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Best Eyeshadow For Grey Eyes, Brown And Black! Protect Your Lids

by Fashionlady
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While most of us may have gone berserk and bonkers reading the saga of 50 SHADES OF GREY, let’s notch things up a little more this time. Kink is in and for the festival seasons too, which is why here we bring to you the myriad ways of dolling up in the best eyeshadow for grey eyes, brown or black with chic touches.

Let’s look at some party wear and everyday eyeshadow makeup tutorial using grey eyeshadows

Now don’t be afraid to dare a little, grey eyeshadow in fact is a shade that talks of sensual mysticism and haute royal touches too.

A Touch Of All Things Matte

What we like about the matte touch is that one could wear it while the sun shines bright or at early dusk too. And the other thing we love about matte, it never gets too loud or too much per se to flaunt. So, matte grey is one best eyeshadow for grey eyes, especially on the crease, is a must-try!

Best eyeshadow makeup tutorial

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Greys For Brown Eyes

Most Indian women have brown eyes, from dark chocolates to the light ebony touches. And pairing the look with a touch of grey, brings about a sensual touch. Irrespective of the ensemble you wear or the event you have been invited to, a touch of grey for brown eyes is versatile and haute!

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everyday eyeshadow makeup tutorial

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Greys With Purple Touches

Fancy a little purple on those lids with the mesmerizing grey platform? This is your venture to flaunt, and do so in style. Grey and purple combo makes for a sexy mix and they match the shimmer statement accessories too. Learn and apply the same from various everyday eyeshadow makeup tutorials online.

Best eyeshadow makeup

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Dark Is So Sexy With Grey

Grey eyeshadow and a Wiccan dark touch to the lids this Diwali, brings out the oomph sexy diva in you. Try the look out with your own creative style, flaunt it with sarees and anarkalis, or a chic lehenga, and go booming hot this festive season!

eyeshadow makeup

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Smokey Greys For The Eyes

Constructive smokey touches and not the smoke left behind that pollutes the eco system around, smokey eyeshadow for grey eyes, for the evening parties at Diwali with office friends should be your fashion statement this 2015!


eyeshadow for grey eyes

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Light Grey Touches When Hanging Out With In-Laws

Diwali is a time when families gather to meet and greet, and MIL would want her DIL darling to be at her best dressed too. Too loud with greys and MIL may not be happy; wear your greys if need be, but with a touch of glitter and shimmer along with light hues and tones!

makeup tutorial for eyeshadow

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long lasting eyeshadow

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Purple And Grey

A little prune touch to the shades of grey would be a nice experiment to try this weekend, and to prep up those eyes for the Diwali look this time. Masquerade your gorgeous eyelids like never before, and wear them with neutral coloured outfits for the eyes to be the centre of attention!

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