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Simple Tips On How To Contour Your Legs

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Leg Contouring

How to Contour Your Legs

So you’re skimming through a magazine and just stare in awe at all these models and celebrities with slim and gorgeous legs. You happen to look at your legs and shudder? The worst is when you have to a formal party or somewhere significant and no matter how remarkable your outfit it, you just seem to brush of how your legs seem to be looking.

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Leg Contouring Has Never Been This Easy

So how do all these celebrities and models have long and stunningly blemish-free looking legs? Well, apart from there routinely work outs and healthy diet, it is the simple art of leg contouring.

How to Easily Contour Your Legs

Source: glamour.com

What is leg contouring? It is the skillful application of make up on legs to curves and beauty to the shape of your legs. It is a complete layering of make up on the legs to carve out a glamourous shape. Baffled right? Well, contouring is rather popular and is done by women and celebrities all over the world. And you can try it too! It just requires patience and a little attention to detail, and you can grab hold of its techniques easily.

How To Contour Your Legs?

Best ways to Contour Your Legs

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1. Cleansing & Exfoliating

You need to be cautious that even after all the make up, your skin should look smooth. So make sure you have no hair on your legs. Flake off the dull skin by giving your legs a light exfoliation with a scrub. Envelop your skin with a healthy moisturizer.

2. Blend In Your Skin

As you will want the shade of your legs to look natural and blend in with the rest of your body hue, you could furnish the color of your skin by using a cosmetic item that you already know fuses well in with your skin tone.

Simple Tips on How to Contour Your Legs

Source: publinews.gt

3. Apply Foundation & Concealer

Contouring your legs without a foundation base can make it appear as if you are wearing skin color tights. To avert from this spray on body foundation. To conceal the blemishes on your legs use the help of a concealer.

Leg Contouring Tips

Source: flipboard.com

4. Final Touch Of Color

With the assistance of a sunless tanning product you can deepen the hue of your legs. On this use a sheer shimmer cosmetic product to make them look longer than they actually are.

best way to contour Your legs

Source: papermag.com

Those were the basic steps required to contour your legs with make up.

How To Get A Fake Tan?

Although, this is not really what women opt for in India, but a tan is actually considered sensational in the western. So if you have a pale skin color, why not give the fake tan a try?
Begin by applying a first coat of sunless tanning product. Once it has been perfected start applying the next layer.

best way to contour legs

Source: indiatvnews.com

Now you have an even base color of your legs, it’s time to sculpt them such that they have a fake tan.

You apply the shimmer lotion carefully down the mid front and mid back of your legs such that it is straight. You can put it on with one of the following – makeup sponge, makeup brush or fingers. There you go! Your legs will instantly appear as if they are longer.

This works as the extra highlight directs the viewer to the mid area of your legs, at the same time distracting the viewer from the darker segment. And so to them you look like you have long lean legs.

How To Contour Your Legs with makeup

Source: thegloss.com

So those were brilliant techniques on how to contour your legs. These tips are great to use when you have a party or fancy event to attend. But along with this stick to doing leg exercises to give shape to your body naturally. What’s more, just by donning high heels, it tighten your calf muscles. After this just give shade to the shadows developed beneath your muscles with a bronzer and foundation brush to sculpt them.

Give it a go! It’s easy and defines your legs in to a beautiful sculpture.

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