Cool And Unique Spine Tattoos


Spine Tattoos

Yes, spine is that integral part of our body that plays a major role in our posture. Spine as you know is the middle part of our back and runs from the top of the neck down to the buttocks. So it has to be in the perfect shape since it holds the body. But it is also the perfect spot for tattoos.

Tattoos are no longer worn as talismans or marks of identification. They are worn today more from attention grabbing point of view. And spine is the new hotspot for tattoos.

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Tattoo Down Spine Designs

Two choices you have while flaunting spine tattoos – when you are out to school or work, by all means hide the tattoo down spine, but when it is party time or one of those casual days, then go ahead and flaunt tattoos down the spine designs with bareback clothes.

Talking of tattoo down spine, we have the most creative tattoos in store for you. Read, like and share this new found expression of body art with your pals and pen pals.

1. Floral Tattoo On Spine

Lotus flower is not just a pleasant sight to behold when you are near a pond, it looks cooler when sported on the spine.

Spine Tattoo Quote Ideas

Watercolors are not reserved for canvas alone, they show your beauty and fragility as a woman in the best possible manner when shown in the form of a floral sketch as female spine tattoos.

Female Spine Tattoos

2. Tribal Tattoo On Spine

You could be thinking hard the meaning of this tribal spine tattoos. But whatever conclusion you come to, this tattoos down the spine ideas certainly shows the delicateness of a woman’s body and it is so pleasant to look at.


Tattoos Down the Spine Ideas

3. Phases Of Moon Tattoo On Spine

The beauty of this tattoo down spine is that it shows phases of the moon. In the tattoo design shown below, every single moon gives the impression of one vertebra of the human spine.

Tattoo Designs Down Spine

4. Butterfly Tattoo On Spine

Do you know that butterflies are a symbol of spirituality, rebirth and love? Well, butterflies are a good representation of spine tattoo ideas.

Spine Tattoo Ideas

5. Abstract Tattoo On Spine

Perhaps an invention of the ancient civilisation of Egypt, this phenomenal spine tattoos is a treat for the eyes.

Spine Tattoo

6. Name Or Quote Tattoo On Spine

Want to scream out your attitude to the world? Then go for spine tattoo quote ideas.

Spine Tattoo Quotes Ideas

7. Mandala Tattoo On Spine

Ask about tattoos down the spine ideas and Mandala tattoos are very popular. They give you the feel as if the alignment of stars and destiny is about to unfold.

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Tattoos Down Spine Ideas

8. Diamond-Like Tattoo On Spine

There are no ‘diamonds in the sky’ sung by Rihanna in this case, but diamond like pattern forming tattoo down spine. Hope you would love the expression of this spine tattoo ideas.

Tattoo Down Spine

9. Seahorse Tattoo On Spine

This tattoo down spine shows a wonderful combination of seahorse and a flower. Looks cool and unique given the tattoo design.

Tattoos Down Spine

10. Geometric Tattoo On Spine

Simple looking geometric shapes such as circles, triangles or lines make a great spinal cord tattoo. Even in smaller size, this kind of a tattoo looks cool.

Tribal Spine Tattoos

11. Arabic Tattoo On Spine

Chinese or Greek symbols for tattoos is popular, but when there is a quote tattoo written in Arabic letters, then the spinal cord tattoo takes a new definition.

This particular tattoo shown below when translated means “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.

Spinal Cord Tattoo

12. Unique Tattoo Spine

A tattoo is all about getting something unique inked, something that would let the world know about you. If it is music that you love, then you would love this spine tattoo.

spine tattoos

13. Quote Tattoos

Though you cannot see what is inked on your back everyday, a positive message like the below spine tattoo quote will keep you motivated forever.

Spine tattoo quotes

14. Spine Tattoo For Book Lovers

If you are an avid reader and find solace in books, then you might have just found your perfect tattoo down spine.

Spine Tattoo For Book Lovers

15. Elegant Flower Spine Tattoo

Floral patterns are one of the most sought after spine tattoo designs and we are going to make your job easier by giving you the right amount of inspiration for spine flower tattoos.

