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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms Belonging To Various Professions

by Fashionlady
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms

Mothers have a solution to every problem and they never give up hope and confidence. You may sit losing all hope on life but she will come and hug you to make you feel alright. Moms are very special and precious. From giving birth to always being the pillar of strength – moms are the true superstars for their children. Mother’s Day celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May is the day dedicated to the supreme power of moms. This day celebrates the undying spirit, magnanimous love, and the unflinching dedication of the mothers. They are actually not the gift of God but God themselves.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms

So, have you planned anything special yet for celebrating this Mother’s Day? We are here to help you in this regard. We have segregated various mother’s day gift ideas based on various professions. So, check the best gifts for your mom based on her profession here.

If She Is A Teacher:

If your mom is a teacher then remember that she has to handle not only you but many more children. In the haste of taking care of home, preparing for the next test, or checking the exam papers – she is always working to gift the world able citizens. She should therefore never miss taking care of her health. Get her a new set of insulated lunch box along with a book on healthy recipes. A decorative tray full of dry fruits and a bottle of fruit juice would be other choices of mother’s day gifts.

Gifts For Teacher

If She Is An Artist:

Perhaps everyone is an artist as long as they are associated with creating something. So, if your mom is a painter, then, the best Mother’s Day gift for her would be a trip to Italy. Italy is still the world’s best place that catches the eyes and hearts of artists. Be it Florence or Rome – the artistic flavor of Italy in architecture, paintings, & museums is fascinating. The period of renaissance and the overpowering creations of Michelangelo or Tintoretto are something that every artist want to see in their lifetime. That’s why you must organize for a trip to Italy to surprise your mom. In case, your mom is a dancer, then, make a collage of her best dance performances on stage and get a personalized photo frame. Or use the pictures from her best stage performances and make a personalized calendar. She will be thrilled with the amazing gift idea. You can also get your dancer mom a new range of makeup or cosmetics.


If She Loves Hi-Tech Things:

If your mom is the one who loves to surround herself with all the hi-tech things, then, you don’t have to think much to surprise her on mother’s day. Just get her the latest iPhone, Kindle, speakers, laptops, etc. She would be more than just happy with these new techie-gifts from you.

Gifts For Moms

If She Spends More Time In Her Prayer Room:

She believes that everything in this world happens with the blessings of the Lord. She also believes that every single problem of her life, her family’s life, and her children’s life can be solved with more prayers. She wakes up at 4 A.M. in the morning and starts her chants. She loves her prayer room more than anything else and her dedication is unmatchable. So, get her a nice marble pooja thali, glittering idols of gods and goddesses, and some incense stick holders as a mother’s day gift.

Mothers Day Gifts

If She Is A Doctor/Nurse:

Being in the medical profession, she barely gets the time to rest. Many a time, you have seen her rushing to the hospital for an emergency case. So, in case she is a doctor or nurse who has dedicated her life in the service of others, then, as a surprise mother’s day gift, you can take her to a spa salon. She hardly gets time to relax and thus a spa session would be a thoughtful gift idea. Her nerves and cells would calm down and she would feel more energetic!


If She Is A Boss Lady:

A Boss Lady is the one who is always after her workers or employees for the best results. A Boss lady is the one who is always running from one meeting to the other, laying down the upcoming revenue structure of the organization, and checking her children’s homework & diet. She never fails in any role. This mother’s day, get your Bossy Mommy a personalized coffee mug, personalized laptop skin, and a lets book by her favorite writer.

Women Employee

If She Is A Fitness Freak:

You are really lucky if your mom is a fitness freak because there is always an in-house fitness guru who is always checking your portions. When you want to have a bowl of gajar ka halwa during the winter season, she will make sure, you get the low-calorie and low-fat halwa, enjoy every bite of it and stay in shape too. As a mother’s day gift, delight her with a basket of fresh seasonal fruits & dark chocolates. You can also get a smartwatch for her.

Women Workout

These are the gifts you could plan and give your mother, this mother’s day. Do let us know which one you picked.

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