Gorgeous Eye Makeup Styles And Ideas That Speak Of Diwali Fashion


Diwali Eye Makeup

Talking about Diwali fashion, we would for sure want to have the best ethnic wear flaunted, along with gorgeous Diwali fashionable makeup too. But let’s face it, most of us are stuck when it comes to choosing the right Diwali fashion eye makeup, and tend to make mistakes. So here’s what we are going to do. Along with the eye makeup shades that we would talk about, we are going to refer to the color wheel that speaks most about the complementary shades that go well with Diwali fashion, read on!

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Gorgeous eye makeup shades that suit Indian skin tones for Diwali makeup

Apart from the Diwali hairstyles, Diwali sarees, and the whole Diwali look, the eye makeup is of prime importance to think about. It can either make or break a look. Here are a couple of shades that complement the skin tone and the color wheel of whatever you choose to doll up in!

Diwali Makeup Tips

Silvery Golds

The blend of silvery golds would work like magic for any of the hues on the Diwali outfits you plan to wear. What you need to remember is to blend the two very well, especially from the mid section of the eyes all the way to the crease line and to the outer corner. Embellish the same with thick kohl strokes on the upper and the lower lash lines, and volumnise the lashes with heavy mascara.


Makeup for Diwali

Copper Greens

For women with light eyes and dusky to fair tones in India, the copper green combination would be best to wear with warm toned Diwali traditional dresses. The brow area and until the crease should be decked up with light shimmer copper tones, and the rest of the eyes should be in shimmer greens- heavy mascara on the lashes and two strokes of soft black pencil smudged into the upper and the lower lash line.

Makeup Tips Diwali

Gold Smokey Eyes

If it is a daytime affair that you would be attending and wouldn’t want to wear too much eye makeup, there would be one question on your mind “How To Get Ready For Diwali”. This is where gold smokey eyes comes into play. A soft V formation with a matte brown pencil on the outer corner of the eyelid, with shimmer gold touches inside does the trick. Don’t forget the mascara which should be light and the one touch of kohl on the upper and the lower lash line. Blending is the key here.

Dipawali Makeup Tutorials

Silver Purple

The two toned look is in, and this time we would play with silver and purple for the love of makeup. Following the rule of makeup, dark outside and light inside, we would look at highlighting the tip of the inner corner of the eyes and the lids with shimmery silver touches, whilst the rest of the lids gets bathed in light shimmer purple. Winged liner for the eyes make the eyes look exotic and nice.

Diwali Eye Makeup Tutorial

Shimmery Blues

For the eyes to look calm and big and to make them stand out for the late night parties, we would look at shimmery blues with white shimmer on the lids. The inner corner of the eyes should be dabbed with a touch of white shimmer shadow to highlight the eyes, whilst the rest of the eyelids should be dabbed in light to dark shimmery blue shadow. Dark mascara enhances the look!

Makeup Tutorial For Diwali Festival

Blue And Gold

Also known as the Arabian sand and ocean look, we would dab gold from the inner section of the eyes to the mid section of the eyes, with shimmer blue from the crease to the outer corner of the eyes. The area under the brow bone should be dabbed with light peach to highlight the zone. Cat eyeliner or winged liner should be done to enhance the look.

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Makeup Tips For Dipawali

Do let us know your thoughts about these seven eye makeup colors for Diwali. And if you have your own Diwali makeup tips to share, do write in. We would soon be talking about Diwali nail designs and have a Diwali makeup tutorial written about in our coming posts- keep a watch here.

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