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10 Rainbow Highlighters For That Ultimate Faux Glow

by Fashionlady
Best Rainbow Highlighters

Highlighters are getting as much glory as other beauty products. It is widely used by top makeup artists and beauty vloggers as a finishing stroke to their mastery. The light-reflecting finish come to life and delivers a smooth glow. Between creams and powders, the next level of rainbow highlighters is setting the trend. But selecting amongst a sea of shimmer can feel like lost cause. For that reason, we’ve searched the best rainbow highlighters in the biz, and below are their reviews.

Best Rainbow Highlighters

Source: musingsofamakeupjunkie.com

Get the Right Kind of Glow with these Rainbow Highlighters:

Here’s how you can get in on the shimmer, *subtly.*

1. Love Luxe Beauty Highlighter-What Unicorns Are Made Of:

This highlighter is so much value for your money. The unicorn inspired formula is highly pigmented, so it gives your cheeks a beaming highlight. The intense pastel sweetness can double up as an eye shadow, too. Think about it.

Love Luxe Beauty Highlighter-What Unicorns Are Made Of

Source: loveluxebeauty.com

2. Ulta Rainbow Highlighter:

You’ll have to put this to your shopping cart ASAP as this has a tendency to get sold out most times. The rainbow highlighter works as a treat for medium to dark skin tones and delivers a soft glow without any unwanted shiny finish.

Ulta Rainbow Highlighter

Source: amazon.in

3. Bitter Lace Beauty, Prism Illuminating Rainbow Highlighter:

You get a lot from this illuminating highlighter palette. There are subtle prism shades, of yellow, gold, blue, and even a purple shade. The product is incredibly soft and glides on smoothly on the skin with minimal effort.

Bitter Lace Beauty Prism Illuminating Rainbow Highlighter

Source: instagram.com/bitter.lace.beauty/

4. Broken Arrow Beauty, Unicorn Kisses Rainbow Highlighter:

Well, just as the name indicates some unicorn love-need we say more? If this doesn’t convince you to select this one, we don’t what will. Perhaps that this rich, rainbow highlighter is one of the best we’ve tried. It provides a gorgeous glow for hours together-sold.

Broken Arrow Beauty Unicorn Kisses Rainbow Highlighter

Source: poshmark.com

5. Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter:

Rather than a dry finish highlighter formula that sit on the skin, this Makeup Revolution formula is creamy and melts into the skin beautifully, leaving a healthy glow on the cheekbones. Yes, it is cost-friendly too, and the quality speaks high: once applied, the skin stays glowing all day long.

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter

Source: revolutionbeauty.com

6. Unicorns Heart:

Ever thought of trying a pretty unicorn shade on your cheekbones? Look no further. This fine smooth powder provides a soft effect, blurring ageing lines for a selfie-ready look.

Unicorns Heart Highlighter

Source: revolutionbeauty.com

7. Too Faced Diamond Highlighter:

Score big with this diamond highlighter! Swipe using a makeup sponge or brush and lightly brush along the focal points of your face. The formula is vibrant but won’t leave you with a shiny effect, but it’ll still add a soft, radiant finish.

Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

Source: toofaced.com

8. Wet n Wild Colour Icon Rainbow Highlighter:

The Wet n Wild is a popular brand and their highlighters are much talked about. And this rainbow formula is no exception. The powdery option offers an intense highlight that rivals most top brands.

10. Focallure 3D Face Shimmer Bronzer Rainbow Highlighter – # 1:

There is also a huge following for the shimmery highlighter by this brand, too. Somehow, it leaves skin perfectly glowing, without veering into the shiny department. It softly melts into the skin whilst leaving a natural finish. A must-try!

Focallure 3d Face Shimmer Bronzer Rainbow Highlighter

Source: amazon.com

These are the ten rainbow highlighters you can opt from. Hope your search ends here. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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