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A Makeup Tutorial Inspired From Sonam Kapoor’s Cannes Beauty Moment

by Fashionlady
Sonam Kapoor Cannes Make Up Tutorial

A lot has been witnessed at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. There were a few instances during the event that left us awestruck. One beauty moment that we all love was Sonam Kapoor’s appearance. She looked regal and gorgeous as ever. Now, well-known makeup artist Farah Dhukai has put up a makeup tutorial video inspired from Sonam Kapoor’s recent Cannes stint.

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Watch to see her transform from stroke to stroke to get a stunning result that you would excite you. Further she gives you few insights that you can extend onto your normal beauty routine.


Step By Step Sonam Kapoor Makeup Tutorial:

  1. To get the golden and glowy Sonam Kapoor Cannes look, you need to start off by applying a foundation. Use a damp beauty blender to blend all that foundation thoroughly on your skin.
  2.  The next step in this Sonam Kapoor makeup is to highlight and conceal under the eyes, the moustache area,the outer corners of your mouth, your chin, tip of your noes and your forehead. You can also apply it as a primer on your eyelid and on the inner corner of your eyes. Don’t forget to use the damp beauty blender.
  3.  Use your damp blender to apply brightening powder to set the under eye in place.
  4. This Sonam Kapoor at Cannes look is all about gold and bronze. Use a nice fluffy brush to apply the bronzer on your skin.
  5. Once the bronzer is applied, apply a gold dust blush.
  6. Next, use a creamy highlighter in golden shade. Apply the highlighter wherever required with your fingers. After this use the powdered highlighter as well to get the Sonam in Cannes makeup.
  7.  After applying the highlighter, the focus shifts on to your eyes. Do up your eyebrows and apply a golden brown shade on the creases of your eyes. Next, apply the powdered highlighter all over your eyelids.
  8. Take a slightly darker golden eye shadow and apply it over your eyes. Apply the same shade on the inner corner of your eyes as well as on the lower lash line.
  9. Take the darkest brownish eye shadow and apply it on the outer part of your lower lashes.
  10. Create a winged liner with a golden eyeliner and apply it on your top lash line. Use a black liner on the lower lash liner to get a smokey look.
  11. Once the liner is applied, the next step is to apply the mascara.
  12. The final Sonam Kapoor makeup tip is to apply a complimenting lipstick and your Sonam Kapoor Cannes Look is done.

Check out the video for more inspiration.

Enjoy watching.

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