Tattoo down spine

16. Arabic Tattoo Down Spine

Arabic spine tattoo designs are one of the best tattoo designs to flaunt when you wear a backless or low-back dress. Don’t believe us? Take a look!


Spine flower tattoo, arabic tattoo down spine

17. Corset Tattoo On Spine

The spine tattoo pain level is not something that everybody can bear but there are those who defy all the pain for a once in a lifetime spine tattoo design like the one shown below.

spine tattoo pain level, moon phases spine tattoo, spine tattoo ideas, spine tattoo designs

18. Moon Phases Spine Tattoo

Another popular choice is the moon phases spine tattoo since you can portray the same design in different ways. We have already shown you one spine tattoo design with moon phases. Take a look at another one below.

Moon Phases Spine Tattoo

19. Dreamcatcher Spine Tattoo

This is by far one of our most favorite spine tattoo idea! Whether you get your dreamcatcher spine tattoo inked in black and white or in colors, it is sure to make everyone go gaga over it.

Dreamcatcher Spine Tattoo

20. Compass On Spine Tattoo

If you are a traveller or you love to travel then you would know that a compass is your best friend. So how about getting your best friend inked on your spine?

Compass On Spine Tattoo

21. Upper Spine Tattoo

A lot of people prefer getting an upper spine tattoo since it is more visible and when you have people looking at it, make it worth their while by getting a powerful and fierce tattoo inked.

Upper Spine Tattoo

22. Chinese Calligraphy

Having a Chinese tattoo on spine is not something new or different but you can make your Chinese spine tattoo different by adding other elements to it as shown in the below image.

Chinese Calligraphy

23. Stars On Your Spine

Let your spine shine as bright as the stars with a stars down spine tattoo. A black and white stars tattoo running down your spine would look uber cool.

Stars On Your Spine

24. Spine Tattoos With Tribal Designs

Getting a tribal spine tattoo design is one way to ensure that you have an unique tattoo. Let your creativity flow down the spine in tribal designs.

Spine Tattoos With Tribal Designs

25. Skeleton Spine Tattoo

If you don’t want the regular run-of-the-mill spine tattoo designs and if you don’t mind experimenting and sporting an edgy tattoo design, then this skeleton spine tattoo will surely get you excited.

Skeleton Spine Tattoo

26. Spine Tattoos With Symbols

A symbolic spine tattoo is a great way to show off your beliefs and thoughts. You can either get a vertical spine tattoo of religious symbols tattooed on your spine or a specific symbol that means a lot to you.

Spine Tattoos With Symbols

27. Feather Spine Tattoo

Another popular design that girls love to get tattooed is a feather tattoo. This is because feathers are often symbolic to freedom, dreams and wishes. So get a feather spine tattoo that would keep you motivated in achieving all your dreams.

Feather Spine Tattoo

28. Butterfly Spine Tattoo

This spine tattoo would be perfect for a hardcore butterfly lover. Instead of getting one butterfly tattoed on your spine, you can get different butterflies inked in a vertical row on your spine.

Butterfly Spine Tattoo

29. Japanese Spine Tattoo

The Japanese characters look quite appealing to the eyes. So go ahead and get your favorite quote or saying tattooed on your spine in the Japanese language.

Spine Tattoo Font

30. Spine Tattoo Fonts

Just like Chinese or Japanese, there are hoards of other fonts that you can use for a tattoo down spine. Be it your regional language or your national language or some some other language’s font that you like. Have a look at the below spine tattoo with Hebrew font.

Spine Tattoo Fonts

31. 3D Spine Tattoos

Watercolors and 3D spine tattoos are all the rage now and a true tattoo fanatic can never miss out an opportunity to have a cool-looking 3D spine tattoo like the one shown below.

3D Spine Tattoos

32. Religious Spine Tattoo

One of the best body part to get religious symbols and religious figures tattooed is the spine. From simple to elaborate to intricate, a religious spine tattoo will surely get the focus on your back.

Religious Spine Tattoo

33. Cute Spine Tattoos

We found this super cute spine tattoo where a giraffe is inked on the spine. The spine acts as the perfect area for the giraffe’s elongated neck, isn’t it?

