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Which Of These Zodiac Sign Tattoos Would You Get Inked?

by Fashionlady
Horoscope Tattoos

Zodiac Sign Tattoos

For all zodiac sign freaks, there is nothing more joyous than getting zodiac sign tattoos inked. Some get it inked in honor of their loved ones, whereas some get it done as an experience or a sort of reminder on how to lead lives their best possible way.

While all things might change, astrology tattoo designs are something that won’t. Because horoscope tattoos always remain a part of you, and convey a message to the world on who you are.

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As the name suggests, zodiac tattoos are the ones with the 12 zodiac signs that depict the behavior traits of a person who falls under a particular zodiac sign.

Horoscope Tattoos With Meaning

Here are astrology tattoos you will never forget since they reflect a part of you. They are a part of self expression and full of meaning too.

1. Sagittarius

This horoscope tattoo designs gets you to display your archer-like warrior status, but with a delicate and fierce (both) bow and arrow.

Zodiac Signs Tattoo Designs

2. Cancer

There is nothing better than showing off your emotional, loyal and caring traits through Cancer horoscope tattoo designs. It means you are protective and sympathetic.

Horoscope Tattoo Designs

3. Capricorn

The Goat is the symbol of this horoscope tattoo designs and reflects honest, dependable, trustworthy, responsive, and ambitious traits.


Zodiac Signs Tattoos Designs

4. Scorpio

By and large, Scorpio tattoos are the emblem of power and determination. This is what makes them one of the most popular and loved tattoos across the world. Though Scorpion tattoo has masculine qualities, it goes well for both men and women.

Scorpio Tattoo Desiggns

5. Leo

As a Leo sun sign, you have all the right to scream The Lion. It also means you are generous, warm-hearted, faithful, enthusiastic and a born leader.

Tribal Astrology Tattoo Designs

6. Libra

The main meaning of horoscope tattoo designs is stability and power of justice. Most Libran women use zodiac signs tattoo designs on arms, shoulders and pelvis to underline their characteristic features like romantic, perfect and balance between two scales of life.

8. Aries

Aries astrology tattoo designs express two kinds of characteristic features – positive such as free thinking, strength, boldness and negative such as intolerance and selfishness.

Positive or negative is not important, Aries tattoo design have a level of fixity about them, Moreover, black seems to be the best choice for bringing out the beauty of aries zodiac signs tattoos.

Astrology Tattoos

9. Taurus

The Bull is the symbol of Taurus. Being an earth element, this popular tattoo design idea exhibits cautious, practical and persistent personalities.

The beauty of Taurus tattoo design is that it can also be inked as tribal zodiac tattoos, which makes it a strong statement. All in all, this astrology tattoo designs is not only beautiful and stunning, but fun and creative too.

Astrology Tattoo Designs

10. Gemini

This is one zodiac sign which is usually associated with positivity, creative ideas and cool manners and is represented with a set of human twins.

Best Horoscope Tattoo Designs

For the adventure seeking, there is astrology tattoo designs for Gemini done in Gothic script which gives a chance to type the zodiac star in good lettering.

Astrology Tattoo

11. Pisces

When you find two connected fish swimming in a direction opposite to each then Pisces astrology tattoo designs is certain. Being a water element, Pisceans are a bunch of artistic and imaginative souls who are peaceful and compassionate.

Best Astrology Tattoo Designs

12. Virgo

This particular zodiac sign is represented by ‘The Virtuous Maiden’. It means you are shy, modest, intelligent, graceful, charming and a perfectionist.

Astrology Tattoo Design

Hold on. There are tribal astrology tattoos or zodiac tribal tattoo designs as well which stand out due to their dark colors and aggressive patterns.


So which of the zodiac sign tattoos shown are you going to get inked? Give us a shout on our FB, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter search engines.

Images Source: pinterest.com, tattooshunt.com

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