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70s Makeup Tutorial For Clown Contouring Now Unveiled

by Fashionlady
70s face makeup

70s makeup tutorial

Thanks to YouTube beauty blogger BellaDeLune, we now know the art of clown contouring and getting your makeup right. This has come just in time when PYTs across the globe thought contouring was just an option, and not an important aspect to adhere to.

You could check around and learn more on contouring variations, however, clown contouring is the rage that helps define every aspect of the facial structure, which is in fact better than regular contouring or colorless contouring too.

70s inspired makeup

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Before we delve into the 70s makeup tutorial, let’s pause a while and understand the importance of strobing and colour contouring through the clownish touch. Strobing is playing abundantly with darker shades and hues, which can be done for hair contouring and cleavage contouring too.

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70s makeup tutorials

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Yes contouring can be done for every part of the body, and we have told you in the past how to get a boob cleavage contouring done as well. But prior to doing your 70s makeup tutorial, here is a lowdown on how to get the clown contouring done the right way!

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70s face makeup

It would be as though you are dolling up for Halloween, with colour blocks all over your face and in the shape of geometric patterns that too. You would over here in clown contouring use and apply shades of colours that adhere to the rules of face contouring. This means, shades of different tones would be used across the most important aspects of the face to tone and hue the skin and structure. And the final touch would be that of a blend, where the look that comes about as an end result would be a flawless one. In most cases, you may have an airbrushed look, which the world is so raving about. Hence practice your clown contouring tactics and amalgamate the same with the 70s face makeup look!

70s inspired makeups

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The concept of clown contouring is but different from that of regular contouring in more ways than one. Clown contouring works on:

  1. Shading
  2. Highlighting
  3. Color correction
  4. On the face line
  5. Jawline and more

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Womens 1970s Makeup ideas

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The 70s Makeup Base Clown Contouring

To get the 70s makeup base clown contouring right, you would need to have a regular contouring palette in place, with color corrections too. With the help of BB creams and small makeup brushes, the clown contouring 70s makeup base look can be achieved. And blending is the key. Check here on how to get the clown contouring base done well!

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70s makeup ideas

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The epitome of women’s 1970s Makeup was all about bohemian touches, and benchmarks created back then were from personalities such as Zeenat Aman, Parveen Babi, Neetu Singh or Farah Fawcett and Anna Bredmaire. On an international level, you could look at personas such as Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger, and Jane Birkin for inspiration too. All in all, the 70s makeup ideas were best done through imagination and creativity, following no norms as such!

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face makeup

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Bella Should Be Thanked

If it wasn’t for YouTube V-Blogger Bella, we wouldn’t have learnt how to master the act of clown contouring. Today, leading dailies have written about her concept, with high praise that too. Check her page on YouTube and the response is mind blowing, so imagine how the concept of clown contouring and the 70s makeup tutorial can work for you!

Womens 1970s Makeup

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Get groovy, get all shaggy and make the moments special this festive season with the 70s inspired makeup. Think colour for the eyes and bronzer quite bold for the cheeks, and bring in the vintage touch!

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