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Cute Spine Tattoos

34. Black Spine Tattoo Design

This simple black spine tattoo design made with just lines and curves feels like it is pulling you into its maze. Quite an ‘inception’ feeling!

Black Spine Tattoo Design

35. Sun And Moon Spine Tattoo Design

We love the combination of a sun and moon tattoo specially on the spine. The below sun and moon spine tattoo along with a powerful message is sure to keep you going stronger everyday.

Sun And Moon Spine Tattoo Design

36. Artistic Spine Tattoo

Just like how a voracious reader can never get enough of books, similarly we can never get enough of spine tattoos that depict this same feeling. Kudos to the tattoo artist for his/her brilliant skills.

Artistic Spine Tattoo

37. Watercolor Spine Tattoos

If there is one way to beautify your elongated spine, then it is definitely a watercolor spine tattoo. A row of colorful flowers going down the spine can add more elegance to your backless dress.

Watercolor Spine Tattoos

38. Planets Spine Tattoo

The mysterious galaxy and its planets have always enamored us and the galaxy lover in you won’t be able to look away from this gorgeous planets spine tattoo.

Planets Spine Tattoo

39. Rose On Spine Tattoo

Can you imagine how beautiful a single rose tattooed on your spine would look especially when you get colored rose tattooed? No? Well, here is some inspiration for you.

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Rose On Spine Tattoo

40. Tree Spine Tattoo

The long and elongated shape of the spine makes it ideal for certain designs such as a tree design. The spine acts as the perfect canvas for the trunk of a tree. If you are opting for this spine tattoo design, then we suggest you add a twist to it as shown below.

Tree Spine Tattoo

41. Elephant Tattoo On Spine

Another tattoo design where the spine plays the perfect role is an elephant tattoo design where the regal trunk of an elephant adorns your spine.

Elephant Tattoo On Spine

42. Phoenix Tattoo On Spine

Want something to motivate you to rise up from your miseries and hardships? Get a motivation quote inked on your spine along with a phoenix on either side of the quote.

Phoenix Tattoo On Spine

43. Animal Print Spine Tattoo Design

There are some people who swear by their love for animal prints – be it bags, shoes, dresses, accessories, etc. If you are one of them, then you can add this animal print spine tattoo on your wish list too.

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Animal Print Spine Tattoo Design

44. Leaf Spine Tattoo

Nature lovers have millions of options to choose from so we have selected one of those million options that would look beautiful on your spine. One look at this leaf spine tattoo and you would definitely have a calming and soothing effect on your mind and body.

Leaf Spine Tattoo

45. Black Hearts On Spine Tattoo

What’s a tattoo post without the mention of a heart design? Tattoos are by far the most popular tattoo designs that people get inked irrespective of the body part. So if you want to flaunt some love on your spine, this is the way to go!

Black Hearts On Spine Tattoo

46. Spine Tattoo For Music Lovers

The musician in you is going to sing out in joy looking at this fantastic spine tattoo design. You could just customize the design to suit your favorite instrument.

Spine Tattoo For Music Lovers

47. Snake Spine Tattoo Designs

A snake spine tattoo slithering upwards is sure to cause some chills and screams.

Snake Spine Tattoo Designs

48. Disney Spine Tattoo Designs

No matter how old you grow, your love for your favorite Disney character never goes away. From Mickey Mouse To Ariel To Goofy To jasmine, your Disney spine tattoo choices are limitless.

Disney Spine Tattoo Designs

49. Arrow On Spine Tattoo

The elongated shape and arch of your spine should be your preferred option if you are thinking of getting an arrow inked anywhere on your body.

Arrow On Spine Tattoo

50. Celtic Knots On Spine Tattoos

If you are looking for an intricate and complex spine tattoo then do have a look at the various Celtic knots spine tattoo designs.

Celtic Knots On Spine Tattoos

If I have been able to stir your imagination on these intriguing spine tattoos and spine tattoo quote ideas, then my next question to you is which female spine tattoos are you secretly planning to go for. Feel free to share your thoughts on spine tattoo ideas and spinal cord tattoo.

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