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Proof That 90s Fashion Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

by Fashionlady
90s Fashion Trends

When it comes to ‘90s fashion, we have a host of trends to be thankful for. While most trends come and go, we’ve realized that most of the latest styles at present are courtesy of the ‘90s. And if that’s not enough to convince you, then you should turn the pages to the fashion of that decade and compare it with the trends at the moment.

90s Fashion Trends

To make it easier, here are some of the most awesome style moments of the decade made famous by popular celebs. Take a look.

The Fashion Icons Of The 90s:

The decade of the 90s gave way for iconic styling looks like cropped tops, tracksuits, slip dresses, flannel shirts, and more. Ahead, join us to see some incredible style captures of the era and the 90s fashion icons that made them happen. Here you go!

1. Drew Barrymore:

Drew Barrymore was one of the 90s fashion trends female. She borrowed 90s elements including tattoos, dark makeup, and chopped hair with great aplomb because why not.

Drew Barrymore's 90s Style

Source: refinery29.com

2. Madonna:

Madonna was the ultimate style icon in the 90s. One of her most memorable signature looks was the Jean Gaultier cone bra designed during her Ambition Tour.

Madonna 90s Fashion

Source: forbes.com

3. Winona Ryder:

Ryder was the 90s IT girl. She scored a number of movies under her kitty and her tomboyish persona was much loved. The actress was often captured in all-black red carpet ensembles.

Winona Ryder 90s Style Icons

Source: glamour.com

4. Liv Tyler:

Liv Tyler was the favorite 90s gal. We cannot forget her wardrobe styles filled with edgy dresses and long skirts.

Liv Tyler 90s Looks

Source: thecut.com

5. The Spice Girls:

And of course, the ‘90s cannot be complete with the mention of Spice Girls. The all-girl band was all about celebrating girl power. Each girl member: Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Posh, and Scary Spice had individualistic style and therefore much relatable. We still credit them for introducing us to platform shoes, body glitter, and pigtail buns.

90s Fashion Trends Female

Source: glamour.com

What To Wear To A 90s Theme Party?

Scroll through to check out few of our favorite trends that you can wear for a 90s theme party. These are great take-home ideas on how to dress 90s female and completely look the part.


1. Cargo Pants:

Dresses are passé. Try cargo pants instead with multiple pockets. You can wear the pair with a satin blouse, off-shoulder blouse, or a cropped jacket. The look will seal the case for the 90s comeback.

Cargo Pants

Source: vogue.de

Slip Dresses

Source: instapictgram.com

4. Tommy Logos:

These are very 90s fashion hip hop kind and are totally cool. The Tommy gal logo mainly found in white, blue, and red was ubercool then, and even now. Just go for a piece you feel comfortable in like skirts, sweaters, or shirts with the classic Tommy tagline and flaunt it like never before.

Tommy Logos

Source: asos.com

5. Spaghetti Strap Tops and Dresses:

Another going-out trend of the 90s was the spaghetti strap top and dress. Put your bets on this one if you are unsure of what to wear to the theme party. This look never disappoints.

Spaghetti Strap Tops and Dresses

Source: weheartit.com

6. Tracksuits:

Colorful, sporty tracksuits were another 90s fixation. And it has appeared again as a big part of athleisure trend. It is way cooler than it was before so push your awkwardness of wearing it to a party. Also, most track pants come with side buttons nowadays. Choose to undone the buttons and pair it with peep-toe sandals for a sassy look.


Source: crfashionbook.com

7. Zig-Zag Hairbands:

This hair accessory was a big part of the fashion in that decade. The spiky yet efficient zic-zac bands are a must-try if you are looking for 90s fashion inspiration.

Zig-Zag Hairbands

Source: in.pinterest.com/wendysknipsalon

8. Denim Overalls:

Denim overalls were a hit in the 90s. Now, the trend is cropping up with more stylish options, like oversized numbers. You can totally look the part with this.

Denim Overalls

Source: anthropologie.com

9. Flannel Shirts:

In the 90s, flannel shirts were worn tied in the waist. You can give the classic spin by pairing it with denims and ankle boots if you are wondering what to wear to a 90s party.

Flannel Shirts

Source: thefancypantsreport.com

10. Windbreakers:

Windbreakers are alike tracksuits to give a sporty but chic feel to your ensemble. Give the iconic jacket a try for a fashion friendly look.


Source: shop.nordstrom.com

11. Velvet:

Velvet was pretty popular in the 90s era, and it has resurfaced with a classy twist on tailored clothes-dresses, tops, pants, and coats, etc. Wear it to feel the vibe of the 90s fashion grunge.

90s Fashion Grunge

Source: thereformation.com

12. White Sneakers:

White sneakers were hard to miss then and even now. The trend has made a major comeback and you can be sure to hit major points with this one.

White Sneakers

Source: aliexpress.com

13. Backpacks:

Backpacks are quite resourceful to keep away your essentials. Opt for mini-backpacks for a trendy look.


Source: popsugar.com

14. Fanny Packs:

Fanny packs are another brilliant carry-all item. They were revered during the 90s and are back again with vengeance.

Fanny Packs

Source: mykukula.tumblr.com

15. Chain Belts:

Chain belts are the ultimate accessory to complete 90s party outfit ideas of that decade. They are best worn with ripped denims and flannel shirts.

Chain Belts

Source: instagram.com/stylemefresh


Q. 1. What was fashion like in the 1990s?

A. Unlike other decades, fashion in the 1990s was not tailored and shapely. It was loose and shapeless-that was the look. This era was the best for fashion yet with coming of sportswear, camouflage trousers, converse, sweatshirts, and baggy tees.

Q. 2. What brands were popular in the 90s?

A. The brands that were popular in the 90s were Bongo, Kappa, Guess, Casio Baby G, Champion, Ecko Unltd, Birkenstock, Versace, Reebok, Von Dutch, Airwalk, Nike, Sketchers, Pepe Jeans, Fila, Fubu, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, and Puma.

Q. 3. How do you dress like the 90s?

A. The 90s were a revolutionary era for fashion. The trends that were hard to miss on were slides, crop tops, oversized denims, bike shorts, claw clips, cargo pants, chain belts, fishnet tights, fanny packs, high-waist mom jeans, plaited coat set, platform sneakers, and others.

Q. 4. What scrunchies were popular in the 90s?

A. Scrunchies were a favorite item during the 90s and used for completing a look. From satin to velvet, they were found in numerous options. It can be worn for creating ponytail, pigtails, and bun.

Q. 5. What fashion was popular in the 90s?

A. Flared Jeans, crop tops, overalls, hoop earrings, scrunchies, bucket hat, mirrored sunglasses, etc were some of the popular fashion choices in the 90s.

Q. 6. What clothes were worn in the 90s?

A. The 90s were popular for few clothing items like overalls, flared pants, crop tops, classic pool slides, mary Jane shoes, and converse.

Q. 7. Was tie-dye popular in the 90s?

A. Yes, tie-dye was a popular choice in the 90s where the style infiltrated fashion shows and celeb street styles. The trend is back again and is considered to be more stylish and classy.

Don’t you think ‘90s style resonate the trends today? Well we absolutely agree on that. Which is your favorite look of that decade and what’s your take on it? Leave us a feedback in the comment section below. We love to get back to our loyal readers.

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