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Top 7 Reasons Why To Use Face Packs

by Fashionlady
Why To Use Face Packs

Why To Use Face Packs

‘Why to use face packs’ is one inescapable question that inevitably crosses your mind every-time you get ready to apply one. It doesn’t need to be stressed that a pampering face pack, besides ridding your countenance of blemishes also maintains the skin’s youthfulness by keeping it radiant and supple. Beauticians and aestheticians offering fashion tips will invariably encourage all women to use face packs as one excellent way of looking drop-dead gorgeous and ravishingly beautiful. A majority of women do so with a view to appear more appealing to others and most of them may not be aware of the benefits of face packs. Once you become aware of the long-term advantages of face pack application (besides its cosmetic benefits), you’ll instantly know how important it is!

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Benefit Of Face Pack

Long-term and short-run benefit of face pack are numerous. Consistent face pack use helps the skin to get rid of blemishes like pimples, pustules, acnes, dark spots, and ageing marks. Face packs are instrumental in preventing the skin from sagging by keeping it firm and taut thus delaying its ageing process. Indisputably the best use of face pack is its ability to penetrate the epidermis by opening up the pores, cleansing it by eliminating dead cells and grime. Again, facials help clear the epidermis of excessive oily deposits, keep it moistened and free from stress by enhancing the oxygen flow on its surface. Antiseptic and antioxidant properties inherent in ingredients of face pack assist in combating skin infections/disorders.

Benefit of face pack

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1. Deep and Thorough Cleansing

Irrespective of whether your skin is dry or oily, face packs can brighten up your countenance and make it glow by cleansing it thoroughly from deep within. Using face packs periodically keeps your skin healthy by clearing away dirt and oily deposits not only from the surface but from the endodermis as well. In short, of all the top reasons to use a face pack one surely is that it works as a perfect detoxifier ridding the skin of impurities.

Best use of face pack

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2. Clears Up Clogs and Pores

In the process of cleaning the skin, a natural face pack clears grime that clogs the pores on the epidermis. Once the debris is cleared away, ingredients making up the facial penetrate the innermost layer pushing up dirt to the surface all along and removing dead cells.

Reasons to use face pack

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3. Relaxation

Just as quality hair oil keeps your scalp relaxed, a face pack having natural constituents maintains the youthfulness of skin by rejuvenating it and keeping it soothed. In other words, face packs are therapeutic in that these calm and re-energise the epidermis. Subsequently, your skin’s appearance on the whole improves which in turn makes it glow. Most importantly, your self-confidence receives a boost as you appear more charming to onlookers.

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Uses of face pack

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4. Keeps Skin Hydrated

It doesn’t need to be emphasized that the epidermis needs to always stay well-hydrated in order to hold on to its radiance. A face pack comprising slices of cucumber, potato, strawberry, banana and leaves of mint or rosemary will be sufficient to keep your skin hydrated.

Fruit face pack

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5. Puts Off the Ageing Process

Of all the body organs, it is your skin which suffers maximum damage as it bears the brunt of the sun’s UV rays and harshness of weather. Direct exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun and continuous wear and tear takes the shine off your skin. The skin develops wrinkles and creases making it sag prematurely thereby imparting to it a lacklustre appearance. Painstakingly prepared face packs contain antioxidants which drive out free radicals thus promoting the circulation of oxygenated blood as well as dilating the blood vessels. This result in skin tone restoration and enhancement making your skin feel softer to the touch.

Face pack uses

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6. Optimises the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

Applying face packs on a regular basis facilitate in making the most of numerous skincare products that you’re in the habit of using. Face packs by clearing away the impurities and softening the skin prepare the foundation for sunscreens, fairness creams, toning lotions and serums to perform more efficiently.

Tracing the History of Facial Treatments

The fairer sex’s urge to look more beautiful in the eyes of the beholder is ageless. Excavated remains of prehistoric settlements have evidenced that both men and women resorted to skin treatment procedures in order to appear more attractive to each other. Unearthed remains of ancient civilizations including Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese furnish concrete evidence of the extensive use of cosmetics, perfumes, skincare pigments, rouge, and face masks. Discovery of white lead, combs, tweezers, pumice stones, and rouges in the ruins of prehistoric civilizations prove that human beings have always been conscious of their looks. Roman women extensively applied white lead, red ochre, and face packs containing organic ingredients which overwhelmingly prove that they were aware of why to use face pack.

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Facial treatment

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In conclusion, it can be safely inferred that face packs when used along with other skin treatment products can keep your skin soft and youthful. Reviewing fashion magazines elaborating on why to use face packs is one good way of keeping yourself updated on the various benefits of the same.

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