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Here Is An Easter Makeup Tutorial To Try And Work With For The Dances And Parties

by Fashionlady
Easter Makeup

Easter Makeup Tutorial

Easter is one of the biggest festivals celebrated with pomp and joy amongst the Christian community in India. It is a time when we celebrate the love of JESUS, our savior who died on the cross for our sins. In wiccan and pagan culture, Easter is known as the celebration of Astara, the Goddess of Fertility. This is why we have hot cross buns, easter eggs, easter bunnies and plenty of easter parties thrown. If you have been invited to one of the easter parties, here is a tip- your makeup should be bright, tealish and vibrant, emulating the climes around and with a green touch.

Makeup Tutorial For Easter

How to get the easter makeup tutorial done simple, fast and easy, yet right!

Most of us would make a mistake of going too loud with the makeup. We tend to forget that the makeup worn should be light and radiant or vibrant, and not too loud, since summer time parties and easter especially would be a daytime affair. Using too many warm colors would make you look gray at the end of the day, which is why the makeup tutorial for Easter is a must-learn this time.

Easter Makeup Ideas

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The Easter makeup tutorial would be on the lines of teal and light shades with nude lips to peach or pinks and minimal blush. You may choose to smoke up the eyes in light shades and not dark ones, but ensure that the makeup matches the ensemble you wear and the statement accessories you plan to flaunt too.

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Makeup Tutorial For Easter

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Steps On The Makeup Tutorial For Easter

  • We begin with the cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin as per your skin type.


  • Spray a little water on the skin and dab with a sponge to remove excess moisture.
  • Choose two foundations here- one shade light and one shade dark to your skin tone
  • Apply the dark shade foundation first and blend well
  • Apply the light shade foundation over the dark one and with a sponge that is damp, blend
  • Use D 303 concealer to cover dark spots, age spots, blemishes and dark circles
  • Blend with remaining foundation and use a sponge to cover up the concealed areas
  • Dab a little TL4 translucent powder under the eyes
  • Two strokes of black kohl for the upper lash line and one for the lower should be done
  • Use light blue shimmer shadow to contour the lower lash line, just below the dark kohl lower lash line
  • Use the same shadow to start highlighting the inner corner of the eyes to the mid section
  • Use a darker shade of the same color in shimmer to doll up the mid section to the outer corner of the eyes
  • Blend well in between for a smooth transition to happen
  • Correct the eyebrows with a pencil and fill it if need be, keeping the look soft with eye shadow in browns or blacks only
  • Highlight the brow with white, peach or cream
  • Contour the nose, the cheekbone and the jawline (refer to our contouring post of the face) with NG1 from the kryolan supra palette.
  • Apply cream blush if dry skin or powder if oily skin from the cheekbones to the temple (refer to the post on how to contour according to your face type)

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  • Moisturize the lips with balm and let it set for a minute, before filling in the lips with nude to peach lipstick. Do refer to our post on lip correction and contouring.
  • Apply two strokes of mascara on the lashes and wait for it to set.
  • You may choose to use false eyelashes, only if you want. If you do so, first apply the eyelashes and then on the lash line apply the kohl strokes.
  • Complete the look with TL powder if the face is oily, or else let it be.
Easter Makeup Look

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You now are ready to rock the party and this is how the easter makeup look comes through. Do you have easter makeup ideas of your own to share? Write in!

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