Source: mykarvachauth.com


Unique Rangoli Designs

Source: plus.google.com


Flower Rangoli Designs For Competition

Source: onvacations.co


best flower rangoli designs

Source: storify.com

At the end, we would like to say that flower rangoli designs are the best rangoli designs!

Hope this helps!

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