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How to Cover Freckles Using Makeup

by Fashionlady
Freckle Makeup Tips

Makeup for Freckles

It’s easy being a poster woman. Just dab a bit of makeup on your eyes, brows, lips and cheeks and you are almost done. But if you are bogged down with freckles, then all the more reason how you can make them look haute and notice worthy. So if your best friends ask you to hide your freckles, happily say no. Here are ways to make your freckled look the best look ever. Mirror please!

Freckles Makeup

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What are Freckles?

Contrary to popular opinion, freckles are not a skin disorder. They just happen to be small melanin spots that show up more on fair complexions, even though they can be seen on darker skin tones. Although freckles happen to be a genetic trait, external factors such as sun exposure can cause the skin spots to darken. If you have freckles on your face, then wearing sunscreen is a must every day because you are likely to be more affected by the harmful rays of the sun. You can also dab a sunscreen of SPF 30 on your face before stepping out in the sun.

Face Makeup Tips for Freckles

1. Avoid matching your makeup with freckles

Follow your real skin tone, the one between the freckles and not the colour of your freckle spots. If not done this way, it will look like as if you are hiding the freckles. “Try to aim for a happy medium shade, between the skin colour under the freckles and the freckles themselves,” says makeup artist Allie Clark. So let the freckles show up naturally and not camouflaged.

2. Tinted Moisturisers

Give up the heavy foundations you are used to and opt for tinted moisturizer. Even BB/CC creams are super light and happening on this front, when it comes to making your freckles stand out (even while covering them up).

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BB cream for Freckles

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3. Ditch Liquid Foundation

To learn how to cover freckles, you must know that liquid foundations are problematic for freckled faces. Since they are designed to cover your face completely, they come in the way of enhancing your freckles. So, go get rid of the liquid foundation and go with something lighter instead.

4. Blush up

If you apply brown blush on your cheeks, the colour impact would be almost the same as that of your freckles. So it won’t be an advisable option. Instead, use a pinkish or peach cream blush to bring in an element of contrast.

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Cover Freckles

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5. Bronze it

Dust a bit of non-sparkly subtle bronzer on your cheekbones in your freckled makeup. It will help give a natural look to your freckles. Focus more on the higher planes of your face while doing so.

Foundation for Freckles

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6. Smoky Eye

If there is anything that will give you a switchover from day to night, it’s a brown smokey eye. To get that, pick your brown liner and smudge it on your top and bottom eyelash line. This will give you a quick everyday makeup look, hands down.

Freckles Makeup Tutorial

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7. Cheeky Affair

Highlight your cheekbones to get an instant radiance. Use a hint of bronzer on your cheeks for that perfect makeup look you are hungry for.

Hide Freckles

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10. Lipstick Effect

Enhancing your freckles is not just about cheekbones. It also involves lips. Go for pink lipstick to highlight the colour of your freckles. Pinks and pinkish browns are superb when it comes to drawing out your freckles and giving them the spotlight effect.

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Cover Freckles with Makeup

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You do not need special makeup that covers freckles. Use the simple basic stuff mentioned above.

So you see, there aren’t any reasons to hate freckles… Just love them and walk around confidently!

Hope this article on how to cover freckles helps.

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