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Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Ink Your Love This Mother’s Day

by Fashionlady
Mother Daughter Tattoo

Girls getting tattoos is understood, but mother-daughter tattoos is a new thing on the tattoo block. Maybe it’s a new way to show motherly-daughterly love and affection.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

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Today, mother and daughter tattoos have become very popular, not just in America, but in other parts of the world as well.

So, if you do not have one already, better take your bonding with your mom to the next level by getting one inked with her on this Mother’s Day. Here are some mother-daughter tattoo ideas, which will show the world the eternal bond you and your mom share. And, how both of you cherish each other wholeheartedly.

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Meaning Of Mother-Daughter Tattoos:

Not that it is rocket science, just a matter of the heart, you see. Undoubtedly, mother and daughter tattoos create a feeling of bonding and friendship in a new way. And, they carry deeper meanings of intimate sharing, unlike other tattoos. Whatever the tattoo design may be, it means “From Me” (meaning daughter) to “YOU” (meaning mother). It is also a way to express gratitude to your mom for everything she has done for you – from the time you were in her womb to what you are today.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Design Ideas

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Types Of Mother-Daughter Tattoos:

Well, whether it is on the shoulder, leg, hand, arm or a mother-daughter tattoo on the wrist, each tattoo design depends on the tastes and preferences of mamma-beti.

If you have a mom who is cool and chic, then the kind of mother and daughter tattoos sported will be peppy and futuristic.

If your mom is a bit on the traditional and conservative side, then simple and conventional designs will be a safe bet.

Let’s find out some examples:

1. Statement Tattoos:

These types of tattoos are custom-made. Choose the quote/saying or set of words to use in your tattoo design. Since you will be deciding on the words you wish to get inked for yourself and your mom, it will be a rather personal affair between the two of you. This is a good move to bring you both closer without making too much effort.

Some of the statements of love you can consider getting inked as mother and daughter tattoos are the following:

  • Her Mother (as Mom’s tattoo); Her Daughter (as daughter’s tattoo)
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter
  • You are my wings (as Mom’s tattoo); You are my anchor (as Daughter’s tattoo)
  • I’ll love you forever; I’ll love you for always
Statement Tattoos

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One more example:

Mother and Daughter Statment Tattoos

Source: spiritustattoo.com

2. Dandelion Tattoos:

This is one of the most poetic and symbolic mother-daughter tattoo ideas. Dandelion is a flower, which most women love. Guess what they are symbolic of? Growth, purity, vivaciousness, and more. These meanings have made the flower a widely used tattoo design among moms and daughters.

As a matter of fact, the whole dandelion flower (with head and stem) is inked on one arm (either of the two can get it inked), whereas the other arm will have a few dandelion seeds. When you and your mom keep your arms side by side, it looks like a dandelion swaying in the breeze.

Matching Clover Tattoos

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4. Infinity Love Tattoos:

This is one of the simplest mother and daughter tattoos that multiplies your love for your mother to the power of infinity. The rationale is simple – a mother’s love for her daughter is infinite (never-ending).

This tattoo conveys a mother’s eternal and undying love for her daughter. Though it may look simple, the hidden meaning of this design conveys the unbreakable bond that you share with your mom.

Infinity Love Tattoos

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Placement Of Mother-Daughter Tattoos:

This can be anywhere you want. Some mothers and daughters prefer to get inked at a place, which allows them to flaunt their tattoo easily to the whole world. It may be on the ankle, wrist, collarbone, back of hand, toe, or belly.

But there are also some mother-daughter duos who want to keep their tattoos private (not for public display). So they might get it inked at an unnoticeable place on their body, rather than make it available for public viewing.

E.g. – You can get matching dandelions and butterflies inked on your arm for enhanced visibility. You can allow your friends and family to admire your bonding.

Why just arms? They can jolly well be inked on the feet. Make up your mind first on the location of mother and daughter tattoos and the rest will follow.

Mother and Daughter Tattoo Ideas

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Tips To Prepare For Getting Mother-Daughter Tattoos Inked:

  • The first thing is to choose a tattoo design – and that is where both of you need to have a consensus on whether you want it “text-led” or “visual-led.”
  • Take each other’s opinion, ideas, and suggestions to zero down on a tattoo design that mutually reflects your feelings for each other.
  • The next thing is to choose a tattoo artist. Shouldn’t he be able to sense your feelings for each other, before he starts the inking? I suppose, YES.
  • However, let the price not compel you to compromise on the quality of your matching tattoo. Considering tattoos are a permanent affair, might as well get the best tattoo done so that you have no regrets in the future.
  • And yes – check with your mom first if she is ok with undergoing the painful tattoo inking procedure. If you both are getting it done for the first time, it might hurt a bit.
Ideas for Mother Daughter Tattoos

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Maintenance Tips After Getting Mother-Daughter Tattoos Inked:

Once you get your mother-daughter tattoos done, it is natural to have tiny wounds and scratches on your skin. All you need to do is give it some extra care. Gently wash your tattoo for 2-3 days – but use your hands only to clean the tattoo area do not scrub with a loofah.

You can also use lukewarm water to soothe your sensitive skin. Use antibacterial soap to clean up your wounds. Use an antiseptic cream on the affected area. After a couple of days, your tattoo is ready for the world to see and admire.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this innovative way of celebrating Mother’s Day. Write in and tell us your take on it.

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