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How To Wear Makeup With Black Lipstick

by Fashionlady
How To Wear Makeup With Black Lipstick

On quite a few occasions you would want to try out the black lips look. If you agree to this, then you will be very happy to see this tutorial that we have here. In this tutorial, you will get to watch how to master black dark lips without messing up. First the right blending of makeup is really essential otherwise the black lips will just stand out looking terribly wrong.

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You would want to keep the eye makeup quite basic and light for this. Choose nude over dark for your eye. Choose a dark eye liner to define your eyes but nothing too dramatic.

While wearing a black lipstick makeup, you need to ensure that the rest of your makeup gels along with the black lipstick. In this video you can get some ideas on what color eye shadows should be used, how to do up your eyebrows, etc.

To highlight your makeup with black lipstick, start by defining your eyebrows. Your eyebrows need to be dark enough or else your entire look will not gel together.

The next step would be to apply a layer of primer on your eyes. Use warm colors as your eye shadows. Your eye makeup for black lipstick has to be on point. SO make sure you pay attention to the instructions given in the video. Another tip to remember while using the eye shadows is to use the right brush for applying and blending it.

Make sure to use an illuminizer as well under your brow line and on the inner corner of your eyes. The next step is to apply the liner. Use dark black gel or liquid eyeliner to achieve the desired results. You can use a brown liner on your upper and lower water line.

You also need to add something smokey and hazy underneath your eyes. Use some mascara as well on your upper and lower lashes. The final step in this black lipstick makeup tutorial is the application of black lipstick.

You need to be really calm while applying this since any slight movement can easily spoil your look.

Do watch the video for more details.

Enjoy watching this video on how to wear makeup with black lipstick

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