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Catch A Glimpse Of Zendaya Sharing Her Best Makeup Tips

by Fashionlady
Zendaya Sharing Her Best Makeup Tips

There has been no occasion where Zendaya has not slayed the red carpet in her stylish avatar. The world is crazy over this young starlet and why not. In this video, you get a glimpse of who the real Zendaya is. She shares her best makeup tips and things to try and not to.

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As Zendaya says, removing makeup is an important step before putting makeup on face. Another tip she suggests is using an eye shadow as a highlighter wherever needed.


Check out the video and read on to know all the amazing tips in detail.

Tip #1

Let’s start with the first Zendaya makeup tip which is to make sure that you remove all your makeup. Since we have innumerable articles telling us how we should never sleep with our makeup on, no wonder this is the first tip in Zandaya’s makeup tutorial.

Tip #2

Zendaya’s second makeup tip is to go with your natural brow shape. She has a unique idea of looking at your eyebrow makeup which is to look at it as it’s a coloring book.
So what she does is she defines the lower line first, then the upper line depending upon the thickness she wants and then just fills it in. But keep in mind that you need to keep the beginning of your eyebrows light rather than darkening it up.

Tip #3

Now this Zendaya eye makeup tip requires a couple of practice sessions before you nail it. So her third tip is to apply the eyeliner with your eyes open. This tip should be followed because then you would know exactly the shape of your eyeliner.

Tip #4

Follow this tip and learn how to do makeup like Zendaya. She shows where to find the perfect highlighter and how to apply it. As shown in the video, sometimes you can find the right shade of highlighter in your eye shadow palette. So just use the shade that you want to and highlight your features.

Tip #5

If you are thinking what makeup does Zendaya use, then her last tip which is her makeup mantra is your answer. So all you need is a little concealer to dab under your eyes, perfect brow lines, a little bit of mascara and the perfect shade of lipstick.

Here is a cheat sheet that she shared in the video. Instead of looking for a different hued cheek stain, just dab your fingers on your lipstick and use that on your cheeks and you are good to go.

We hope you have fun going through this video. Do try out her tips and let us know how it worked for you! You can also share your Zendaya makeup look with us!

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