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22 Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

by Fashionlady
Makeup For Brown Eyes

Makeup For Brown Eyes

Let’s have some fun ladies, shall we? Instead of emulating the same old boring smokey-eyed look and winged liner each time there is a party, an occasion or an important event to attend. Make a statement and flaunt those lovely eyes like there’s no tomorrow. And the best part is, we have 12 fabulous Makeup for brown eyes, black and coloured eyes too in dramatic tones for you to flaunt for each month. 2016 is sure going to be a year of parties, isn’t it?


Brown eyes colorful eyeshadow

1. A Boho Chic Look For January

Blues and light shades for the eyes, while the winters bid adieu, seems like an apt choice to match up with your winter ensembles, doesn’t it? The best part is, you could wear this look for various occasions and from Indian to western wear too!

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What color eye makeup for brown eyes

2. A Matte Mystical Touch For February

The month of love and if you have been invited for valentine parties or maybe out to a dinner with someone special, your eyes surely needs to do the talking! A touch of all things smokey, and with hues dark and chocolate should be on your lids!

Makeup tips for brown eyes

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3. Pink Cat Eyes For The Month Of March

While the solitary reapers as sung and praised by million writers and poets go along their ways to reap what they can for the months ahead, make your eyes dance to the shades of vibrant fuschia pink, and dark kohl rimmed waterlines!

Makeup tutorial for brown eyes

4. Turquoise Pink Eyes For April

A hint of lime green and a dash of pink, make the eyelids dance to the cocktail of colours for a diva look to attain at pool parties, night events and very summerish weddings to attend. The best part is, the look can be worn with plenty of embellishments on any ethnic wear!

Makeup for brown eyes april

5. Bohemian Rhapsodies In May

A touch of matte eye shadow and a little glitter to the lower lash lines in steel blue, focussing more on the inner corner and less on the outer corners of the eyes would be the best way to beat the Summerish heat!

Matte eye shadow for brown eyes

6. Sunset Moments For The Month Of June

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Before the monsoons hit and should you want to make statements at the evening parties you’ve been called too, all through June, sunset moments on your eyelids in dark orange tones and darker rimmed kohl eyes, would be the haute statement to flaunt! What color eye makeup for brown eyes was your question, here is your answer!

Brown eyes orange eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow makeup for brown eyes

9. Vibrant Light Greens For September

Spruce up those lids and make them come alive for the month of September, with the many evening parties at work or at your friends home’s to attend. Pair the look with chic ethnic or western wear, keeping the accessories to a minimal, since the eyes would steal the show!

Green makeup for brown eyes


10. Twiggy Eyes And Under Lid Focus For October

Diwali would be the festival now, where you can match up the chic ensemble chosen with an ultra-feminine and very dramatic eye makeup look. Focus more on the lower lash line and the region around it, and doll up the lashes the twiggy way!

Blue makeup for brown eyes

11. For The Month Of November

Hot lovely full red lips and the sexiest of all eyes for the party crashers to be wary off, show them girl what the power of purples and lilacs can do. Two strokes for the upper eyelid and three for the lower, with or without kohl, and your eyes would be a mesmerising pair behold!

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Purple makeup for brown eyes

12. Festive Season Caramels

Christmas is not only about the puddings and cakes you can gorge on, but off a time when you can flaunt your dramatic eye looks for the numerous parties you’ve attended too. A touch of Poison Ivy to the eyes while we celebrate the birth of Jesus, why not?

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Winter makeup for brown eyes

13. Metallic Silver

Lucky are those with brown eyes as they can rock any shade of eye makeup. The high-drama party style would definitely include metallic and hence go with a silver shade for a night party. Defining the eyes with a black thick liner, finish the evening makeup for brown eyes.

Eye makeup for brown eyes

14. Gold Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

The duo, brown eyes and gold eyeshadow perfectly complement each other. This is the one of the best makeup ideas for brown eyes that will make the eyes shine like jewels. Add a glittery finish to bring out the spark of the eyes magnificently. Add a smokey touch to the eyeshadow towards the brow for a sensuous party look. This look will also work great as wedding makeup for brown eyes.

How to make brown eyes pop

15. Copper Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Copper hue is in full swing in the beauty world and surprisingly it works great on brown eyes. This is one of the colors to make brown eyes pop. Try it once and we are you will add this hue to your collection of brown eye makeup ideas. Use a black liner on the upper lid and play with a different shade on the lower lid to add a bit of spice to the look.

Brown smokey eye makeup

16. Red Smokey Eye Makeup

Red eyeshadow is often linked to Halloween parties but this season, the let us experiment this as an everyday makeup for brown eyes. Though a bit tricky, it isn’t too hard to achieve. Blend it a bit of black giving the ultimate seductive smokey eye look. Nail this for the next upcoming party and flutter those eyes away!

Eyeshadow for brown eyes

17. Cranberry Eye Makeup

Sitting right on top of the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes is the cranberry shade. It is the right pick to make your everyday makeup for brown eyes interesting and charming. This eyeshadow for brown eyes gives a polished yet peppy look.

Best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

18. Light Brown Eye Makeup

It is one of the best natural looking makeup for brown eyes. Skip the dark brown smokey eye makeup if you are unsure and switch to this near neutral eye makeup for brown eyes. Make sure you highlight the inner eye to make the eyes pop. A black winged liner will make the eyes look more attractive.

Best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

19. Under Eye Focus

Since brown eyes go with every other bright shade, you can play with the copious colors. Be it purple, green, blue or teal, the under-eye focus will elevate the beauty of the brown piercing eyes.

Makeup looks for brown eyes

20. Dark Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Browns are usually discarded since they make the area around eyes dark. But a well applied brown will look totally stunning on medium skin tones. This eyeshadow colors for brown eyes is bound to get you noticed at the parties.

Smokey eyes for brown eyes

21. Pastel Lavender

Apart from neutral shades, the light pastel colors are the least opted eyeshadow colors. But one glance at this makeup looks for brown eyes will prove our notion wrong. With the lavender eyeshadow, one can render a sweet and girly look.

Eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

22. Rose Gold Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Perfect as a wedding makeup for brown eyes is the rose gold eye shadow. A touch of rose shade, a pinch of gold in a brown base will make the eyes glow and glimmer.

Makeup ideas for brown eyes

Enjoyed the looks much? You just have to be daring and ready to use your imagination, and the world would go gaga over your beauty! Have fun using our giveaways on Makeup tips for brown eyes, black and coloured eyes too!

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