Celebrity Fashion: Hairstyles, Without Makeup and Birthdays

Who does not wish to know what their favourite celebrity is up to? Be it Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone or Sania Mirza. We sure want to know these celebrities are wearing, what events they are attending, which movie promotions they are attending, what hairstyles they are sporting and so on. Celebrities without makeup is what people also want to see; on-screen versus off-screen appearances matter as they can give a different picture to some celebrities.

Celebrity birthdays are something men and women follow, especially for their favourite celebrities. They can be wished on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels.
If you haven’t stalked pregnant celebrities then you should start now, especially if you are pregnant too. FashionLady.in takes you into the details about all these pregnant celebrities to see what dresses they are wearing. Pregnant celebrity fashion is an inspiration to women who are pregnant and want to adopt the celebrity trends.

All Fashion Weeks also have celebrities as show stoppers who start a trend. Although a trend idea is incubated by the Fashion designers, these celebrities give a face to it and thus make it a trend for the season.

Deepika Padukone hairstyles are the easiest and hence people want to try her style and replicate it. Celebrities such as Madhuri Dixit are also very simple in their own ways. Hence, FashionLady.in helps you replicate and try their fashion and styles to add to your natural beauty.

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