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Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls

“Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.”

Some may call it over-rated while some think it’s what that describes their personality. Be it permanent, temporary, grey & white or coloured – tattoos are something that most people are ogling on these days.

Initially tattoos were only common among certain communities, but lately getting tattooed is as common as going for shopping. People are exploring various places to get tattoos done. This includes under the wedding band, tattoo sleeves, tattoo’s on the back, the insides of the wrist, on the ankles, on the lower back, on the calf of the leg, on the collar bones, fingers, nape of the neck, on the face, behind the ear, actually, every possible place one can think of.

Tattoo designs for women can include anything from names to quotes to images of their pets, expressing love for their lost ones and so on. Some couples even get similar tattoos in same places to show their affection for each other.

But selecting a tattoo design isn’t easy. It shouldn’t be made overnight and in a hurry. Since these are permanent stains, one must time to understand how it will look after a few years. Removing permanent tattoos is not only expensive but painful too. Eyebrow tattoos are a new craze where scanty or light eyebrows are highlighted and touch-ups for these are also available.

Hence, keep checking FashionLady for all the latest tattoo designs before deciding on the final one for your body. Do not forget to check our posts on boutiques and other fashion designers as well.

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