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Religious Tattoo Designs

by Fashionlady
Religious Tattoo Designs

Religious Tattoo
First there was body piercing, then lip augmentation, then hair texlaxing, then vagina facial. Indeed, so much of fashion innovations are happening on the female human body that there is no stopping this trend.

That takes us to the tattoo – not funky ones but religious oriented! This leads us to a question – how many of us would be eager to go for a religion inspired tattoo as compared to the common and fundoo ones based on animals, comical and personality based characters? Well, fashion statements never had any logic in the first place.

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So come let us explore the fashion of sporting religion inspired tattoo designs and get a selfie done, what say?


Tattoo Designs

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A Historical Look at the Tattoo

A tattoo is an ink design which is inserted into the dermis layer of the human skin using a needle. For thousands of years, tattoos have been used for religious purposes. What was once used as a religious symbol is now used as a popular form of body art.

There is a set of people who have eccentricities in their blood. Those are the ones who are crazy after getting stamps (read tattoos) of strong spiritual and religious inclinations on their body.

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Let us take a look at spiritual tattoos from the historical perspective. There is a sense of confusion with many opposing views. The Bible has been quoted as saying that one’s body should be taken care off as it is the abode of the almighty. While one school of thought agrees with this approach, the other school of thought is of the opinion that vandalising the body is a signal of doing adulterous practices and other forms of body abuse rather than doing body art.

As per common logic, what is the harm if a religious motif worshipped by us was tattooed on our body as a form of homage? In earlier times, many Christians had the cross tattooed on their body. This was a statement of their religious beliefs. At the end of the day, it’s a toss between fashion and religion with fashion emerging as the winner on religious grounds!

Beautiful Religious Tattoo Designs

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Hinduism and tattoos

Since Hinduism has many sects and sub-sects, the scope for getting tattoos in this religion is tremendous. Given the vast number of deities and symbols associated with the Hindu Gods, you will never run out of options for tattoo designs. If there is a tattoo depicting Vishnu the protector, there is one espousing Shiva the destroyer and Kali the fierce goddess.


religious tattoo designs for woman

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Buddhism and tattoos

Buddhism is a serene religion which gives a lot of peace to oneself. Interestingly, Buddhism is also perfect in the form of a tattoo design. It so happens that many designs and religious tattoo designs related to Buddhism have become a hit in the Buddhist sect and non-Buddhist crowd as a form of body art. In this religion, there is bound to be less argument against sporting this body art as many Buddhist monks from Thailand have tattoos on the whole body.

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Tattoos in Buddhism

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