Simple Ways On How To Dress Up Like A Princess


How to Dress Up Like A Princess

You may not be born into a royal family, but it does not mean you cannot dress up like one! Whether its Halloween or theme party, or simply if you like waking up to a regal looking new you, try to emulate a princess-look! Yes, princesses loathe or embrace fashion whole-heartedly and so can you but make sure you do it in a classy, elegant, put together and effortless manner.

Let’s see how easy or difficult it is to be Dressing like a princess

From Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, their rich and graceful demeanor has put them on a fashion pedestal. If you are a real princess on the inside and wish to do the Princess Dress Up, then read on, all you aspiring princesses!

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Princess Add-Ons

Add sharp diamond encrusted sparklers or pearls to top off your structured outfits.

Princess Dress Up

Wear Necklace Backwards

You could get creative and wear a pearl neckpiece backwards so it highlights your back rather more so if you’re wearing a backless dress.

Dressing like a princess

Hold a Clutch With Both Hands

Carry along box clutch or an envelope clutch, preferably in solid hues or with a hint of bling.

How To Dress like a Disney Princess

Invest in Fancy Hats

Dressing like a princess definitely will want you to have a couple of these in your wardrobe. Gift yourself hats or fascinators that flatter your face and personality. The English hats look fancy yet formal.

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How To Dress like a Queen

Own a Few Lace Ensembles

Impart an air of elegance by sporting lace dresses or blouses, they look ultra-feminine and polished.

Kate Middleton lace dresses

Well – Fitted Chic Dresses

Pick branded or designer wrap dresses in solid hues or fine prints. They give you the look of an hourglass figure.

Dress like a princess

Wear Unique Necklines

Make way for sailor or peter pan necklines in your dresses, maxi or tops. Do you see that it’s not really difficult to get into the habit of Dressing like a princess.

Ways to dress like a disney princess

Dress Moderately

Careful dressing up is the key. Do not wear revealing or extremely tight or short or plunging attires, if you are wearing loose on top, you can have a fitted bodice on the bottom. Remember to enhance one feature. Knee-length skirts or little above the knee look great; however say good-bye to short-skirts. As they say, leave a little to the imagination!

Knee length skirts


Get Yourself Some Princess Gowns

Befriend flouncy gowns which give out a careful careless demeanor, besides they are understated and elegant too!

Princess Gowns

Add a Touch of Fur

Fur adds a hint of touch-me-not poise. Fur stoles, shawls and coats are a must-have in your closet.

Kate Middleton Fur stoles

Continue reading on more ideas on how to dress up like a Princess.

Buy Few Princess Style Dress Suits

Dress suits are an important part of your closet, they are usually well cut and minimalistic. Tailored clothing is ideal for you.

Turtle-neck dresses

Get into Vintage Dressing

Vintage dressing can work in your favor. So get yourself some vintage dresses, blouses, coats, shawls, gloves and accessories.

Kate Middleton Vintage Dressing

Go Casual Too

Just because you chose to go the princess route does not mean you cannot wear casual wear. Get yourself a pair of well fitted jeans, boots and a fine wool sweater and stoles in dark, solid, pastel, neutral or jewel toned hues.

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Kate Middleton casual wear

Say Hello to High Heel Shoes

Pumps, stilettos, wedges, sky-high shoes, boots in leather, suede have to be your go-to footwear. Steer clear of flats.

Kate High Heel Shoes

Opt for Natural Makeup

Go for natural make-up, princess’s make-up doesn’t overpower their face enough to enhance the features. Of course, make sure you are manicured and pedicured at all times. As for the haircut, you must have a well styled look to match you look, hair almost always washed, cut and styled. Preferably in soft curls, straight neat pony, or a French bun.

Kate Middleton hairstyle

Go grab the spotlight at tea parties, derby and formal occasions! Hope this article on how to dress up like a princess is helpful.


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